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2023-MAR YUE C; SONG WL; WANG L; JIAN FC; CHEN XS; GAO F; SHEN ZY; WANG YC; WANG XX; CA Y; ACE2 binding and antibody evasion in enhanced transmissibility of XBB.1.5 LANCET INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2023,23(3):278-280 71.421
2023-MAR 2023 YOU X; ZHANG X; CHENG J; XIAO YA; MA JF; SUN S; ZHANG XZ; WANG HW; SUI SF; In situ structure of the red algal phycobilisome-PSII-PSI-LHC megacomplex NATURE 2023, ( ): - 69.504
2023-MAR LI D; Combining a deep neural network with physical properties for super-resolution live imaging NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 2023,41(3):328-329 68.164
2023-MAR 2 GAO YN; LUO X; LI PP; LI ZL; YE F; LIU SQ; GAO P; Molecular basis of RADAR anti-phage supramolecular assemblies CELL 2023,186(5):999-+ 66.85
2023-MAR 21 ZHANG N; ZHAO ZL; ZHAO Y; YANG L; XUE YH; FENG Y; LUO JJ; CHEN RS; WEI W; QIN Y; TGF-beta changes cyto/mito-ribosome balance to target respiratory chain complex V biogenesis in pulmonary fibrosis therapy SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION AND TARGETED THERAPY 2023,8(1): - 38.12
2023-MAR 14 YANG ZY; ZENG XX; ZHAO Y; CHEN RS; AlphaFold2 and its applications in the fields of biology and medicine SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION AND TARGETED THERAPY 2023,8(1): - 38.12
2023-MAR 2023 WANG ZR; ZHAO Y; HOU YX; TANG GH; ZHANG RF; YANG YL; YAN XY; FAN KL; A Thrombin-Activated Peptide-Templated Nanozyme for Remedying Ischemic Stroke via Thrombolytic and Neuroprotective Actions ADVANCED MATERIALS 2023, ( ): - 32.086
2023-MAR 2023 MAYR C; MITTAG T; TANG TYD; WEN WY; ZHANG H; ZHANG HY; Frontiers in biomolecular condensate research NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 28.213
2023-MAR 2023 DONG HP; LI Y; TANG Z; WANG P; ZHONG B; CHU Q; LIN DD; Combined targeting of CCL7 and Flt3L to promote the expansion and infiltration of cDC1s in tumors enhances T-cell activation and anti-PD-1 therapy effectiveness in NSCLC CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 22.1
2023-MAR 2023 LIU BY; ZHANG LW; ZHU PP; FAN ZS; Regulation of noncoding RNAs in innate lymphoid cells CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 22.1
2023-MAR 1 ZHENG CS; WEI YJ; ZHANG P; XU LY; ZHANG ZZ; LIN KY; HOU JK; LV XD; DING Y; CHIU YL; JAIN A; ISLAM N; MALOVANNAYA A; WU Y; DING F; XU H; SUN M; CHEN X; CHEN YW; CRISPR/Cas9 screen uncovers functional translation of cryptic lncRNA-encoded open reading frames in human cancer JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 2023,133(5): - 19.477
2023-APR ZHANG YJ; ZHAO JJ; ZHANG LM; ZHAO YR; ZHANG YY; CHENG LL; WANG D; LIU C; ZHANG MX; FAN KL; ZHANG MZ; A cascade nanoreactor for enhancing sonodynamic therapy on colorectal cancer via synergistic ROS augment and autophagy blockage NANO TODAY 2023,49( ): - 18.962
2023-MAR 2023 CHEN YJ; JIANG B; HAO HG; LI HJ; QIU CY; LIANG X; QU QY; ZHANG ZD; GAO R; DUAN DM; JI SF; WANG DS; LIANG MM; Atomic-Level Regulation of Cobalt Single-Atom Nanozymes: Engineering High-Efficiency Catalase Mimics ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2023, ( ): - 16.823
2023-APR GUO YJ; ZHANG H; YAN C; SHEN BR; ZHANG Y; GUO XY; SUN S; YU F; YAN JY; LIU RH; ZHANG QP; ZHANG D; LIU HY; LIU Y; ZHANG YY; LI WL; QIN JY; LV H; WANG ZX; YUAN Y; YANG JF; ZHONG YT; GAO S; ZHOU B; LIU L; KONG DL; HAO XJ; HU JJ; CHEN Q; Small molecule agonist of mitochondrial fusion repairs mitochondrial dysfunction NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2023,19(4):468-+ 16.284
2022-AUG 2022 HE YF; JI QZ; WU ZM; CAI YS; YIN J; ZHANG YY; ZHANG S; LIU XQ; ZHANG WQ; LIU GH; WANG S; SONG MS; QU J; 4E-BP1 counteracts human mesenchymal stem cell senescence via maintaining mitochondrial homeostasis PROTEIN & CELL 2022, ( ): - 15.328
2022-NOV 2022 SUN GQ; ZHENG YD; FU XL; ZHANG WQ; REN J; MA S; SUN SH; HE XJ; WANG QR; JI ZJ; CHENG F; YAN KW; LIU ZY; BELMONTE JCI; QU J; WANG S; CHAI RJ; LIU GH; Single-cell transcriptomic atlas of mouse cochlear aging PROTEIN & CELL 2022, ( ): - 15.328
2023-JAN 2023 LI YY; YING YQ; YAO TY; JIA XJ; LIANG HL; TANG WJ; JIA XQ; SONG HQ; SHAO XF; WANG DJJ; WANG CD; CHENG X; YANG Q; Decreased water exchange rate across blood-brain barrier in hereditary cerebral small vessel disease BRAIN 2023, ( ): - 15.255
2022-DEC 5 BAO KY; ZHANG XL; LI DY; SUN W; SUN ZZ; WANG JF; ZHU P; In situ structures of polymerase complex of mammalian reovirus illuminate RdRp activation and transcription regulation PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2022,119(50): - 12.779
2023-MAR 2023 SHAN ZQ; ZHANG Y; BU JC; LI HZ; ZHANG ZQ; XIONG J; ZHU B; The patterns and participants of parental histone recycling during DNA replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2023, ( ): - 10.384
2023-MAR 2023 CHANG SY; WANG PA; HAN YY; MA Q; LIU ZY; ZHONG SJ; LU YF; CHEN RG; SUN L; WU Q; GAO GF; WANG XQ; CHANG YZ; Ferrodifferentiation regulates neurodevelopment via ROS generation SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2023, ( ): - 10.384
2023-JAN 2023 WANG B; QIN YW; LIU J; ZHANG ZF; LI WH; PU GJ; YUANHE Z; GUI X; CHU MQ; Magnetotactic Bacteria-Based Drug-Loaded Micromotors for Highly Efficient Magnetic and Biological Double-Targeted Tumor Therapy ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2023, ( ):2747-2759 10.383
2023-MAR 28 LI T; ZHAO HY; GUO GF; XIA SW; WANG LK; VMP1 affects endoplasmic reticulum stress sensitivity via differential modulation of the three unfolded protein response arms CELL REPORTS 2023,42(3): - 9.995
2023-MAR 10 HE X; GUO YD; YU CJ; ZHANG HW; WANG SD; Epithelial-mesenchymal transition is the main way in which glioma-associated microglia/macrophages promote glioma progression FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2023,14( ): - 8.787
2023-APR 2023 TIAN XZ; ZHOU YR; WANG SW; GAO M; XIA YL; LI YY; ZHONG YH; XU WH; BAI L; FU BS; ZHOU Y; LEE HR; DENG HY; LAN K; FENG PH; ZHANG JJ; Genome-Wide CRISPR-Cas9 Screen Identifies SMCHD1 as a Restriction Factor for Herpesviruses MBIO 2023, ( ): - 7.786
2023-APR 1 WANG H; WANG XX; WANG YM; ZHANG D; YANG Y; ZHOU YF; QIU BS; ZHANG P; White matter BOLD signals at 7 Tesla reveal visual field maps in optic radiation and vertical occipital fasciculus NEUROIMAGE 2023,269( ): - 7.4
2023-MAY 1 KNUDSEN L; BAILEY CJ; BLICHER JU; YANG Y; ZHANG P; LUND TE; Improved sensitivity and microvascular weighting of 3T laminar fMRI with GE-BOLD using NORDIC and phase regression NEUROIMAGE 2023,271( ): - 7.4
2023-MAR YUAN TY; ZUO ZT; XU JG; Neuroanatomical Localization of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder in Human Brain Using Lesion Network Mapping KOREAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY 2023,24(3):247-258 7.109
2023-MAR 2023 WANG J; LIANG H; WANG Y; ZHENG XY; CHEN F; SHAO J; GENG ZX; ZHENG L; YANG WY; WENG JP; XU T; ZHOU KX; Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number Is a Potential Biomarker for Treatment Choice Between Metformin and Acarbose CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS 2023, ( ): - 7.051
2023-MAY LI YJ; TU ZZ; CHEN F; YANG XB; DENG RH; SU FH; CHENG ZY; LI SX; ONG SB; WANG DD; CHEN Y; XIANG YZ; Anti-inflammatory effect of Danhong injection through inhibition of GSDMD-mediated pyroptosis PHYTOMEDICINE 2023,113( ): - 6.656
2023-JAN 5 CHEN Y; ZHAO J; LI X; XIE ZG; HUANG G; YAN X; ZHOU HD; ZHENG L; XU T; ZHOU KX; ZHOU ZG; Prevalence of maturity-onset diabetes of the young in phenotypic type 2 diabetes in young adults: a nationwide, multi-center, cross-sectional survey in China CHINESE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2023,136(1):56-64 6.133
2023-MAR 2 WEN ZL; ZHANG YB; ZHANG BR; HANG YM; XU L; CHEN YS; XIE QH; ZHAO Q; ZHANG LH; LI GH; ZHAO B; SUN F; ZHAI YJ; ZHU Y; Cryo-EM structure of the cytosolic AhR complex STRUCTURE 2023,31(3):295-+ 5.871
2023-MAR 2023 QU BL; ZHAO Y; AN LL; HANG HY; The application of adenine deaminase in antibody affinity maturation APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 5.56
2023-MAR 2023 YUAN B; WANG MD; WU XR; CHENG PP; ZHANG R; YU SY; ZHANG J; DU YS; WANG XQ; QIU ZL; Identification of de novo Mutations in the Chinese Autism Spectrum Disorder Cohort via Whole-Exome Sequencing Unveils Brain Regions Implicated in Autism NEUROSCIENCE BULLETIN 2023, ( ): - 5.271
2023-MAR 14 WU KL; FAN DD; ZHAO H; LIU ZB; HOU ZZ; TAO WR; YU GL; YUAN SL; ZHU XX; KANG MY; TIAN Y; CHEN ZJ; LIU J; GAO L; Dynamics of histone acetylation during human early embryogenesis CELL DISCOVERY 2023,9(1): - 0
2022-OCT WU ZL; XU HQ; WANG P; LIU L; CAI J; CHEN Y; ZHAO XM; YOU X; LIU JZ; GUO XR; XIE TT; FENG JJ; ZHOU F; LI R; XIE ZP; XUE YH; FU CH; LIANG YH; The entry of unclosed autophagosomes into vacuoles and its physiological relevance PLOS GENETICS 2022,18(10): - 0
2023-MAR 15 CHEN QQ; XIAO M; DAI F; ZHANG Y; LI JY; HUO YW; HUANG Z; FANG Y; WEI TT; Mitochondrial elongation factor 4 modulates energy metabolism and promotes breast cancer metastasis by orchestration of mitochondrial translation ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2023,737( ): - 0
2023-MAR GAO Y; LUO Q; SUN ZC; GAO HN; YU Y; SUN YN; MA XT; HAN CH; SHI JY; WANG F; Implication of Tc-99m-sum IL-2 SPECT/CT in immunotherapy by imaging of tumor-infiltrating T cells JOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER 2023,11(3): - 0
2023-MAR 2023 WU Q; ZHUO Y; WANG XQ; WANG MD; ZHUO LC; MA WJ; AllenDigger, a Tool for Spatial Expression Data Visualization, Spatial Heterogeneity Delineation, and Single-Cell Registration Based on the Allen Brain Atlas JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 2023, ( ): - 0
2023-MAR 2023 FAN XY; LAI ZC; LIN TY; LI K; HOU B; YOU H; WEI J; QU JX; LIU B; ZUO ZT; FENG F; Multidelay MR Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion Map for the Prediction of Cerebral Hyperperfusion After Carotid Endarterectomy JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING 2023, ( ): - 0
2023-MAR 25 ZHANG JK; SUN JR; LI C; QIAO HZ; HUSSAIN Z; Functionalization of curcumin nanomedicines: a recent promising adaptation to maximize pharmacokinetic profile, specific cell internalization and anticancer efficacy against breast cancer JOURNAL OF NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY 2023,21(1): - 0
2023-MAR 29 SUN CJ; ZHANG KS; NI C; WAN JJ; DUAN XX; LOU XH; YAO XH; LI XN; WANG M; GU ZY; YANG PY; LI ZZ; QIN ZH; Transgelin promotes lung cancer progression via activation of cancer-associated fibroblasts with enhanced IL-6 release ONCOGENESIS 2023,12(1): - 0