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年月 作者 题名 出处 IF
2023-JAN 2023 LIU H; LI AJ; JEAN-DAVID R; LIU ZF; Architecture of chloroplast TOC-TIC translocon supercomplex NATURE 2023, ( ): - 54.637
2023-JAN 2023 LI SG; WANG ZY; JIA X; NIU TX; ZHANG JG; YIN GL; ZHANG XY; ZHU Y; JI G; SUN F; ELI trifocal microscope: a precise system to prepare target cryo-lamellae for in situ cryo-ET study NATURE METHODS 2023, ( ): - 44.96
2023-JAN 2023 LI WX; LU J; XIAO K; ZHOU MG; LI YY; ZHANG X; LI ZX; GU LS; XU XJ; GUO Q; XU T; JI W; Integrated multimodality microscope for accurate and efficient target-guided cryo-lamellae preparation NATURE METHODS 2023, ( ): - 44.96
2023-FEB 2023 ZHU MS; ZHUANG J; LI Z; LIU QQ; ZHAO RP; GAO ZX; MIDGLEY AC; QI TY; TIAN JW; ZHANG ZX; KONG DL; TIAN J; YAN XY; HUANG XL; Machine-learning-assisted single-vessel analysis of nanoparticle permeability in tumour vasculatures NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 42.237
2023-MAR XIE XQ; YANG Y; WANG Q; LIU HF; FANG XY; LI CL; JIANG YZ; WANG S; ZHAO HY; MIAO JY; DING SS; LIU XD; YAO XH; YANG WT; JIANG J; SHAO ZM; JIN GX; BIAN XW; Targeting ATAD3A-PINK1-mitophagy axis overcomes chemoimmunotherapy resistance by redirecting PD-L1 to mitochondria CELL RESEARCH 2023,33(3):215-228 25.924
2023-FEB XU YL; WANG JL; REN HZ; DAI H; ZHOU Y; REN XZ; WANG Y; FENG SS; DENG XG; WU JY; FU TL; NIE TF; HE HF; WEI TK; ZHU B; HUI LJ; LI B; WANG J; WANG HY; CHEN LN; SHI XL; CHENG X; Human endoderm stem cells reverse inflammation-related acute liver failure through cystatin SN-mediated inhibition of interferon signaling CELL RESEARCH 2023,33(2):147-164 25.924
2022-SEP 14 CAO YL; SONG WL; WANG L; LIU P; YUE C; JIAN FC; YU YL; YISIMAYI A; WANG P; WANG Y; ZHU QH; DENG J; FU WJ; YU LL; ZHANG N; WANG J; XIAO TH; AN R; LIU L; YANG SJ; NIU X; GU QQ; SHAO F; HAO XH; MENG B; GUPTA RK; JIN RH; WANG YC; XIE XL; WANG XX; Characterization of the enhanced infectivity and antibody evasion of Omicron BA.2.75 CELL HOST & MICROBE 2022,30(9):1527-+ 22.103
2023-JAN 2023 HUO YA; ZHAO HS; DONG QH; JIANG T; Cryo-EM structure and protease activity of the type III-E CRISPR-Cas effector NATURE MICROBIOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 18.905
2023-FEB 15 XIE YY; HUANG LW; CORONA A; PAGLIARO AH; SHEA SD; A dopaminergic reward prediction error signal shapes maternal behavior in mice NEURON 2023,111(4):557-+ 18.658
2023-FEB 2023 LIU Y; WANG XA; FAN XW; GE MY; FANG L; YUAN Y; CHEN L; JIANG J; CAO AM; GAO LZ; Coordination-Precipitation Synthesis of Metal Sulfide with Phase Transformation Enhanced Reactivity against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2023, ( ): - 18.125
2023-JAN 2023 LIU C; FAN WB; CHENG WX; GU YP; CHEN YM; ZHOU WH; YU XF; CHEN MH; ZHU MR; FAN KL; LUO QY; Red Emissive Carbon Dot Superoxide Dismutase Nanozyme for Bioimaging and Ameliorating Acute Lung Injury ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2023, ( ): - 18.125
2022-DEC 12 CHEN XP; LI J; GAO ZB; YANG Y; KUANG WQ; DONG Y; CHUA GH; HUANG XH; JIANG BH; TIAN H; WANG YC; HUANG X; LI Y; LAM SM; SHUI GH; Endogenous ceramide phosphoethanolamine modulates circadian rhythm via neural-glial coupling in Drosophila NATIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW 2022,9(12): - 17.584
2023-JAN 19 HUANG YK; GAO BQ; MENG Q; YANG LZ; MA XK; WU H; PAN YH; YANG L; LI D; CHEN LL; CRISPR-dCas13-tracing reveals transcriptional memory and limited mRNA export in developing zebrafish embryos GENOME BIOLOGY 2023,24(1): - 17.433
2023-JAN 2 ZHANG SM; ZOU BH; CAO P; SU XD; XIE F; PAN XW; LI M; Structural insights into photosynthetic cyclic electron transport MOLECULAR PLANT 2023,16(1):187-205 16.357
2023-FEB 16 YANG WL; QIU WN; ZHANG T; XU K; GU ZJ; ZHOU Y; XU HJ; YANG ZZ; SHEN B; ZHAO YL; ZHOU Q; YANG Y; LI W; YANG PY; YANG YG; Nsun2 coupling with RoR gamma t shapes the fate of Th17 cells and promotes colitis NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023,14(1): - 15.805
2023-FEB 2023 YU WX; ZHOU RX; LI N; LEI ZC; GUO DY; PENG F; LI Y; BAI X; FENG S; WANG Y; HE J; YIN SB; ZENG X; HE LY; GAO Y; LI MC; GUO YSR; LIU K; WANG YG; Histone tyrosine sulfation by SULT1B1 regulates H4R3me2a and gene transcription NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 15.668
2023-FEB 28 SUN W; ZHAO XL; WANG JL; YANG XQ; CHENG Z; LIU S; WANG JY; SHENG G; WANG YL; Anti-CRISPR AcrIIC5 is a dsDNA mimic that inhibits type II-C Cas9 effectors by blocking PAM recognition NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2023,51(4):1984-1995 15.542
2023-JAN 2023 HOU YJ; ZENG H; LI ZL; FENG N; MENG FY; XU Y; LI L; SHAO F; DING JJ; Structural mechanisms of calmodulin activation of Shigella effector OspC3 to ADP-riboxanate caspase-4/11 and block pyroptosis NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 14.868
2022-SEP 27 SHEN J; ZOU ZZ; GUO JY; CAI YQ; XUE DY; LIANG Y; WANG WY; PENG H; FU YX; An engineered concealed IL-15-R elicits tumor-specific CD8(+)T cell responses through PD-1-cis delivery JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2022,219(12): - 14.851
2023-JAN 2023 HUANG RR; ZHI N; YU L; LI YY; WU XY; HE JL; ZHU HJ; QIAO JJ; LIU XH; TIAN CL; WANG JY; DONG M; Genetically Encoded Photosensitizer Protein Reduces Iron-Sulfur Clusters of Radical SAM Enzymes ACS CATALYSIS 2023, ( ):1240-1245 13.721
2023-JAN 2023 GUO H; ZHANG JH; JIANG ZM; ZHU XX; YANG J; MU R; DU Y; TIAN Y; ZHU PP; FAN ZS; Noncoding RNA circBtnl1 suppresses self-renewal of intestinal stem cells via disruption of Atf4 mRNA stability EMBO JOURNAL 2023, ( ): - 12.871
2023-MAR 16 ZHANG K; ZHOU C; LI ZM; LI XH; ZHOU ZY; CHENG LJ; MIRZA AH; SHI YM; CHEN BB; ZHANG MW; CUI LJ; ZHANG CY; WEI TT; ZHANG XL; ZHANG SY; LIU PS; Identification of lipid droplets in gut bacteria PROTEIN & CELL 2023,14(2):143-148 11.279
2023-JAN 20 LV Y; LU G; CAI YL; SU RB; LIANG L; WANG X; MU WY; HE XQ; HUANG T; MA JL; ZHAO YR; CHEN ZJ; XUE YC; LIU HB; CHAN WY; RBM46 is essential for gametogenesis and functions in post-transcriptional roles affecting meiotic cohesin subunits PROTEIN & CELL 2023,14(1):51-63 11.279
2022-OCT 2022 CAO JN; LI M; LIU K; SHI XX; SUI N; YAO YC; WANG XJ; LI SY; TIAN YC; TAN SJ; ZHAO Q; WANG L; CHAI XH; ZHANG L; LIU C; LI X; CHANG ZJ; LI D; ZHAO TB; Oxidative phosphorylation safeguards pluripotency via UDP-N-acetylglucosamine PROTEIN & CELL 2022, ( ): - 11.279
2022-NOV 2022 SUN S; GAO Y; YANG XL; YANG XA; HU TY; LIANG JX; XIONG ZQ; RAN YT; REN PX; BAI F; GUDDAT LW; YANG HT; RAO ZH; ZHANG B; Cryo-EM structures for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis iron-loaded siderophore transporter IrtAB PROTEIN & CELL 2022, ( ): - 11.279
2023-FEB 2023 WANG Z; ZHANG H; Join the club: ORP8 is a lipophagy receptor PROTEIN & CELL 2023, ( ): - 11.279
2022-SEP 2022 LIU F; PANG NN; XU RM; YANG N; Mechanism and design of allosteric activators of SIRT1 PROTEIN & CELL 2022, ( ): - 11.279
2022-AUG GAO ZX; LI J; LI L; YANG YZ; LI J; FU CX; ZHU DM; HE H; CAI HQ; LI L; Structural and Functional Analyses of Hub MicroRNAs in An Integrated Gene Regulatory Network of Arabidopsis GENOMICS PROTEOMICS & BIOINFORMATICS 2022,20(4):747-764 11.12
2023-JAN 2023 DU CS; NA WJ; SHAO MC; SHANG SC; LIU YQ; CHEN JY; Self-Templated Synthesis of Triphenylene-Based Uniform Hollow Spherical Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks for Drug Delivery CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 2023, ( ): - 10.837
2022-SEP 2 LI M; FENG FP; FENG H; HU PK; XUE YH; XU T; SONG EL; VAMP4 regulates insulin levels by targeting secretory granules to lysosomes JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2022,221(10): - 10.804
2023-JAN 2023 DONG SL; GONG YH; SHI JA; SHANG M; TAO XY; WEI X; HONG XP; ZHOU TA; Brain Cognition-Inspired Dual-Pathway CNN Architecture for Image Classification IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS AND LEARNING SYSTEMS 2023, ( ): - 10.746
2022-OCT BEI WW; LUO QS; SHI HG; ZHOU HZ; ZHOU M; ZHANG XZ; HUANG YH; Cryo-EM structures of LolCDE reveal the molecular mechanism of bacterial lipoprotein sorting in Escherichia coli PLOS BIOLOGY 2022,20(10): - 9.57
2023-JAN 6 WANG B; QIN YW; LIU J; ZHANG ZF; LI WH; PU GJ; YUANHE Z; GUI X; CHU MQ; Magnetotactic Bacteria-Based Drug-Loaded Micromotors for Highly Efficient Magnetic and Biological Double-Targeted Tumor Therapy ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2023,15(2):2747-2759 9.57
2023-JAN 27 CHEN YY; GAO YG; HE ZF; SUN ZY; MAO Y; HESS RF; ZHANG P; ZHOU JW; Internal neural states influence the short-term effect of monocular deprivation in human adults ELIFE 2023,12( ): - 9.056
2023-FEB 28 XIAO T; WU KJ; WANG PL; DING YL; YANG X; CHANG C; YANG Y; SALINAS E; Sensory input-dependent gain modulation of the optokinetic nystagmus by mid-infrared stimulation in pigeons ELIFE 2023,12( ): - 9.056
2023-JAN 2023 LIU J; YANG WX; HUANG YQ; LI J; ZHU CJ; PU GJ; WANG B; GUI X; CHU MQ; Oxygen and hydrogen peroxide self-supplying magnetic nanoenzymes for cancer therapy through magneto-mechanical force, force-induced reactive oxygen species, chemodynamic effects, and cytotoxicity... NANO RESEARCH 2023, ( ): - 8.696
2023-JUN 15 SUN CX; CHEN X; YANG SP; JIN C; DING K; CHEN C; LBP1C-2 from Lycium barbarum alleviated age-related bone loss by targeting BMPRIA/BMPRII/Noggin CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS 2023,310( ): - 8.678
2023-JAN 2023 GONG R; YANG CY; ABBAS G; WANG DB; ZHANG XE; NIE GH; DING H; Diagnosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma using an ultrasensitive immunoassay method based on nanoparticles NANOSCALE 2023, ( ): - 7.632
2023-JAN 19 BAI SY; WU QL; ZHU SS; ZHANG YW; CHEN XR; SU MY; PAN J; LI SH; YUE T; XU LF; XIE D; TIAN CX; ZHAO D; LI X; HOU JJ; WANG L; FU SC; XUE YH; JIANG AM; LI D; XU T; TIAN ZG; ZHOU RB; ZHANG HM; BAI L; Vam6 reduces iNKT cell function in tumor via modulating AMPK/mTOR pathways FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2023,13( ): - 7.624
2023-FEB 7 ZHANG L; BADAI J; WANG G; RU XF; SONG WK; YOU YJ; HE JJ; HUANG SA; FENG H; CHEN RS; ZHAO Y; CHEN YJ; Discovering hematoma-stimulated circuits for secondary brain injury after intraventricular hemorrhage by spatial transcriptome analysis FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2023,14( ): - 7.624
2022-DEC ZHAO CY; ZHANG X; SI XX; YE L; LAWRENCE K; LU YJ; DU CH; XU HD; YANG Q; XIA QF; YU GX; XU W; YUAN F; HAO JF; JIANG JF; ZHENG AH; Hedgehogs as Amplifying Hosts of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus, China EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2022,28(12):2491-2499 7.463
2022- LUO YF; LIU L; HE ZH; ZHANG SS; HUO PP; WANG ZH; JIAXIN Q; ZHAO LH; WU Y; ZHANG DD; BU DC; CHEN RS; ZHAO Y; TREAT: Therapeutic RNAs exploration inspired by artificial intelligence technology COMPUTATIONAL AND STRUCTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 2022,20( ):5680-5689 7.409
2023-JAN 2023 ABBAS G; CUI MM; WANG DB; LI M; ZHANG XE; Construction of Genetically Encoded Biosensors to Monitor Subcellular Compartment-Specific Glutathione Response to Chemotherapeutic Drugs in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2023, ( ): - 6.755
2023-MAR 2023 HU ZS; MI W; YE C; ZHAO Y; CAVICCHI RE; HANG HY; LI HM; Global Analysis of Aggregation Profiles of Three Kinds of Immuno-Oncology mAb Drug Products Using Flow Cytometry ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2023, ( ): - 6.755
2023-FEB 2023 LI JR; ZHANG ZX; ZHANG BL; YAN XY; FAN KL; Transferrin receptor 1 targeted nanomedicine for brain tumor therapy BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE 2023, ( ): - 6.747
2023-JAN CHEN BB; SHI YM; ZHANG K; CHANG YZ; FU PC; LIU PS; ZHANG SY; Inulin reduces liver triacylglycerol by increasing lipid droplet lipolysis in fat-loaded mice FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2023,163( ): - 6.508
2022-OCT WU ZL; XU HQ; WANG P; LIU L; CAI J; CHEN Y; ZHAO XM; YOU X; LIU JZ; GUO XR; XIE TT; FENG JJ; ZHOU F; LI R; XIE ZP; XUE YH; FU CH; LIANG YH; The entry of unclosed autophagosomes into vacuoles and its physiological relevance PLOS GENETICS 2022,18(10): - 6.284
2022-APR SUN W; WANG YL; SuperFi-Cas9: High Fidelity Meets High Activity CRISPR JOURNAL 2022,5(2):171-173 6.071
2023-FEB 2023 DENG XF; WANG M; ZHANG Y; WANG S; CAO Y; CHEN XL; ZONG FR; WANG B; LIU B; ZHAO JZ; Resting-state functional alterations in patients with brain arteriovenous malformations involving language areas HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING 2023, ( ): - 5.684
2023-JAN 9 WANG GH; LI SQ; LI YQ; ZHANG MH; XU T; LI TM; CAO LN; LU JF; Corticosterone induces obesity partly via promoting intestinal cell proliferation and survival FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY 2023,13( ): - 5.456
2023-FEB 2 SHI HG; WU CL; ZHANG XZ; Addressing compressive deformation of proteins embedded in crystalline ice STRUCTURE 2023,31(2):213-+ 5.434
2023-JAN 5 LI W; XING Y; WANG Y; XU T; SONG EL; FENG W; A non-canonical target-binding site in Munc18-1 domain 3b for assembling the Mint1-Munc18-1-syntaxin-1 complex STRUCTURE 2023,31(1):68-+ 5.434
2023-FEB 2023 LIU GY; ZHANG Y; HAN SS; ZHUANG W; LV J; HAN MY; XIE L; JIANG XR; WANG C; SAIMAIER K; SHEN JS; DU CS; TPN10466 ameliorates Concanavalin A-induced autoimmune hepatitis in mice via inhibiting ERK/JNK/p38 signaling pathway EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 5.384
2022-DEC DI YL; YU Y; ZHAO SJ; HUANG NY; FEI XC; YAO DD; AI L; LYU JH; HE RQ; LI JJ; TONG ZQ; Formic acid induces hypertension-related hemorrhage in hSSAO(TG) in mice and human EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY 2022,358( ): - 5.34
2023-FEB 2023 SONG CY; JI YF; WANG WZ; TAO N; Ginger polysaccharide promotes myeloid-derived suppressor cell apoptosis by regulating lipid metabolism PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH 2023, ( ): - 5.286
2023-JAN 2023 XU CG; ZOU Q; TIAN JH; LI MY; XING BW; GONG JL; WANG JY; HUO YX; GUO SY; Simplified Construction of Engineered Bacillus subtilis Host for Improved Expression of Proteins Harboring Noncanonical Amino Acids ACS SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 5.239
2023-JAN 2023 DOU HX; WANG H; LIU SN; HUANG J; LIU ZX; ZHOU TG; YANG Y; Form Properties of Moving Targets Bias Smooth Pursuit Target Selection in Monkeys NEUROSCIENCE BULLETIN 2023, ( ): - 5.182
2023-FEB 2023 ZHANG XE; LIU CL; DAI JB; YUAN YJ; GAO CX; FENG Y; WU B; WEI P; YOU C; WANG XW; SI T; Enabling technology and core theory of synthetic biology SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2023, ( ): - 4.754
2023-JAN 2023 PENG J; LI HX; YANG SJ; ZHANG XY; LI PZ; NIE XH; ZHANG LG; ZHANG ZC; Individual variation in and lateral asymmetry of mouse epididymal draining lymph nodes AMERICAN JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 4.072
2022-OCT SHAO FY; CI L; SHI JH; FANG F; YAN BW; LIU XJ; YAO XY; ZHANG MJ; YANG H; WANG ZG; FEI J; Bioluminescence imaging of mouse monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression in inflammatory processes ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2022,54(10):1507-1517 3.67
2023-MAR WANG C; LV J; ZHU QL; ZHUANG W; XIE L; LIU GY; SAIMAIER K; SHI CJ; HUA QH; YUE R; DU CS; Novel evaluation indicators of MOG35 similar to 55 induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in C57BL/6J mice IMMUNOBIOLOGY 2023,228(2): - 3.18
2023- ZI SX; XING YM; WANG CZ; mRNA and long-noncoding RNA signatures for improving the prognosis prediction of cutaneous skin melanoma efficiently EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023,27(1):66-73 3.111
2023-MAR 2023 YANG X; QUAN YJ; WU EZ; JIANG YC; SONG Q; LI Y; LI Q; SUN ZL; YUAN J; ZHA Y; CUI XL; The association of cognition with protein energy wasting and synaptic transmission in chronic kidney disease SEMINARS IN DIALYSIS 2023, ( ): - 2.668
2023-APR WANG N; GAO JG; WU MW; Molecular docking and molecular simulation studies for N-degron selectivity of chloroplastic ClpS from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY 2023,103( ): - 2.411
2023-JAN 20 WU XT; ZHANG RF; YAN XY; FAN KL; Nanozyme: a New Approach for Anti-microbial Infections JOURNAL OF INORGANIC MATERIALS 2023,38(1):43-54 0.714
2023-JAN ZHANG W; QIAO XH; XIE T; CAI WB; ZHANG X; CHEN C; ZHANG YG; Multi-Omics Approach Reveals Redox Homeostasis Reprogramming in Early-Stage Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma ANTIOXIDANTS 2023,12(1): - 0
2023-JAN 2 WU WY; LUO SH; FAN CY; YANG TJ; ZHANG SW; MENG WX; XU T; JI W; GU LS; Tetra-color superresolution microscopy based on excitation spectral demixing LIGHT-SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS 2023,12(1): - 0
2023-MAR SHANG H; LI M; PAN XW; Dynamic Regulation of the Light-Harvesting System through State Transitions in Land Plants and Green Algae PLANTS-BASEL 2023,12(5): - 0
2023-FEB 21 SHEN YF; ZHANG RF; WANG Y; One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of metal-doped carbon dot nanozymes using protein cages as precursors RSC ADVANCES 2023,13(10):6760-6767 0
2023-DEC 31 XIA S; WANG LJ; JIAO FK; YU XY; XU W; HUANG ZQ; LI XC; WANG Q; ZHU Y; MAN QH; JIANG SB; LU L; SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants exhibit distinct fusogenicity, but similar sensitivity, to pan-CoV fusion inhibitors EMERGING MICROBES & INFECTIONS 2023,12(1): - 0
2023-FEB 2023 GUO J; ZHAO HL; ZHANG J; LV XJ; ZHANG S; SU RB; ZHENG W; DAI J; MENG F; GONG F; LU GX; XUE YC; LIN G; Selective Translation of Maternal mRNA by eIF4E1B Controls Oocyte to Embryo Transition ADVANCED SCIENCE 2023, ( ): - 0
2023-FEB 7 WAN L; HU PL; ZHANG LL; WANG ZX; FLEMING J; NI B; LUO JJ; GUAN CX; BAI LQ; TAN YH; LIU HC; LI N; XIAO TY; BAI H; ZHANG YA; ZHANG XE; WAN KL; BI LJ; OUYANG SY; ZHANG HT; Omics analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates uncovers Rv3094c, an ethionamide metabolism-associated gene COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2023,6(1): - 0
2023-FEB 14 YU B; ZHANG QQ; LIN L; ZHOU X; MA WJ; WEN SN; LI CY; WANG W; WU Q; WANG XQ; LI XM; Molecular and cellular evolution of the amygdala across species analyzed by single-nucleus transcriptome profiling CELL DISCOVERY 2023,9(1): - 0
2023-JAN SHEN BW; LI WH; WANG YX; CHENG SY; WANG XA; ZHU LY; ZHANG YH; GAO LZ; JIANG L; Rapid capture and killing of bacteria by lyophilized nFeS-Hydrogel for improved healing of infected wounds BIOMATERIALS ADVANCES 2023,144( ): - 0