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2022-OCT 2022 QIAO C; LI D; LIU Y; ZHANG SW; LIU K; LIU C; GUO YT; JIANG T; FANG CY; LI N; ZENG YM; HE KM; ZHU XL; LIPPINCOTT-SCHWARTZ J; DAI QH; LI D; Rationalized deep learning super-resolution microscopy for sustained live imaging of rapid subcellular processes NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 2022, ( ): - 50.516
2022-AUG 4 ZHANG ZX; CHEN C; YANG F; ZENG YX; SUN PK; LIU P; LI XJ; Itaconate is a lysosomal inducer that promotes antibacterial innate immunity MOLECULAR CELL 2022,82(15):2844-+ 19.639
2021-MAR 19 ZHU L; DENG YQ; ZHANG RR; CUI Z; SUN CY; FAN CF; XING XR; HUANG WJ; CHEN Q; ZHANG NN; YE Q; CAO TS; WANG N; WANG L; CAO L; WANG HY; KONG DS; MA J; LUO CX; ZHANG YJ; NIE JH; SUN Y; LV Z; SHAW N; LI QQ; LI XF; HU JJ; XIE LZ; RAO ZH; WANG YC; WANG XX; QIN CF; Double lock of a potent human therapeutic monoclonal antibody against SARS-CoV-2 NATIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW 2021,8(3): - 17.584
2022-AUG 2022 WANG YF; DU JQ; PANG Z; LIU YL; XUE K; HAUTIER Y; ZHANG B; TANG L; JIANG LL; JI BM; XU XL; ZHANG J; HU RH; ZHOU ST; WANG F; CHE RX; WANG D; ZHOU CT; CUI XY; EISENHAUER N; HAO YB; Unimodal productivity-biodiversity relationship along the gradient of multidimensional resources across Chinese grasslands NATIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW 2022, ( ): - 17.584
2022-OCT 10 XIONG TC; WEI MC; LI FX; SHI M; GAN H; TANG Z; DONG HP; LIUYU TZ; GAO P; ZHONG B; ZHANG ZD; LIN DD; The E3 ubiquitin ligase ARIH1 promotes antiviral immunity and autoimmunity by inducing mono-ISGylation and oligomerization of cGAS NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022,13(1): - 15.805
2022-SEP 28 WANG H; LI BY; ZUO LY; WANG B; YAN Y; TIAN K; ZHOU R; WANG CL; CHEN XZ; JIANG YP; ZHENG HN; QIN FF; ZHANG B; YU Y; LIU CP; XU YH; GAO JT; QI Z; DENG WL; JI X; The transcriptional coactivator RUVBL2 regulates Pol II clustering with diverse transcription factors NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022,13(1): - 15.805
2022-OCT 2022 LU MM; ZHANG YD; YANG FC; MAI JL; GAO QW; XU XW; KANG HY; HOU L; SHANG YF; QAIN QH; LIU J; JIANG MY; ZHANG H; BU CF; WANG JY; ZHANG ZW; ZHANG ZC; ZENG JY; LI J; XIAO JF; TWAS Atlas: a curated knowledgebase of transcriptome-wide association studies NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2022, ( ): - 15.542
2022-OCT 2022 MOU XZ; WU QY; ZHANG Z; LIU YH; ZHANG JG; ZHANG CW; CHEN XY; FAN KL; LIU HY; Nanozymes for Regenerative Medicine SMALL METHODS 2022, ( ): - 14.367
2022-JUL 19 YANG S; LIU CX; GUO YT; LI GQ; LI D; YAN XM; ZHU XL; Self-construction of actin networks through phase separation-induced abLIM1 condensates PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2022,119(29): - 12.291
2022-JUN 7 CAI R; REN JY; GUO MY; WEI TT; LIU Y; XIE CY; ZHANG P; GUO ZL; CHETWYND AJ; KE PC; LYNCH I; CHEN CY; Dynamic intracellular exchange of nanomaterials' protein corona perturbs proteostasis and remodels cell metabolism PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2022,119(23): - 12.291
2022-OCT WANG J; YANG BC; LV CF; CHEN TC; SUN LX; SUN L; HAO JF; DING F; WANG TY; JIANG JZ; QIN Y; Amino porphyrin-peptide assemblies induce ribosome damage and cancer stem cell inhibition for an enhanced photodynamic therapy BIOMATERIALS 2022,289( ): - 12.104
2022-SEP 16 WANG Z; ZHANG H; NCOA4: More than a receptor for ferritinophagy JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2022,221(10): - 10.804
2022-OCT XUE B; GE MY; FAN KL; HUANG XL; YAN XY; JIANG W; JIANG B; YANG ZL; Mitochondria-targeted nanozymes eliminate oxidative damage in retinal neovascularization disease JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE 2022,350( ):271-283 10.413
2022-OCT 2022 ZHAI C; ZHANG N; LI XX; CHEN X; SUN F; DONG MQ; Fusion and expansion of vitellogenin vesicles during Caenorhabditis elegans intestinal senescence AGING CELL 2022, ( ): - 9.951
2022-OCT 2022 TONG YR; MA XL; HU TY; CHEN K; CUI GH; SU P; XU HF; GAO W; JIANG T; HUANG LQ; Structural and mechanistic insights into the precise product synthesis by a bifunctional miltiradiene synthase PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 2022, ( ): - 9.555
2022-OCT 2022 ZHANG Q; WANG G; SUN D; LIN W; YAN T; WU Y; WU M; CHEN J; ZOU S; XIE W; ZHOU Y; WANG Y; HE L; LIU Y; QIU Z; HU L; LIN B; ZHOU X; LI Y; XU X; MALDI-TOF-MS for Rapid Screening and Typing of beta-Globin Variant and beta-Thalassemia through Direct Measurements of Intact Globin Chains CLINICAL CHEMISTRY 2022, ( ): - 9.173
2022-SEP 2022 DING H; WANG DJ; HUANG HB; CHEN XZ; WANG J; SUN JJ; ZHANG JL; LU L; MIAO BP; CAI YJ; FAN KL; LU YT; DONG HS; YAN XY; NIE GH; LIANG MM; Black phosphorus quantum dots as multifunctional nanozymes for tumor photothermal/catalytic synergistic therapy (vol 15, pg 1554, 2022) NANO RESEARCH 2022, ( ): - 8.696
2022-DEC 1 JIANG SL; MA J; LI YX; LU BW; DU J; XU J; QIN ZH; NING T; DONG CX; A polysaccharide from native Curcuma kwangsiensis and its mechanism of reversing MDSC-induced suppressive function CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS 2022,297( ): - 8.678
2022-OCT 14 HE BT; ZHANG Y; ZHANG F; HAN RM; Correction of image distortion in large-field ssEM stitching by an unsupervised intermediate-space solving network BIOINFORMATICS 2022,38(20):4797-4805 8.47
2022-AUG 31 WANG Q; WANG YB; LI SG; ZHOU AQ; QIN Y; Organelle biogenesis: ribosomes as organizer and performer SCIENCE BULLETIN 2022,67(16):1614-1617 7.658
2022- JIANG A; ZHANG SW; WANG XY; LI D; RBM15 condensates modulate m(6)A modification of STYK1 to promote tumorigenesis COMPUTATIONAL AND STRUCTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 2022,20( ):4825-4836 7.409
2022-SEP 2022 CHEN MH; YAN C; QIN FJ; ZHANG XE; Near-Infrared Luciferase Complementation Assay with Enhanced Bioluminescence for Studying Protein-Protein Interactions and Drug Evaluation Under Physiological Conditions ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2022, ( ): - 6.755
2022-SEP 1 TIAN L; ZHU KL; CHEN YY; ZHENG XW; ZHANG H; GENG Z; LI WQ; DING NN; CHEN JY; DONG YH; CAO P; GONG Y; ZHANG ZF; Biochemical and structural characterization of a KTSC family single-stranded DNA-binding protein from Euryarchaea INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES 2022,216( ):618-628 6.737
2022-OCT 31 CHEN DD; HAO J; SHEN CH; DENG XM; YUN CH; Atomic resolution Cryo-EM structure of human proteasome activator PA28? INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES 2022,219( ):500-507 6.737
2022-JUL 29 FAN LJ; WANG YL; JIANG N; GAO YL; NIU XX; ZHANG WY; HUANG MM; BAO KY; LIU AJ; WANG SY; GAO L; LI K; CUI HY; PAN Q; LIU CJ; ZHANG YP; WANG XM; QI XL; Residues 318 and 323 in capsid protein are involved in immune circumvention of the atypical epizootic infection of infectious bursal disease virus FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY 2022,13( ): - 6.32
2022-SEP 23 CHEN F; QIN TS; ZHANG YG; WEI LZ; DANG YM; LIU PX; JIN WL; Reclassification of endometrial cancer and identification of key genes based on neural-related genes FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2022,12( ): - 6.264
2022-SEP 2022 FAN XX; GUO Q; ZHANG XX; FEI LX; HE S; WENG XC; Top-down modulation and cortical-AMG/HPC interaction in familiar face processing CEREBRAL CORTEX 2022, ( ): - 6.108
2022-JUL 2022 LIU Q; SONG SL; SONG L; BI YK; ZHU KQ; QIAO XL; WANG HW; GAO C; CAI H; JI GJ; Mesenchymal stem cells alleviate aging in vitro and in vivo ANNALS OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2022, ( ): - 4.628
2022-SEP 15 MOORE RP; FOGERSON SM; TULU US; YU JW; COX AH; SICAN MA; LI D; LEGANT WR; WEIGEL AV; CRAWFORD JM; BETZIG E; KIEHART DP; Superresolution microscopy reveals actomyosin dynamics in medioapical arrays MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 2022,33(11): - 4.614
2022- NAVEED M; MAKHDOOM SI; ABBAS G; SAFDARI M; FARHADI A; HABTEMARIAM S; SHABBIR MA; JABEEN K; ASIF MF; TEHREEM S; The Virulent Hypothetical Proteins: The Potential Drug Target Involved in Bacterial Pathogenesis MINI-REVIEWS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2022,22(20):2608-2623 3.742
2022-OCT LI L; LIU ZL; YANG HY; LI Y; ZENG Q; CHEN L; LIU YD; CHEN Y; ZHU FJ; CAO DZ; HU J; SHEN XF; Investigation of novel de novo KCNC2 variants causing severe developmental and early-onset epileptic encephalopathy SEIZURE-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPILEPSY 2022,101( ):218-224 3.729
2022-SEP 2022 XUE JF; WANG Z; ZHANG H; HE Y; Viscosity Measurement in Biocondensates Using Deep-Learning- Assisted Single-Particle Rotational Analysis JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2022, ( ): - 3.051
2022-AUG TANG XL; QI CM; ZHOU HH; LIU YS; A novel metabolic-immune related signature predicts prognosis and immunotherapy response in lung adenocarcinoma HELIYON 2022,8(8): - 0
2022-AUG 31 MA XH; YUAN XY; LIU JH; SHEN L; YU YW; ZHOU W; LIU ZX; JIANG Y; Gravity-Dependent Animacy Perception in Zebrafish RESEARCH 2022,2022( ): - 0