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2022-AUG 2022 ZHANG RF; XUE B; TAO YH; ZHAO HQ; ZHANG ZX; WANG XN; ZHOU XY; JIANG B; YANG ZL; YAN XY; FAN KL; Edge-Site Engineering of Defective Fe-N-4 Nanozymes with Boosted Catalase-Like Performance for Retinal Vasculopathies ADVANCED MATERIALS 2022, ( ): - 30.254
2022-JUL 20 ZHU PP; LU TK; CHEN ZZ; LIU BY; FAN DD; LI C; WU JY; HE LY; ZHU XX; DU Y; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; 5-hydroxytryptamine produced by enteric serotonergic neurons initiates colorectal cancer stem cell self-renewal and tumorigenesis NEURON 2022,110(14):2268-+ 18.658
2022-SEP 2022 PAN ZQ; YE KQ; DU LL; The hallmark domain of the oldest autophagy receptor family is a cargo-binding module AUTOPHAGY 2022, ( ): - 16.586
2022-SEP 12 WANG L; WU CL; PENG WL; ZHOU ZL; ZENG JZ; LI XL; YANG YN; YU SG; ZOU Y; HUANG M; LIU C; CHEN YF; LI Y; TI PP; LIU WF; GAO YF; ZHENG W; ZHONG HN; GAO SB; LU ZH; REN PG; NG HL; HE J; CHEN SD; XU M; LI YL; CHU J; A high-performance genetically encoded fluorescent indicator for in vivo cAMP imaging NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022,13(1): - 15.805
2022-AUG 15 GAO XP; TIAN HB; ZHU KX; LI Q; HAO W; WANG LY; QIN B; DENG HY; CUI S; Structural basis for Sarbecovirus ORF6 mediated blockage of nucleocytoplasmic transport NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022,13(1): - 15.805
2022-AUG 11 LIU NA; HE JC; FAN DD; GU Y; WANG JY; LI HM; ZHU XX; DU Y; TIAN Y; LIU BY; FAN ZS; Circular RNA circTmem241 drives group III innate lymphoid cell differentiation via initiation of Elk3 transcription NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022,13(1): - 15.805
2022-AUG 2022 WU J; WEI YH; LAN JP; HU XY; GAO FL; ZHANG XY; GAO ZX; LIU QQ; SUN ZY; CHEN R; ZHAO HQ; FAN KL; YAN XY; ZHUANG J; HUANG XL; Screening of Protein-Based Ultrasmall Nanozymes for Building Cell-Mimicking Catalytic Vesicles SMALL 2022, ( ): - 12.463
2022-AUG 2022 CAO YX; WANG JY; WU SL; YIN XC; SHU J; DAI X; LIU YN; SUN LH; ZHU DM; DENG XW; YE KQ; QIAN WQ; The small nucleolar RNA SnoR28 regulates plant growth and development by directing rRNA maturation PLANT CELL 2022, ( ): - 12.061
2022-AUG ZHANG YM; QIAO XH; LIU LH; HAN WS; LIU QH; WANG YY; XIE T; TANG YH; WANG TP; MENG J; YE AJ; HE SM; CHEN RS; CHEN C; Long noncoding RNA MAGI2-AS3 regulates the H2O2 level and cell senescence via HSPA8 REDOX BIOLOGY 2022,54( ): - 12.038
2022-AUG 2022 YANG YZ; HAO C; DU JM; XU L; GUO ZL; LI D; CAI HQ; GUO HW; LI L; The carboxy terminal transmembrane domain of SPL7 mediates interaction with RAN1 at the endoplasmic reticulum to regulate ethylene signalling in Arabidopsis NEW PHYTOLOGIST 2022, ( ): - 10.475
2022-OCT ZHANG ZX; CONNIOT J; AMORIM J; JIN YL; PRASAD R; YAN XY; FAN KL; CONDE J; Nucleic acid-based therapy for brain cancer: Challenges and strategies JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE 2022,350( ):80-92 10.413
2022-AUG 22 LIU C; WU K; SUN TY; CHEN B; YI YX; REN RT; XIE LX; XIAO K; Effect of invasive mechanical ventilation on the diversity of the pulmonary microbiota CRITICAL CARE 2022,26(1): - 9.372
2022-SEP 2022 FANG T; LI CQ; LIANG A; ZHANG H; ZHANG F; ZHANG XE; YANG YY; LI F; Probing cell membrane integrity using a histone-targeting protein nanocage displaying precisely positioned fluorophores NANO RESEARCH 2022, ( ): - 8.696
2022-AUG 2022 MA JF; WU JY; ZHU L; Detection of orthologous exons and isoforms using EGIO BIOINFORMATICS 2022, ( ): - 8.47
2022-AUG 20 JIAO LJ; SU LY; LIU QJ; LUO RC; QIAO XH; XIE T; YANG LX; CHEN C; YAO YG; GSNOR deficiency attenuates MPTP-induced neurotoxicity and autophagy by facilitating CDK5 S-nitrosation in a mouse model of Parkinson?s disease FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2022,189( ):111-121 7.934
2022-AUG WANG QS; HE RJ; CHEN LW; ZHANG Q; SHAN J; WANG P; WANG X; ZHAO YM; MIG-23 is involved in sperm migration by modulating extracellular ATP levels in Ascaris suum DEVELOPMENT 2022,149(15): - 7.522
2022-AUG 13 JIANG HQ; WANG CW; WANG ZX; DAI YF; ZHU YP; LEE YS; CAO Y; CHUNG WH; OUYANG SY; WANG HS; Functional and structural characteristics of HLA-B*13:01-mediated specific T cells reaction in dapsone-induced drug hypersensitivity JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE 2022,29(1): - 7.34
2022-SEP 5 LARSEN NY; VIHRS N; MOLLER J; SPORRING J; TAN XK; LI XX; JI G; RAJKOWSKA G; SUN F; NYENGAARD JR; Layer III pyramidal cells in the prefrontal cortex reveal morphological changes in subjects with depression, schizophrenia, and suicide TRANSLATIONAL PSYCHIATRY 2022,12(1): - 7.097
2022-SEP LI Q; WANG RJ; XIE ZL; ZHAO LB; WANG YR; SUN C; HAN L; LIU Y; HOU HL; LIU C; ZHANG GJ; SHI GZ; ZHONG DX; LI QL; Clinically Applicable Pathological Diagnosis System for Cell Clumps in Endometrial Cancer Screening via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks CANCERS 2022,14(17): - 6.999
2022-SEP 19 SHEN SY; JIAN YZ; CAI ZK; LI FD; LV MQ; LIU YR; WU JH; FU CH; SHI YY; Structural insights reveal the specific recognition of meiRNA by the Mei2 protein JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2022,14(5): - 6.688
2022-JUL 26 TANG XL; QI CM; ZHOU HH; LIU YS; Critical roles of PTPN family members regulated by non-coding RNAs in tumorigenesis and immunotherapy FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2022,12( ): - 6.264
2022-AUG HADWIGER JA; CAI HQ; ARANDA RG; FATIMA S; An atypical MAPK regulates translocation of a GATA transcription factor in response to chemoattractant stimulation JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2022,135(16): - 6.032
2022-JUL 15 ZHAO W; XU Q; YANG JH; XIE XH; LI CM; ZHANG WH; CHEN EH; GUO YF; GAO MY; SHI J; ZHANG HB; YAO H; LI MX; YAN L; FANG FD; WU WM; LIU XJ; Murine double minute 2 aggravates adipose tissue dysfunction through ubiquitin-mediated six-transmembrane epithelial antigen of prostate 4 degradation ISCIENCE 2022,25(7): - 5.458
2022-SEP 14 YAN FX; YANG W; WANG XL; GAO GX; TMEM45B Interacts with Sindbis Virus Nsp1 and Nsp4 and Inhibits Viral Replication JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2022,96(17): - 5.078
2022-SEP 2022 WU HG; ZHU NN; LIU JY; MA J; JIAO RJ; Shaggy regulates tissue growth through Hippo pathway in Drosophila SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2022, ( ): - 4.754
2022-AUG NIU YH; LIAO JL; ZHOU HT; WANG CC; WANG L; FAN YL; Flavonoids from Lycium barbarum Leaves Exhibit Anti-Aging Effects through the Redox-Modulation MOLECULES 2022,27(15): - 4.587
2022-NOV 1 GAO L; QIAO XH; ZHANG LX; WANG Y; WAN Y; CHEN C; Nitric oxide inhibits alginate biosynthesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and increases its sensitivity to tobramycin by downregulating algU gene expression NITRIC OXIDE-BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY 2022,128( ):50-58 4.505
2022-AUG SU WD; QIU JJ; MEI Y; ZHANG XE; HE Y; LI F; A microfluidic cell chip for virus isolation via rapid screening for permissive cells VIROLOGICA SINICA 2022,37(4):547-557 4.08
2022-AUG 2022 SONG ZZ; ZHANG JJ; LIU B; WANG H; BI LJ; XU QX; Practical application of European biological variation combined with Westgard Sigma Rules in internal quality control CLINICAL CHEMISTRY AND LABORATORY MEDICINE 2022, ( ): - 3.728
2022-AUG 2022 ZHU WQ; LIU TT; LI MW; SUN XH; HE S; Activation of lesion projection zone in primary visual cortex is dependent on bilateral central vision loss in patients with end-stage glaucoma OPHTHALMIC AND PHYSIOLOGICAL OPTICS 2022, ( ): - 3.328
2022-SEP 2022 DU K; HU LQ; WANG P; XUE YH; Rapid isolation and cryo-EM characterization of synaptic vesicles from mammalian brain FEBS OPEN BIO 2022, ( ): - 2.519
2022-AUG 2022 SHAO J; LIU ZQ; LI SY; WU BR; NIE ZD; LI YF; ZHOU KX; Continuous Glucose Monitoring Time Series Data Analysis: A Time Series Analysis Package for Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 2022, ( ): - 1.377
2022-AUG ZOU YJ; PEI JW; WANG YS; CHEN Q; SUN ML; KANG LL; ZHANG XY; ZHANG LG; GAO X; LIN ZY; The Deficiency of SCARB2/LIMP-2 Impairs Metabolism via Disrupted mTORC1-Dependent Mitochondrial OXPHOS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022,23(15): - 0
2022-AUG 2022 WANG Q; CHEN C; XU X; SHU CJ; CAO CC; WANG ZD; FU Y; XU L; XU KY; XU JW; XIA AL; WANG B; XU GF; ZOU XP; SU RB; KANG W; XUE YC; MO R; SUN BC; WANG SY; APAF1-Binding Long Noncoding RNA Promotes Tumor Growth and Multidrug Resistance in Gastric Cancer by Blocking Apoptosome Assembly ADVANCED SCIENCE 2022, ( ): - 0
2022-AUG 17 LIU S; JIA ZJ; NIE JH; LIANG ZT; XIE JS; WANG L; ZHANG L; WANG XX; WANG YC; HUANG WJ; A broader neutralizing antibody against all the current VOCs and VOIs targets unique epitope of SARS-CoV-2 RBD CELL DISCOVERY 2022,8(1): - 0
2022-AUG 22 ZHU XY; WEI Y; HE YG; HE RQ; LI J; Urine D-ribose levels correlate with cognitive function in community-dwelling older adults BMC GERIATRICS 2022,22(1): - 0
2022-AUG WANG PC; ZHANG GM; XU ZL; CHEN Z; LIU XH; WANG CY; ZHENG CG; WANG JY; ZHANG HM; YAN AX; Whole-cell FRET monitoring of transcription factor activities enables functional annotation of signal transduction systems in living bacteria JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2022,298(8): - 0
2022-SEP 5 BI YK; QIAO XL; LIU Q; SONG SL; ZHU KQ; QIU X; ZHANG X; JIA C; WANG HW; YANG ZG; ZHANG Y; JI GJ; Systemic proteomics and miRNA profile analysis of exosomes derived from human pluripotent stem cells STEM CELL RESEARCH & THERAPY 2022,13(1): - 0
2022-JUL 28 LUAN T; LI Y; SUN LH; XU SQ; WANG HF; WANG JS; LI C; Systemic immune effects of anesthetics and their intracellular targets in tumors FRONTIERS IN MEDICINE 2022,9( ): - 0
2022-AUG WANG JJ; LIU ZB; PAN XW; WANG N; LI LG; DU YG; LI JJ; LI M; Structural and Biochemical Analysis Reveals Catalytic Mechanism of Fucoidan Lyase from Flavobacterium sp. SA-0082 MARINE DRUGS 2022,20(8): - 0
2022-AUG LUO RQ; QU BL; AN LL; ZHAO Y; CAO Y; REN P; HANG HY; Simultaneous Maturation of Single Chain Antibody Stability and Affinity by CHO Cell Display BIOENGINEERING-BASEL 2022,9(8): - 0