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2022-JUN 2022 WEI YH; WU J; WU YX; LIU HJ; MENG FQ; LIU QQ; MIDGLEY AC; ZHANG XY; QI TY; KANG HL; CHEN R; KONG DL; ZHUANG J; YAN XY; HUANG XL; Prediction and Design of Nanozymes using Explainable Machine Learning ADVANCED MATERIALS 2022, ( ): - 30.254
2022-JUN 2022 WANG L; FU WJ; BAO LL; JIA ZJ; ZHANG YX; ZHOU YJ; WU W; WU JB; ZHANG QQ; GAO YD; WANG K; WANG Q; QIN C; WANG XX; Selection and structural bases of potent broadly neutralizing antibodies from 3-dose vaccinees that are highly effective against diverse SARS-CoV-2 variants, including Omicron sublineages CELL RESEARCH 2022, ( ): - 25.924
2022-JUN 4 ZHAO WJ; FU XL; GU Y; HE S; LIU ZJ; TAN TN; ZHOU ZH; LIN HM; Inspired, but not mimicking: a conversation between artificial intelligence and human intelligence NATIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW 2022,9(6): - 17.584
2022-MAY 27 DONG YL; LI H; ILIE A; GAO YW; BOUCHER A; ZHANG XJC; ORLOWSKI J; ZHAO Y; Structural basis of autoinhibition of the human NHE3-CHP1 complex SCIENCE ADVANCES 2022,8(21): - 16.446
2022-MAY LI JH; LIU PY; MENGUY N; ZHANG XL; WANG J; BENZERARA K; FENG LJ; SUN L; ZHENG Y; MENG FQ; GU L; LEROY E; HAO JL; CHU XL; PAN YX; Intracellular silicification by early-branching magnetotactic bacteria SCIENCE ADVANCES 2022,8(19): - 16.446
2022-JUN 2022 MUSTAFI P; HU ML; KUMARI S; DAS C; LI GH; KUNDU TK; Phosphorylation-dependent association of human chromatin protein PC4 to linker histone H1 regulates genome organization and transcription NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2022, ( ): - 15.542
2022-APR 1 YUE Y; YANG WS; ZHANG L; LIU CP; XU RM; Topography of histone H3-H4 interaction with the Hat1-Hat2 acetyltransferase complex GENES & DEVELOPMENT 2022,36(7-8):408-413 12.029
2022-MAY 24 FU SZ; PHAN AT; MAO DX; WANG XL; GAO GX; GOFF SP; ZHU YP; HIV-1 exploits the Fanconi anemia pathway for viral DNA integration CELL REPORTS 2022,39(8): - 10.394
2022-JAN-FEB XIN YM; BAI TJ; ZHANG T; CHEN Y; WANG K; YU S; LIU N; TIAN YH; Electroconvulsive therapy modulates critical brain dynamics in major depressive disorder patients BRAIN STIMULATION 2022,15(1):214-225 9.151
2022-JUN 2022 LIU P; GAO YS; LUO PB; YU HP; GUO S; LIU FY; GAO JJ; XU JZ; WANG SD; ZHANG CQ; Glucocorticoid-induced expansion of classical monocytes contributes to bone loss EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2022, ( ): - 8.78
2022-MAY GAO YN; YOU MJ; YANG PY; Revisit the signatures of gamma delta T cells in hepatocellular carcinoma COMMENT CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2022,12(5): - 8.601
2022-APR JIANG SD; WANG X; CHEN KL; YANG PY; Establishment of an inducible cell line for Hepatitis B virus genotype C2 and its pharmacological responses to interferons PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH 2022,178( ): - 7.374
2022-MAY 20 LU Y; JIANG B; PENG KL; LI SS; LIU XN; WANG BF; CHEN YT; WANG TP; ZHAO B; Differential Degradation of TRA2A and PYCR2 Mediated by Ubiquitin E3 Ligase E4B FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2022,10( ): - 7.219
2022-MAY MA J; CHEN X; CHEN YM; TAO N; QIN ZH; Ligustilide Inhibits Tumor Angiogenesis by Downregulating VEGFA Secretion from Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts in Prostate Cancer via TLR4 CANCERS 2022,14(10): - 6.999
2021-SEP TANG HS; SONG RJ; HU YY; TIAN YX; LU ZH; CHEN L; HUANG Y; Late Development of Early Visual Perception: No Topology-Priority in Peripheral Vision Until Age 10 CHILD DEVELOPMENT 2021,92(5):1906-1918 6.863
2022-MAY 10 MAO GB; WU GQ; CHEN MH; YAN C; TANG JY; MA YX; ZHANG XE; Synthesis of Dual-Emitting CdZnSe/Mn:ZnS Quantum Dots for Sensing the pH Change in Live Cells ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2022,94(18):6665-6671 6.755
2022-JUN 1 HAO Y; GUO T; REN JQ; WANG YX; WANG L; SHI YW; FENG W; Characterization of a thermostable, protease-tolerant inhibitor of a-glycosidase from carrot: A potential oral additive for treatment of diabetes INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES 2022,209( ):1271-1279 6.737
2022-APR 28 WAN L; LI HX; SUN GY; ZHANG LL; XU HT; SU F; HE SM; XIAO F; Mutational Pattern Induced by 5-Fluorouracil and Oxaliplatin in the Gut Microbiome FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY 2022,13( ): - 6.32
2022-MAY-JUN HU HM; WANG XD; HUANG YS; YANG Z; JIA B; SUN K; HAO DJ; GUO YS; Electrochemical techniques for monitoring the biodegradability of nanocomposite Mg-alloy/HA for repairing bone fracture JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY-JMR&T 2022,18( ):1669-1681 5.363
2022-MAR YANG Y; ZUO ZT; TAM F; GRAHAM SJ; LI JJ; JI YZ; MENG ZL; GU CY; BI HY; OU J; XU M; The brain basis of handwriting deficits in Chinese children with developmental dyslexia DEVELOPMENTAL SCIENCE 2022,25(2): - 5.301
2022-MAY 2 XIAO Q; GUENTUERKUEN O; 'Prefrontal' Neuronal Foundations of Visual Asymmetries in Pigeons FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY 2022,13( ): - 4.804
2022-MAY 2022 MA YX; MAO GB; YANG WS; WU GQ; LI GQ; LI XY; LIN X; LU JN; ZHAO SJ; ZHAO W; DAI JB; ZHANG XE; Studying bona fide SARS-CoV-2 biology in a BSL-2 biosafety environment using a split-virus-genome system SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2022, ( ): - 4.754
2022-MAR LIU GY; JIANG XR; HAN MY; LV J; ZHUANG W; XIE L; ZHANG Y; WANG C; SAIMAIER K; YANG JS; SHEN JS; LI N; DU CS; Artemisinin derivative TPN10466 suppresses immune cell migration and Th1/Th17 differentiation to ameliorate disease severity in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis CELLULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2022,373( ): - 4.706
2022-JUN 2022 LIANG HL; PAN ZY; QIAN CC; LIU CW; SUN KB; WENG DH; AN J; ZHUO Y; WANG DJJ; GUO H; XUE R; Multi-echo balanced SSFP with a sequential phase-encoding order for functional MR imaging at 7T MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE 2022, ( ): - 4.616
2021-JUL 14 LI N; LIU N; The Nonlinear and Gender-Related Relationships of Face Attractiveness and Typicality With Perceived Trustworthiness FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2021,12( ): - 3.62
2022-DEC HONG CY; MENG XQ; HE JY; FAN KL; YAN XY; Nanozyme: A promising tool from clinical diagnosis and environmental monitoring to wastewater treatment PARTICUOLOGY 2022,71( ):90-107 3.387
2022-JUL SONG YT; DONG XZ; HU GB; Transcriptome analysis of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) head kidney and liver reveals immune mechanism in response to Vibrio anguillarum infection JOURNAL OF FISH DISEASES 2022,45(7):1045-1057 2.689
2022-MAY 2022 XU L; SUN S; Reconstitution of Fusion-Competent Human Placental Fusogen Syncytin-2 JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE BIOLOGY 2022, ( ): - 2.053
2022-JAN 19 XU BJ; LIU L; SONG GT; Functions and Regulation of Translation Elongation Factors FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR BIOSCIENCES 2022,8( ): - 0
2022- ZHENG DD; TAO M; YU LJ; LIU XH; XIA AD; WANG JY; Ultrafast Photoinduced Electron Transfer in a Photosensitizer Protein CCS CHEMISTRY 2022,4(4):1217-1223 0
2021-SEP JIA LN; LIU YP; TIAN LF; XIONG C; XU X; QU HG; XIONG WX; ZHOU D; WANG F; LIU Z; YAN XX; XU WQ; TANG L; Potent neutralizing RBD-specific antibody cocktail against SARS-CoV-2 and its mutant MEDCOMM 2021,2(3):442-452 0
2022-MAY 10 LIN YF; SUN J; CAO XZ; WANG XY; CHEN X; XU HR; ZHAO JC; FU YX; PENG H; Non-adjuvanted interferon-armed RBD protein nasal drops protect airway infection from SARS-CoV-2 CELL DISCOVERY 2022,8(1): - 0
2021-SEP CHEN RS; Early bioinformatics research in China QUANTITATIVE BIOLOGY 2021,9(3):242-250 0
2021-JUN ZU Y; YAO HQ; WANG YF; YAN L; GU ZJ; CHEN CY; GAO LZ; YIN WY; The age of bioinspired molybdenum-involved nanozymes: Synthesis, catalytic mechanisms, and biomedical applications VIEW 2021,2(3): - 0
2021-JUL 23 ZHANG RF; YAN XY; FAN KL; Nanozymes Inspired by Natural Enzymes ACCOUNTS OF MATERIALS RESEARCH 2021,2(7):534-547 0
2021-MAY 17 DING LM; JIANG J; CHENG L; WANG YQ; ZHANG W; LI DD; XU ZB; JIANG J; GAO LZ; LI ZN; Oral Administration of Nanoiron Sulfide Supernatant for the Treatment of Gallbladder Stones with Chronic Cholecystitis ACS APPLIED BIO MATERIALS 2021,4(5):3773-3785 0
2021-MAY ZHANG H; GONG WB; WU S; PERRETT S; Studying protein folding in health and disease using biophysical approaches EMERGING TOPICS IN LIFE SCIENCES 2021,5(1):29-38 0
2021-NOV 2 LIU CY; LI XJ; Greasy GLUT1 maintains glioblastoma malignancy COMMENT MOLECULAR & CELLULAR ONCOLOGY 2021,8(6): - 0
2022- GUO JT; LIU ZF; Progress on the discoveries of temperature and touch receptors: Interpretation of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN-CHINESE 2022,67(6):572-580 0
2022-JUN 6 ZHAO MM; ZHU Y; ZHANG L; ZHONG GX; TAI LH; LIU S; YIN GL; LU J; HE Q; LI MJ; ZHAO RX; WANG H; HUANG WJ; FAN CF; SHUAI L; WEN ZY; WANG C; HE XJ; CHEN QL; LIU BH; XIONG XL; BU ZG; WANG YC; SUN F; YANG JK; Novel cleavage sites identified in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein reveal mechanism for cathepsin L-facilitated viral infection and treatment strategies CELL DISCOVERY 2022,8(1): - 0
2021-NOV 28 CHENG J; LI BF; SI L; ZHANG XZ; Determining structures in a native environment using single-particle cryoelectron microscopy images THE INNOVATION 2021,2(4): - 0
2022-JUN 8 ZHAO YC; WANG HQ; WANG Y; LOU JZ; JU LA; The N-terminal autoinhibitory module of the A1 domain in von Willebrand factor stabilizes the mechanosensor catch bond RSC CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2022,3(6):707-720 0
2022-MAR 29 LI XF; CUI Z; FAN H; CHEN Q; CAO L; QIU HY; ZHANG NN; XU YP; ZHANG RR; ZHOU C; YE Q; DENG YQ; GUO Y; QIN S; FAN KY; WANG L; JIA ZJ; CUI YJ; WANG XX; QIN CF; A highly immunogenic live-attenuated vaccine candidate prevents SARS-CoV-2 infection and transmission in hamsters INNOVATION 2022,3(2): - 0
2021-NOV 2021 YANG BW; YAO HB; LI DF; LIU ZF; The phosphatidylglycerol phosphate synthase PgsA utilizes a trifurcated amphipathic cavity for catalysis at the membrane-cytosol interface CURRENT RESEARCH IN STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 2021,3( ):312-323 0