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2022-MAR 4 ZHANG J; ZHANG Y; YOU QL; HUANG C; ZHANG TT; WANG MZ; ZHANG TW; YANG XC; XIONG J; LI YF; LIU CP; ZHANG ZQ; XU RM; ZHU B; Highly enriched BEND3 prevents the premature activation of bivalent genes during differentiation SCIENCE 2022,375(6584):1053-+ 51.433
2022-APR 12 XIONG Z; ZHU XX; GENG JJ; XU YW; WU RY; LI CZ; FAN DD; QIN XW; DU Y; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; Intestinal Tuft-2 cells exert antimicrobial immunity via sensing bacterial metabolite N-undecanoylglycine IMMUNITY 2022,55(4):686-+ 31.494
2022-APR 2022 ZHU PP; LU TK; WU JY; FAN DD; LIU BY; ZHU XX; GUO H; DU Y; LIU F; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; Gut microbiota drives macrophage-dependent self-renewal of intestinal stem cells via niche enteric serotonergic neurons CELL RESEARCH 2022, ( ): - 25.924
2022-APR 18 DENG W; LV Q; LI FD; LIU JN; SONG ZQ; QI FF; WEI Q; YU P; LIU MY; ZHOU SS; ZHANG YQ; GAO H; WANG N; JIA ZJ; GAO K; LIU JY; XIAO C; SHANG HQ; WANG XX; BAO LL; QIN C; Sequential immunizations confer cross-protection against variants of SARS-CoV-2, including Omicron in Rhesus macaques SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION AND TARGETED THERAPY 2022,7(1): - 21.177
2022-APR 7 GE X; LI MD; YIN JX; SHI ZM; FU Y; ZHAO NW; CHEN HS; MENG LXY; LI XJ; HU ZB; ZHAO XZ; GUO HQ; QIAN X; Article Fumarate inhibits PTEN to promote tumorigenesis and therapeutic resistance of type2 papillary renal cell carcinoma MOLECULAR CELL 2022,82(7):1249-+ 19.639
2022-MAY 2022 CHENG XX; ZHANG P; ZHAO HY; ZHENG H; ZHENG K; ZHANG H; ZHANG HJ; Proteotoxic stress disrupts epithelial integrity by inducing MTOR sequestration and autophagy overactivation AUTOPHAGY 2022, ( ): - 16.586
2022-APR 2022 XU Y; DING JJ; Endomembrane damage sensing by V-ATPase recruits ATG16L1 for LC3 lipidation in situ AUTOPHAGY 2022, ( ): - 16.586
2022-MAR 22 PANG J; FENG X; LIANG Q; ZHENG XY; DUAN YM; ZHANG X; ZHANG JB; CHEN Y; FAN KL; GAO LZ; LI JX; Ferritin-Nanocaged ATP Traverses the Blood-Testis Barrier and Enhances Sperm Motility in an Asthenozoospermia Model ACS NANO 2022,16(3):4175-4185 16.207
2022-APR 4 TU H; WANG ZM; YUAN Y; MIAO XL; LI D; GUO H; YANG YH; CAI HQ; The PripA-TbcrA complex-centered Rab GAP cascade facilitates macropinosome maturation in Dictyostelium NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022,13(1): - 15.805
2022-APR 19 HE LL; YU ZY; GENG Z; HUANG Z; ZHANG CJ; DONG YL; GAO YW; WANG YH; CHEN QH; SUN L; MA XY; HUANG B; WANG XQ; ZHAO Y; Structure, gating, and pharmacology of human Ca(v)3.3 channel NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022,13(1): - 15.805
2022-APR 13 CAO P; BRACUN L; YAMAGATA A; CHRISTIANSON BM; NEGAMI T; ZOU BH; TERADA T; CANNIFFE DP; SHIROUZU M; LI M; LIU LN; Structural basis for the assembly and quinone transport mechanisms of the dimeric photosynthetic RC-LH1 supercomplex NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022,13(1): - 15.805
2022-APR 8 LIANG CQ; KE Q; LIU ZP; REN J; ZHANG WQ; HU JL; WANG ZH; CHEN H; XIA K; LAI XQ; WANG QR; YANG K; LI W; WU ZM; WANG C; YAN HT; JIANG XY; JI ZJ; MA MY; LONG X; WANG S; WANG HT; SUN H; BELMONTE JCI; QU J; XIANG AP; LIU GH; BMAL1 moonlighting as a gatekeeper for LINE1 repression and cellular senescence in primates NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2022,50(6):3323-3347 15.542
2022-APR WANG L; WANG X; LV XY; JIN QS; SHANG HC; WANG CC; WANG L; The extracellular Ero1 alpha/PDI electron transport system regulates platelet function by increasing glutathione reduction potential REDOX BIOLOGY 2022,50( ): - 12.038
2022-APR 2022 ZHANG S; WU ZM; SHI Y; WANG S; REN J; YU ZH; HUANG DY; YAN KW; HE YF; LIU XQ; JI QZ; LIU BB; LIU ZP; QU J; LIU GH; CI WM; WANG XQ; ZHANG WQ; FTO stabilizes MIS12 and counteracts senescence PROTEIN & CELL 2022, ( ): - 11.279
2021-AUG LI YY; ZHOU HH; CHEN XM; ZHENG Y; KANG Q; HAO D; ZHANG LL; SONG TR; LUO HX; HAO YJ; CHEN RS; ZHANG P; HE SM; SmProt: A Reliable Repository with Comprehensive Annotation of Small Proteins Identified from Ribosome Profiling GENOMICS PROTEOMICS & BIOINFORMATICS 2021,19(4):602-610 11.12
2022-APR 2022 LIU YX; ZENG H; HOU YJ; LI ZL; LI L; SONG XC; DING JJ; SHAO F; XU Y; Calmodulin Binding Activates Chromobacterium CopC Effector to ADP-Riboxanate Host Apoptotic Caspases MBIO 2022, ( ): - 8.322
2022-MAY DENG XF; YIN H; ZHANG Y; ZHANG D; WANG S; CAO Y; LI MG; WANG B; ZONG FR; ZHAO JZ; Impairment and Plasticity of Language-Related White Matter in Patients With Brain Arteriovenous Malformations STROKE 2022,53(5):1682-1691 8.032
2022-FEB ZHENG N; FLEMING J; HU PL; JIAO JJ; ZHANG GQ; YANG RF; LI CY; LIU Y; BI LJ; ZHANG HT; CD84 is a Suppressor of T and B Cell Activation during Mycobacterium tuberculosis Pathogenesis MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM 2022,10(1): - 7.4
2022-MAR 15 WANG ZH; CHANG MQ; ZHANG YR; ZHOU G; LIU PH; LOU JZ; WANG YK; ZHANG Y; GUO XP; WANG YN; BAO XJ; LIAN W; WANG Y; WANG RZ; MA WB; XING B; GAO J; Multi-Omics Investigations Revealed Underlying Molecular Mechanisms Associated With Tumor Stiffness and Identified Sunitinib as a Potential Therapy for Reducing Stiffness in Pituitary Adenomas FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2022,10( ): - 7.219
2022-JUN DAI R; HUANG ZR; WENG XC; HE S; Early visual exposure primes future cross-modal specialization of the fusiform face area in tactile face processing in the blind NEUROIMAGE 2022,253( ): - 7.219
2022-FEB ZHENG XY; DUAN YM; PANG J; FENG X; GAO LZ; LI JX; Antibacterial effects of nano-decoction iron polysulfide in epididymitis and the systematic evaluation of its toxicity on the reproductive health of male mice ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY 2022,231( ): - 6.393
2022-APR 2022 ZHAO YL; WU J; LI D; LIU J; CHEN WQ; HOU ZR; LIU KL; JIANG LL; CHEN XW; WANG L; HU BY; ZONG FR; WANG YK; WANG YL; Human ESC-derived immunity- and matrix- regulatory cells ameliorated white matter damage and vascular cognitive impairment in rats subjected to chronic cerebral hypoperfusion CELL PROLIFERATION 2022, ( ): - 6.154
2022-APR ZHANG YW; TU H; HAO YZ; LI D; YANG YH; YUAN Y; GUO ZL; LI L; WANG HB; CAI HQ; Oligopeptide transporter Slc15A modulates macropinocytosis in Dictyostelium by maintaining intracellular nutrient status JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2022,135(7): - 6.032
2022-APR ZHANG YW; TU H; First person - Yiwei Zhang and Hui Tu JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2022,135(7): - 6.032
2022-JAN 20 SONG J; LI YW; KE DK; WANG DB; ZHANG XE; In situ graphene-modified carbon microelectrode array biosensor for biofilm impedance analysis ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 2022,403( ): - 6.016
2022-JUN SHI LX; HUANG L; LONG HZ; SONG AQ; ZHOU Z; Structural basis of nucleosomal H4K20 methylation by methyltransferase SET8 FASEB JOURNAL 2022,36(6): - 5.955
2022-APR YAN H; RAN QW; HU RH; XUE K; ZHANG BA; ZHOU ST; ZHANG ZP; TANG L; CHE RX; PANG Z; WANG F; WANG D; ZHANG J; JIANG LL; QIAN Z; ZHANG SG; GUO TD; DU JQ; HAO YB; CUI XY; WANG YF; Machine learning-based prediction for grassland degradation using geographic, meteorological, plant and microbial data ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 2022,137( ): - 5.846
2022-MAR 31 HAN QX; WANG XC; DING XN; HAO J; LI Q; WANG JF; YU HJ; TANG Z; YANG FQ; CAI GY; ZHANG D; ZHU HY; Salivary Glycopatterns as Potential Non-Invasive Biomarkers for Diagnosing and Reflecting Severity and Prognosis of Diabetic Nephropathy FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY 2022,13( ): - 5.456

Application of organometallic chemistry in the formulation of a modern therapeutic drug by Ag nanoparticles green-mediated by Allium to treat the breast cancer

2022-APR 2022 ZHANG HL; LIU SQ; LI YA; LI JR; NI C; YANG M; DONG J; WANG ZQ; QIN ZH; Dysfunction of S100A4(+) effector memory CD8(+) T cells aggravates asthma EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2022, ( ): - 5.384
2022-APR 13 LI SM; WANG DB; GHULAM A; LI X; LI M; LI Q; MA YX; WANG L; WU HS; CUI ZQ; ZHANG XE; Tracking the Replication-Competent Zika Virus with Tetracysteine-Tagged Capsid Protein in Living Cells JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2022,96(7): - 5.078
2022-APR 2022 YANG P; SHI DW; FU JM; ZHANG L; CHEN RH; ZHENG BY; WANG XX; XU SH; ZHU L; WANG K; Atomic Structures of Coxsackievirus B5 Provide Key Information on Viral Evolution and Survival JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2022, ( ): - 5.078
2022-APR 2022 FAN XY; ZUO ZT; LIN TY; LAI ZC; YOU H; QU JX; WEI J; LIU B; FENG F; Arterial transit artifacts on arterial spin labeling MRI can predict cerebral hyperperfusion after carotid endarterectomy: an initial study EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY 2022, ( ): - 4.87
2022-APR 2022 LAUSTSEN M; ANDERSEN M; XUE R; MADSEN KH; HANSON LG; Tracking of rigid head motion during MRI using an EEG system MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE 2022, ( ): - 4.616
2022-MAR 1 XIE T; QIAO XH; SUN CAX; CHU BY; MENG J; CHEN C; GAPDH S-nitrosation contributes to age-related sarcopenia through mediating apoptosis NITRIC OXIDE-BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY 2022,120( ):1-8 4.505
2022-APR 12 LI J; YANG YM; WANG Y; YANG CQ; WANG GF; WU CS; ZHANG AB; Find My Way to You: A Comparative Study of Antennal Sensilla and Olfactory Genes in Slug Moth With Different Diet Ranges (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae) FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2022,10( ): - 3.907
2022-APR 1 WANG L; LU J; JI W; WAN LY; GU LS; Interferometrical single-molecule localization based on dynamic PSF engineering OPTICS LETTERS 2022,47(7):1770-1773 3.634
2022-MAR 15 YANG J; LIU ZY; PERRETT S; ZHANG H; PAN ZY; PES derivative PESA is a potent tool to globally profile cellular targets of PES BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2022,60( ): - 2.677
2022-AUG LI QW; ZHANG LC; XU L; ZOU Q; WU J; LI QY; Identification and classification of promoters using the attention mechanism based on long short-term memory FRONTIERS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE 2022,16(4): - 1.962
2022-JUN TAN XJ; MAO YX; SHI GZ; XU HL; HE Y; GU JS; Insights into the insertion reaction mechanism of phosphenium cation and oxirane: a theoretical study JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL SCIENCES 2022,134(2): - 1.517
2022-MAR WANG YY; QIAO XH; SHI C; YE AJ; GUO MM; ZHAO YZ; CHEN C; Exercise Alleviates ER Reductive Stress and Promotes Healthy Aging PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2022,49(3):444-453 0.272
2022-APR 6 ZHU DJ; SHI HG; WU CL; ZHANG XZ; An electron counting algorithm improves imaging of proteins with low-acceleration-voltage cryo-electron microscope COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2022,5(1): - 0
2022-MAY 3 YU F; ZHANG QP; LIU HY; LIU JM; YANG S; LUO XF; LIU W; ZHENG H; LIU QQ; CUI YX; CHEN G; LI YJ; HUANG XL; YAN XY; ZHOU J; CHEN Q; Dynamic O-GlcNAcylation coordinates ferritinophagy and mitophagy to activate ferroptosis CELL DISCOVERY 2022,8(1): - 0
2022-APR 26 WANG YQ; CHEN J; LU JX; XI JQ; XU ZL; FAN L; DAI H; GAO LZ; Metal ions/nucleotide coordinated nanoparticles comprehensively suppress tumor by synergizing ferroptosis with energy metabolism interference JOURNAL OF NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY 2022,20(1): - 0
2022-APR HUANG C; LIU XH; CHEN YY; ZHOU JS; LI WQ; DING NN; HUANG L; CHEN JY; ZHANG ZF; A Novel Family of Winged-Helix Single-Stranded DNA-Binding Proteins from Archaea INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022,23(7): - 0
2022-APR PENG DM; LI N; HE WT; DRASBEK KR; XU T; ZHANG MS; XU PY; Improved Fluorescent Proteins for Dual-Colour Post-Embedding CLEM CELLS 2022,11(7): - 0
2022-APR WANG QS; HE RJ; ZHANG Q; SHAN J; ZHAO YM; WANG X; Released ATP Mediates Spermatozoa Chemotaxis Promoted by Uterus-Derived Factor (UDF) in Ascaris suum INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022,23(7): - 0