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2021-OCT 2021 MA BT; HUANG CQ; MA J; XIANG Y; ZHANG XZ; Structure of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus with its receptor LDLRAD3 NATURE 2021, ( ): - 46.486
2021-OCT 2021 LI ZL; LIU W; FU JQ; CHENG S; XU Y; WANG ZQ; LIU XF; SHI XY; LIU YX; QI XB; LIU XY; DING JJ; SHAO F; Shigella evades pyroptosis by arginine ADP-riboxanation of caspase-11 NATURE 2021, ( ): - 46.486
2021-SEP 2021 HE LL; SUN JH; GAO YW; LI B; WANG YH; DONG YL; AN WD; LI H; YANG B; GE YH; ZHANG XJC; SHI YS; ZHAO Y; Kainate receptor modulation by NETO2 NATURE 2021, ( ): - 46.486
2021-SEP 2021 YANG HT; RAO ZH; Structural biology of SARS-CoV-2 and implications for therapeutic development NATURE REVIEWS MICROBIOLOGY 2021, ( ): - 36.883
2021-OCT WANG DJ; ZHANG B; DING H; LIU D; XIANG JQ; GAO XJJ; CHEN XH; LI ZJ; YANG L; DUAN HX; ZHENG JY; LIU Z; JIANG B; LIU Y; XIE N; ZHANG H; YAN XY; FAN KL; NIE GH; TiO2 supported single Ag atoms nanozyme for elimination of SARS-CoV2 NANO TODAY 2021,40( ): - 20.603
2021-OCT WEI H; GAO LZ; FAN KL; LIU JW; HE JY; QU XG; DONG SJ; WANG EK; YAN XY; Nanozymes: A clear definition with fuzzy edges NANO TODAY 2021,40( ): - 20.603
2021-SEP 20 DU ZH; WEN X; WANG YC; JIA L; ZHANG SL; LIU YD; ZHOU L; LI H; YANG W; WANG C; CHEN JC; HAO YJ; FIGUEROA DS; CHEN HL; LI D; CHEN NF; CELIK I; ZHU YB; YAN Z; FU CH; LIU SS; JIAO BZ; WANG Z; ZHANG H; GULSOY GH; LUO JJ; QIN BM; GAO SJ; KAPRANOV P; ESTEBAN MA; ZHANG SL; LI W; AY F; CHEN RS; HOFFMAN AR; CUI JW; HU JF; Chromatin lncRNA Platr10 controls stem cell pluripotency by coordinating an intrachromosomal regulatory network (vol 22, 233, 2021) GENOME BIOLOGY 2021,22(1): - 19.041
2021-OCT 2021 YAN HW; WANG Z; SUN Y; HU LD; BU PC; Cytoplasmic NEAT1 Suppresses AML Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Leukemogenesis through Inactivation of Wnt Signaling ADVANCED SCIENCE 2021, ( ): - 15.627
2021-NOV ZHU MZ; Immunological perspectives on spatial and temporal vaccine delivery ADVANCED DRUG DELIVERY REVIEWS 2021,178( ): - 15.551
2021-SEP ZHANG BL; TANG GH; HE JY; YAN XY; FAN KL; Ferritin nanocage: A promising and designable multi-module platform for constructing dynamic nanoassembly-based drug nanocarrier ADVANCED DRUG DELIVERY REVIEWS 2021,176( ): - 15.551
2021-OCT 25 MA J; ZHANG SY; ZHANG XZ; Structure of Machupo virus polymerase in complex with matrix protein Z NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-OCT 7 ZHANG ZX; LI X; YANG F; CHEN C; LIU P; REN Y; SUN PK; WANG ZX; YOU YP; ZENG YX; LI XJ; DHHC9-mediated GLUT1 S-palmitoylation promotes glioblastoma glycolysis and tumorigenesis NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-SEP 27 SUN SH; GU HJ; CAO L; CHEN Q; YE Q; YANG G; LI RT; FAN H; DENG YQ; SONG XP; QI YN; LI M; LAN J; FENG R; GUO Y; ZHU N; QIN S; WANG L; ZHANG YF; ZHOU C; ZHAO LN; CHEN YH; SHEN M; CUI YJ; YANG X; WANG XQ; TAN WJ; WANG H; WANG XX; QIN CF; Characterization and structural basis of a lethal mouse-adapted SARS-CoV-2 NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-OCT 1 CHEN ZZ; LU TK; HUANG L; WANG ZW; YAN ZY; GUAN YB; HU WJ; FAN ZS; ZHU PP; Circular RNA cia-MAF drives self-renewal and metastasis of liver tumor-initiating cells via transcription factor MAFF JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 2021,131(19): - 13.393
2021-SEP 6 LI SH; WANG LL; XU ZH; HUANG YY; XUE RF; YUE T; XU LF; GONG FW; BAI SY; WU QL; LIU JW; LIN BL; ZHANG HM; XUE YH; XU PY; HOU JJ; YANG XF; JIN TC; ZHOU RB; LOU JZ; XU T; BAI L; ASC deglutathionylation is a checkpoint for NLRP3 inflammasome activation JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2021,218(9): - 11.984
2021-DEC 6 AL QURESHAH F; SAGADIEV S; THOUVENEL CD; LIU SZ; HUA ZL; HOU BD; ACHARYA M; JAMES RG; RAWLINGS DJ; Activated PI3K8 signals compromise plasma cell survival via limiting autophagy and increasing ER stress JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2021,218(12): - 11.984
2021- KLIONSKY DJ; ABDEL-AZIZ AK; ABDELFATAH S; ABDELLATIF M; ABDOLI A; ABEL S; Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition) AUTOPHAGY 2021,17(1):1-382 11.966
2021-AUG 25 DENG HC; QIAO XH; XIE T; FU WF; LI H; ZHAO YM; GUO MM; FENG YQ; CHEN LG; ZHAO Y; MIAO L; CHEN C; SHEN K; WANG XM; SLC-30A9 is required for Zn2+ homeostasis, Zn2+ mobilization, and mitochondrial health PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2021,118(35): - 10.62
2021-SEP 7 YONG X; ZHAO L; HU WF; SUN QX; HAM H; LIU Z; REN J; ZHANG Z; ZHOU YF; YANG Q; MO XM; HU JJ; BILLADEAU DD; JIA D; SNX27-FERM-SNX1 complex structure rationalizes divergent trafficking pathways by SNX17 and SNX27 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2021,118(36): - 10.62
2021-OCT 14 GU Y; WANG YY; HE LY; ZHANG JH; ZHU XX; LIU NA; WANG JY; LU TK; HE L; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; Circular RNA circIPO11 drives self-renewal of liver cancer initiating cells via Hedgehog signaling MOLECULAR CANCER 2021,20(1): - 10.478
2021-MAR ZHANG H; GUO ZL; ZHUANG Y; SUO YZ; DU JM; GAO ZX; PAN JW; LI L; WANG TX; XIAO L; QIN GJ; JIAO YL; CAI HQ; LI L; MicroRNA775 regulates intrinsic leaf size and reduces cell wall pectin levels by targeting a plactosyltransferase gene in Arabidopsis PLANT CELL 2021,33(3):581-602 10.144
2021-NOV 1 ZHANG JJ; HU Y; WANG YL; FU L; XU XM; LI CX; XU J; LI CB; ZHANG LQ; YANG RD; JIANG X; WU YJ; LIU PS; ZOU XJ; LIANG B; mmBCFA C17iso ensures endoplasmic reticulum integrity for lipid droplet growth JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2021,220(11): - 9.058
2021-SEP 2021 LIU ZZ; XU W; CHEN ZG; FU WJ; ZHAN WQ; GAO YD; ZHOU J; ZHOU YJ; WU JB; WANG Q; ZHANG X; HAO AH; WU W; ZHANG QQ; LI YM; FAN KY; CHEN RH; JIANG QC; MAYER CT; SCHOOFS T; XIE YH; JIANG SB; WEN YM; YUAN ZH; WANG K; LU L; SUN L; WANG Q; An ultrapotent pan-beta-coronavirus lineage B (beta-CoV-B) neutralizing antibody locks the receptor-binding domain in closed conformation by targeting its conserved epitope PROTEIN & CELL 2021, ( ): - 7.978
2021-DEC HUANG W; YAN HM; CHENG KW; WANG C; LI JY; WANG YT; LI C; LI CR; LI YH; ZUO ZT; CHEN HF; A neural decoding algorithm that generates language from visual activity evoked by natural images NEURAL NETWORKS 2021,144( ):90-100 7.309
2021-JAN 1 WANG LY; JIANG GQ; JING N; LIU XR; ZHUANG HR; ZENG WF; LIANG W; LIU Z; Downregulating testosterone levels enhance immunotherapy efficiency ONCOIMMUNOLOGY 2021,10(1): - 6.255
2021-OCT 30 SHI LN; ZHOU YH; WU C; HUANG WF; YUAN F; CHEN JJ; WU ZW; TU WW; CHEN HR; CHEN QJ; ZHU MZ; PENG H; YANG Y; TANG H; LIGHT of pulmonary NKT cells annihilates tissue protective alveolar macrophages in augmenting severe influenza pneumonia SCIENCE BULLETIN 2021,66(20):2124-2134 6.079
2021-MAR ZHANG H; ZHANG H; Entry, egress and vertical transmission of SARS-CoV-2 JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2021,13(3):168-174 5.528
2021-SEP 2021 XU AM; WANG D; WANG YH; ZHANG L; XIE ZS; CUI YF; BHAMSE P; YU HY; ZHANG XX; LI DF; MA LY; Mutations in surface-sensing receptor WspA lock the Wsp signal transduction system into a constitutively active state ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 2021, ( ): - 5.453
2021-SEP 30 YUAN TY; YING JY; JIN L; LI CZ; GUI SB; LI ZY; WANG R; ZUO ZT; ZHANG YZ; The role of serum growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 in adult humans brain morphology (vol 12, pg 1377, 2020) AGING-US 2021,13(18):22623-22624 5.397
2021-SEP 2021 DENG XF; WANG B; ZONG FR; YIN H; YU SC; ZHANG D; WANG S; CAO Y; ZHAO JZ; ZHANG Y; Right-hemispheric language reorganization in patients with brain arteriovenous malformations: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING 2021, ( ): - 4.938
2021- CHEN MH; YAN C; QIN FJ; ZHENG LP; ZHANG XE; The intraviral protein-protein interaction of SARS-CoV-2 reveals the key role of N protein in virus-like particle assembly INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2021,17(14):3889-3897 4.915
2021- CHEN MH; ZHANG XE; Construction and applications of SARS-CoV-2 pseudoviruses: a mini review INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2021,17(6):1574-1580 4.915
2021-OCT 15 GONG WB; LIANG QH; TONG YF; PERRETT S; FENG YG; Structural Insight into Chromatin Recognition by Multiple Domains of the Tumor Suppressor RBBP1 JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2021,433(21): - 4.783
2021-AUG 31 LIU SR; HOU B; YOU H; ZHANG YW; ZHU YC; MA C; ZUO ZT; FENG F; The Association Between Perivascular Spaces and Cerebral Blood Flow, Brain Volume, and Cardiovascular Risk FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE 2021,13( ): - 4.637
2021-SEP 24 FENG N; FENG H; WANG S; PUNEKAR AS; LADENSTEIN R; WANG DC; ZHANG QH; DING JJ; LIU W; Structures of heat shock factor trimers bound to DNA ISCIENCE 2021,24(9): - 4.452
2021-OCT 21 WU BB; ZHU WL; WANG Y; WANG Q; ZHOU L; LIU ZW; BI LJ; BARUN M; KREISWIRTH BN; CHEN L; CHEN SH; WANG XM; WANG WB; Genetic composition and evolution of the prevalent Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages 2 and 4 in the Chinese and Zhejiang Province populations (vol 11, 162, 2021) CELL AND BIOSCIENCE 2021,11(1): - 4.443
2021-OCT 2021 YE Q; LIU Q; MA XL; BAI SY; CHEN PF; ZHAO YC; BAI C; LIU Y; LIU KM; XIN M; ZENG CW; ZHAO C; YAO Y; MA Y; WANG JA; MicroRNA-146b-5p promotes atrial fibrosis in atrial fibrillation by repressing TIMP4 JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2021, ( ): - 4.428
2021-OCT 2021 LI WR; WANG YL; LI C; GAO P; ZHANG FF; HU MQ; LI JC; ZHANG SL; LI RN; ZHANG CX; Synaptotagmin-11 inhibits spontaneous neurotransmission through vti1a JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY 2021, ( ): - 4.35
2021-AUG DONG H; LU YL; ZHANG Y; MU SY; WANG N; DU P; ZHI XY; WEN XB; WANG XX; SUN SQ; ZHANG YM; GUO HC; A Heat-Induced Mutation on VP1 of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Serotype O Enhanced Capsid Stability and Immunogenicity JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2021,95(16): - 4.288
2021-SEP 2021 ZENG WF; YIN XZ; JIANG YH; JIN LT; LIANG W; PPAR alpha at the crossroad of metabolic-immune regulation in cancer FEBS JOURNAL 2021, ( ): - 4.267
2021-SEP 9 WANG H; WANG Y; HOU MJ; ZHANG CM; WANG YJ; GUO ZD; BU DB; LI Y; HUANG CC; SUN SW; HepParser: An Intelligent Software Program for Deciphering Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin Based on Mass Spectrometry FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY 2021,9( ): - 4.204
2021-OCT 2021 FENG JQ; LIU XK; ZHANG ZH; WU Y; LI ZX; ZHANG Q; JIANG YH; YOU W; LIU P; WANG Y; MOSSA-BASHA M; SALONER D; LI YX; ZHU CC; Comparison of 7 T and 3 T vessel wall MRI for the evaluation of intracranial aneurysm wall EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY 2021, ( ): - 3.893
2021-SEP 14 KANG MT; WANG B; RAN AR; GAN JH; DU JL; YUSUFU M; LIANG XT; LI SM; WANG NL; Brain Activation Induced by Myopic and Hyperopic Defocus From Spectacles FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2021,15( ): - 3.565
2021-SEP 2021 GONG R; WANG DB; ABBAS G; LI SM; LIU Q; CUI MM; ZHANG XE; A switch-on molecular biosensor for detection of caspase-3 and imaging of apoptosis of cells SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2021, ( ): - 3.547
2021-DEC LI BF; ZHU DJ; SHI HG; ZHANG XZ; Effect of charge on protein preferred orientation at the air-water interface in cryo-electron microscopy JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 2021,213(4): - 3.529
2021- LIAO SM; LIU XH; PENG LX; LU B; HUANG RB; ZHOU GP; Molecular Mechanism of Inhibition of Polysialyltransferase Domain (PSTD) by Heparin CURRENT TOPICS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2021,21(13):1113-1120 3.335
2021-NOV 19 ZHENG LP; MA YX; CHEN MH; WU GQ; YAN C; ZHANG XE; SARS-CoV-2 spike protein receptor-binding domain N-glycans facilitate viral internalization in respiratory epithelial cells BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2021,579( ):69-75 2.75
2021-NOV SONG LF; DONG XZ; HU GB; Transcriptome analysis of red sea bream (Pagrus major) head kidney and spleen infected by Vibrio anguillarum AQUACULTURE REPORTS 2021,21( ): - 2.45
2021-SEP WU RJ; WANG B; ZHUO Y; CHEN L; Topological dominance in peripheral vision JOURNAL OF VISION 2021,21(10): - 2.416
2021-SEP WEI N; ZHOU TG; ZHUO Y; CHEN L; Topological change induces an interference effect in visual working memory JOURNAL OF VISION 2021,21(10): - 2.416
2021-OCT JIAO Y; HU R; HU SR; WANG BG; HUANG DH; LAN Z; Shenrong Wuzi Pill affects the pathway of thyroid hormone synthesis by targeting thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor and altering cAMP production JOURNAL OF HERBAL MEDICINE 2021,29( ): - 2.292
2021- ZHANG Z; HUANG B; ZHANG XJC; LIN JL; Cysteine-based crosslinking approach for characterization of oligomeric pore-forming proteins in the mitochondrial membranes PORE-FORMING TOXINS 2021,649( ):371-396 2
2021- YANG JJ; MA TR; YU HJ; YIN MQ; QIAO Y; NIU LL; YANG FQ; HE JJ; LI Z; Alternations of N-glycans recognized by Phaseolus vulgaris leucoagglutinin in the saliva of patients with breast cancer NEOPLASMA 2021,68(5):994-1004 1.879
2021-OCT 2021 GONG WB; YAO XZ; LIANG QH; TONG YF; PERRETT S; FENG YG; Resonance assignments for the tandem PWWP-ARID domains of human RBBP1 (vol 13, pg 177, 2019) BIOMOLECULAR NMR ASSIGNMENTS 2021, ( ): - 0.485
2021-SEP ZENG Q; TIAN LF; LIU YP; YAN XX; XU WQ; Crystal Structure of an O-acyltransfer Terminal Protein stDltD and Its Implications for dlt Operon-mediated D-alanylation of S. thermophilus PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2021,48(9):1052-1062 0.301
2021-SEP 24 ROBEL S; ZHU Y; MUNOZ-BALLESTER C; HU S; Transparency and training in peer review: Discussing the contributions of early-career researchers to the review process COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2021,4(1): - 0