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2021-JUN 24 DU J; WANG DJ; FAN HC; XU CJ; TAI LH; LIN SL; HAN S; TAN QX; WANG XW; XU T; ZHANG H; CHU XJ; YI CY; LIU P; WANG XM; ZHOU Y; PIN JP; RONDARD P; LIU H; LIU JF; SUN F; WU BL; ZHAO Q; Structures of human mGlu2 and mGlu7 homo- and heterodimers NATURE 2021,594(7864):589-+ 46.486
2021-JUN 24 YAN LM; YANG YX; LI MY; ZHANG Y; ZHENG LT; GE J; HUANG YC; LIU ZY; WANG T; GAO S; ZHANG R; HUANG YYY; GUDDAT LW; GAO Y; RAO ZH; LOU ZY; Coupling of N7-methyltransferase and 3 '-5 ' exoribonuclease with SARS-CoV-2 polymerase reveals mechanisms for capping and proofreading CELL 2021,184(13):3474-+ 38.62
2021-JUN 1 ZHANG LW; ZHU ZJ; YAN HW; WANG W; WU ZZ; ZHANG F; ZHANG QX; SHI GZ; DU JF; CAI HY; ZHANG XX; HSU D; GAO P; PIAO HL; CHEN G; BU PC; Creatine promotes cancer metastasis through activation of Smad2/3 CELL METABOLISM 2021,33(6):1111-+ 24.288
2021-JUL GONG B; GUO YT; DING SH; LIU XH; MENG AM; LI D; JIA SJ; A Golgi-derived vesicle potentiates PtdIns4P to PtdIns3P conversion for endosome fission NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 2021,23(7):782-+ 20.96
2021-JUL 2021 SUN SY; CAI YQ; SONG TZ; PU Y; CHENG L; XU HR; SUN J; MENG CY; LIN YF; HUANG HB; ZHAO F; ZHANG SL; GAO Y; HAN JB; FENG XL; YU DD; ZHU YL; GAO P; TANG HD; ZHAO JC; ZHANG Z; YANG JM; HU ZX; FU YX; ZHENG YT; PENG H; Interferon-armed RBD dimer enhances the immunogenicity of RBD for sterilizing immunity against SARS-CoV-2 CELL RESEARCH 2021, ( ): - 20.396
2021-JUL 12 LI YZ; XUE BX; ZHANG ML; ZHANG LW; HOU YP; QIN YZ; LONG HZ; SU QP; WANG Y; GUAN XD; JIN YY; CAO Y; LI GH; SUN YJ; Transcription-coupled structural dynamics of topologically associating domains regulate replication origin efficiency GENOME BIOLOGY 2021,22(1): - 19.041
2021-JUL 1 XU GJ; LIU C; ZHOU S; LI QJ; FENG Y; SUN PP; FENG H; GAO YN; ZHU JP; LUO X; ZHAN Q; LIU SQ; ZHU S; DENG HY; LI D; GAO P; Viral tegument proteins restrict cGAS-DNA phase separation to mediate immune evasion MOLECULAR CELL 2021,81(13):2823-+ 16.133
2021-AUG LI HX; LI AX; SHEN W; ZHANG JH; WANG GQ; Use of NAD-Seq to Profile NAD(+)-Capped RNAs in Plants TRENDS IN PLANT SCIENCE 2021,26(8):871-872 15.727
2021-JUL 2021 PAN XW; TOKUTSU R; LI AJ; TAKIZAWA K; SONG CH; MURATA K; YAMASAKI T; LIU ZF; MINAGAWA J; LI M; Structural basis of LhcbM5-mediated state transitions in green algae NATURE PLANTS 2021, ( ): - 14.576
2021-JUN 24 CAO CC; CAI ZK; XIAO X; RAO J; CHEN J; HU NJ; YANG MN; XING XR; WANG YL; LI MM; ZHOU B; WANG XX; WANG JW; XUE YC; The architecture of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA genome inside virion NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-JUL 5 KANG HL; CONG JY; WANG CL; JI WX; XIN YH; QIAN Y; LI XM; CHEN YT; RAO ZH; Structural basis for recognition and regulation of arenavirus polymerase L by Z protein NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-JAN 4 ZHAO YS; SONG EL; WANG WJ; HSIEH CH; WANG XN; FENG W; WANG XM; SHEN K; Metaxins are core components of mitochondrial transport adaptor complexes NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-JUN 9 DONG YL; GAO YW; ILIE A; KIM D; BOUCHER A; LI B; ZHANG XJC; ORLOWSKI J; ZHAO Y; Structure and mechanism of the human NHE1-CHP1 complex NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-JUL 2021 LI Y; WANG X; LI MJ; YANG CL; WANG XC; M05B5.4 (lysosomal phospholipase A2) promotes disintegration of autophagic vesicles to maintain C. elegans development AUTOPHAGY 2021, ( ): - 11.966
2021-JUN 2021 WANG YY; ZHANG JX; LIU XM; LI YL; SUI JH; DONG MQ; YE KQ; DU LL; Molecular and structural mechanisms of ZZ domain-mediated cargo selection by Nbr1 EMBO JOURNAL 2021, ( ): - 10.373
2021-JUL 28 HAN MJ; HE QT; YANG MY; CHEN C; YAO YR; LIU XH; WANG YCA; ZHU ZL; ZHU KK; QU CX; YANG F; HU C; GUO XZ; ZHANG DW; CHEN CL; SUN JP; WANG JY; Single-molecule FRET and conformational analysis of beta-arrestin-1 through genetic code expansion and a Se-click reaction (vol 12, pg 9114, 2021) CHEMICAL SCIENCE 2021,12(28):9851-9851 8.945
2021-JUL 14 ZHANG J; ZHANG WJ; YANG MS; ZHU WW; LI M; LIANG A; ZHANG H; FANG T; ZHANG XE; LI F; Passive cancer targeting with a viral nanoparticle depends on the stage of tumorigenesis NANOSCALE 2021,13(26):11334-11342 7.315
2021-JUL 15 WANG HL; LIN KQ; ZHU L; ZHANG SJ; LI L; LIAO YL; ZHANG BC; YANG M; LIU XD; LI L; LI SS; YANG LQ; WANG HY; WANG QY; LI HT; FU SN; ZHANG XR; JIANG P; ZHANG QC; CHENG J; WANG D; Oncogenic lncRNA LINC00973 promotes Warburg effect by enhancing LDHA enzyme activity SCIENCE BULLETIN 2021,66(13):1330-1341 6.079
2021-JUN TIAN YL; KANG QJ; SHI XM; WANG Y; ZHANG NL; YE H; XU QF; XU T; ZHANG RY; SNX-3 mediates retromer-independent tubular endosomal recycling by opposing EEA-1-facilitated trafficking PLOS GENETICS 2021,17(6): - 5.857
2021-JUL 1 XIA H; ZHONG SJ; ZHAO YX; REN BY; WANG ZN; SHI YY; CHAI Q; WANG XQ; ZHU MZ; Thymic Egress Is Regulated by T Cell-Derived LT beta R Signal and via Distinct Thymic Portal Endothelial Cells FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2021,12( ): - 5.733
2021-JUN 19 GAO JL; YUAN JT; LIU Q; WANG YL; WANG HW; CHEN YJ; DING WJ; JI GJ; LU ZB; Adipose-derived stem cells therapy effectively attenuates PM2.5-induced lung injury STEM CELL RESEARCH & THERAPY 2021,12(1): - 5.554
2021-JUN 15 BI YK; CHANG Y; LIU Q; MAO Y; ZHAI K; ZHOU YL; JIAO RJ; JI GJ; ERp44/CG9911 promotes fat storage in Drosophila adipocytes by regulating ER Ca2+ homeostasis AGING-US 2021,13(11):15013-15031 5.397
2021-JUN 15 YU T; YU SL; ZUO ZT; LIN N; WANG J; ZHAO YL; LIN S; Dexmedetomidine inhibits unstable motor network in patients with primary motor area gliomas AGING-US 2021,13(11):15139-15150 5.397
2021-JUN BI YK; GU L; WANG J; CHANG Y; JIN M; MAO Y; WANG HW; JI GJ; A Novel System for Simple Rapid Adenoviral Vector Construction to Facilitate CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Genome Editing CRISPR JOURNAL 2021,4(3):381-391 5.343
2021- ZHU LP; DAI YL; GAO LZ; ZHAO Q; Tumor Microenvironment-Modulated Nanozymes for NIR-II-Triggered Hyperthermia-Enhanced Photo-Nanocatalytic Therapy via Disrupting ROS Homeostasis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE 2021,16( ):4559-4577 5.166
2021-MAY 2021 ZHAO HQ; ZHANG RF; YAN XY; FAN KL; Superoxide dismutase nanozymes: an emerging star for anti-oxidation JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B 2021, ( ): - 5.022
2021-APR 16 ZHANG YW; ZHOU J; ZHANG YC; LIU TG; LU XY; MEN D; ZHANG XE; Auxiliary Module Promotes the Synthesis of Carboxysomes in E. coli to Achieve High-Efficiency CO2 Assimilation ACS SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY 2021,10(4):707-715 4.899
2021-JAN 20 MING X; ZHU B; LI YF; Mitotic inheritance of DNA methylation: more than just copy and paste JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2021,48(1):1-13 4.732
2021-JUL 5 WANG PJ; CAI H; LUO RT; ZHANG ZH; ZHANG D; ZHANG Y; Measurement of Cortical Atrophy and Its Correlation to Memory Impairment in Patients With Asymptomatic Carotid Artery Stenosis Based on VBM-DARTEL FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE 2021,13( ): - 4.637
2021-JUN 18 CHEN MH; LI ST; LI W; ZHANG ZP; ZHANG XW; ZHANG XE; GE F; CUI ZQ; Nanoscale Imaging of RNA-Protein Interactions with a Photoactivatable Trimolecular Fluorescence Complementation System ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2021,16(6):1003-1010 4.615
2021-JUN 29 LI LL; SHI YY; LI SR; LIU JX; ZU SL; XU X; GAO ML; SUN NN; PAN CH; PENG LA; YANG H; CHENG GH; ADP-ribosyltransferase PARP11 suppresses Zika virus in synergy with PARP12 CELL AND BIOSCIENCE 2021,11(1): - 4.443
2021-JUL 5 WANG H; WANG ZC; ZHOU YF; TZVETANOV T; Moderate Alcohol Intake Changes Visual Perception by Enhancing V1 Inhibitory Surround Interactions FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE 2021,15( ): - 4.229
2021-SEP 15 EHIGIE AF; WEI P; WEI TT; YAN XY; OLORUNSOGO OO; OJENIYI FD; EHIGIE LO; Momordica charantia L. induces non-apoptotic cell death in human MDA-MB-436 breast and A549 lung cancer cells by disrupting energy metabolism and exacerbating reactive oxygen species' generation JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY 2021,277( ): - 3.908
2021-JUN LI T; WEI Y; QU MH; MOU LX; MIAO JY; XI MQ; LIU Y; HE RQ; Formaldehyde and De/Methylation in Age-Related Cognitive Impairment GENES 2021,12(6): - 3.822
2021-JUN 2021 REN SW; SHAO HY; HE S; Interaction Between Conscious and Unconscious Information-Processing of Faces and Words NEUROSCIENCE BULLETIN 2021, ( ): - 3.808
2021-JUL GAO RM; ZHANG XE; LI F; Generation and characterization of self-assembled protein nanocages based on beta-carboxysomes in Escherichia coli ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2021,53(7):943-949 2.924
2021-JUN 22 HE YN; LI A; LI KX; XIAO J; Neuroticism vulnerability factors of anxiety symptoms in adolescents and early adults: an analysis using the bi-factor model and multi-wave longitudinal model PEERJ 2021,9( ): - 2.81
2021-JUN 2021 WANG YC; LIU PC; CHANG J; XU YP; WANG JY; Site-Specific Selenocysteine Incorporation into Proteins by Genetic Engineering CHEMBIOCHEM 2021, ( ): - 2.626
2021-JUL 2021 AN XJ; CHEN C; WANG TY; HUANG AP; ZHANG DW; HAN MJ; WANG JY; Genetic Incorporation of Selenotyrosine Significantly Improves Enzymatic Activity of Agrobacterium radiobacter Phosphotriesterase CHEMBIOCHEM 2021, ( ): - 2.626
2021-MAY GE YJ; SUN ZY; QIAN CC; HE S; Spatiotopic updating across saccades in the absence of awareness JOURNAL OF VISION 2021,21(5): - 2.416
2021-JUL 2021 HUANG JF; YU A; ZHOU YF; LIU ZL; Deciphering human decision rules in motion discrimination ATTENTION PERCEPTION & PSYCHOPHYSICS 2021, ( ): - 1.967
2020-JUL HUI JH; WANG Y; ZHANG P; TSE PU; CAVANAGH P; Apparent Motion Is Computed in Perceptual Coordinates I-PERCEPTION 2020,11(4): - 1.487
2021-MAR 4 XIAO Q; GUNTURKUN O; The commissura anterior compensates asymmetries of visual representation in pigeons LATERALITY 2021,26(1-2):213-237 1.225
2021-JUN WANG R; KE Y; RONG WF; WANG XY; LI D; RBM15 Promotes Intron or Exon Retention PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2021,48(6):667-676 0.301
2021-JUN FU J; ZHAO XD; LIU TE; MA MX; SUN HY; ZHANG B; ZHENG XG; Weakening Visual Function Enhances Auditory Fear Conditioning in Mice PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2021,48(6):709-714 0.301
2021-JUL 2021 CHEN XH; ZHOU J; CHEN C; HOU BD; ALI A; LI F; HUA ZL; WU YT; YANG Q; CHEN M; ZHANG R; HUANG QC; DING JY; ZHANG XE; MEN D; Consecutive Monitoring of Interleukin-6 Is Needed for COVID-19 Patients VIROLOGICA SINICA 2021, ( ): - 0
2021-JUL CAI TX; ZHANG Q; WU BW; WANG JF; LI N; ZHANG TT; WANG ZP; LUO JJ; GUO XJ; DING X; XIE ZS; NIU LL; NING WH; FAN Z; CHEN XW; GUO XQ; CHEN RS; ZHANG HW; YANG FQ; LncRNA-encoded microproteins: A new form of cargo in cell culture-derived and circulating extracellular vesicles JOURNAL OF EXTRACELLULAR VESICLES 2021,10(9): - 0
2021-SEP JIA ZR; LV XH; HOU Y; WANG KF; REN FZ; XU DG; WANG Q; FAN KL; XIE CM; LU X; Mussel-inspired nanozyme catalyzed conductive and self-setting hydrogel for adhesive and antibacterial bioelectronics BIOACTIVE MATERIALS 2021,6(9):2676-2687 0