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年月 作者 题名 出处 IF
2020-DEC WANG ZR; ZHANG RF; YAN XY; FAN KL; Structure and activity of nanozymes: Inspirations for de novo design of nanozymes MATERIALS TODAY 2020,41( ):81-119 32.072
2020-DEC LIANG Q; XI JQ; GAO XJJ; ZHANG RF; YANG YL; GAO XF; YAN XY; GAO LZ; FAN KL; A metal-free nanozyme-activated prodrug strategy for targeted tumor catalytic therapy NANO TODAY 2020,35( ): - 20.603
2020-DEC JIANG B; CHEN XH; SUN GM; CHEN XR; YIN YF; JIN YL; MI Q; MA L; YANG YL; YAN XY; FAN KL; A natural drug entry channel in the ferritin nanocage NANO TODAY 2020,35( ): - 20.603
2020-DEC SHEN XY; MA RN; HUANG YX; CHEN L; XU ZB; LI DD; MENG XQ; FAN KL; XI JQ; YAN XY; KOO H; YANG YL; JIANG J; GAO LZ; Nano-decocted ferrous polysulfide coordinates ferroptosis-like death in bacteria for anti-infection therapy NANO TODAY 2020,35( ): - 20.603
2021-JAN GAO S; HU JJ; Mitochondrial Fusion: The Machineries In and Out TRENDS IN CELL BIOLOGY 2021,31(1):62-74 17.794
2020-NOV 25 SHIPLEY FB; DANI N; XU HX; DEISTER C; CUI J; HEAD JP; SADEGH C; FAME RM; SHANNON ML; FLORES VI; KISHKOVICH T; JANG E; KLEIN EM; GOLDEY GJ; HE KM; ZHANG Y; HOLTZMAN MJ; KIRCHHAUSEN T; WYART C; MOORE CI; ANDERMANN ML; LEHTINEN MK; Tracking Calcium Dynamics and Immune Surveillance at the Choroid Plexus Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Interface NEURON 2020,108(4):623-+ 15.998
2021-JAN 2021 ZUO XX; ZHOU J; LI YM; WU K; CHEN ZG; LUO ZW; ZHANG XR; LIANG Y; ESTEBAN MA; ZHOU Y; FU XD; TDP-43 aggregation induced by oxidative stress causes global mitochondrial imbalance in ALS NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2021, ( ): - 12.263
2020-DEC 8 LI B; ZHANG KD; NIE Y; WANG XP; ZHAO Y; ZHANG XJC; WU XL; Structure of the Dietzia Mrp complex reveals molecular mechanism of this giant bacterial sodium proton pump PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2020,117(49):31166-31176 10.62
2021-JAN 4 ZHOU M; DAI LC; LI CM; SHI LX; HUANG Y; GUO ZQ; WU F; ZHU P; ZHOU Z; Structural basis of nucleosome dynamics modulation by histone variants H2A.B and H2AZ2.2 EMBO JOURNAL 2021,40(1): - 10.373
2020-DEC 7 CHEN D; WANG Z; ZHAO YG; ZHENG H; ZHAO HY; LIU N; ZHANG H; Inositol Polyphosphate Multikinase Inhibits Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of TFEB to Negatively Regulate Autophagy Activity DEVELOPMENTAL CELL 2020,55(5):588-+ 10.129
2020-OCT YIN HY; BUETTNER G; CHIU DTY; ZHANG XJ; CHEN C; MANTELL LL; In memoriam Steven Yue Qian (1960-2019) REDOX BIOLOGY 2020,37( ): - 9.789
2020-OCT YAN Y; WU X; WANG PC; ZHANG SY; SUN LL; ZHAO Y; ZENG GY; LIU B; XU GH; LIU HY; WANG L; WANG X; JIANG CT; Homocysteine promotes hepatic steatosis by activating the adipocyte lipolysis in a HIF1 alpha-ERO1 alpha-dependent oxidative stress manner REDOX BIOLOGY 2020,37( ): - 9.789
2021-JAN LIANG P; WANG GH; LIU XY; WANG ZR; WANG J; GAO WP; Spatiotemporal combination of thermosensitive polypeptide fused interferon and temozolomide for post-surgical glioblastoma immunochemotherapy BIOMATERIALS 2021,264( ): - 9.656
2021-FEB 1 LIU D; JU CH; HAN C; SHI R; CHEN XH; DUAN DM; YAN JH; YAN XY; Nanozyme chemiluminescence paper test for rapid and sensitive detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS 2021,173( ): - 8.669
2020-DEC 10 WANG ZR; GUO JW; LIU XY; SUN JW; GAO WP; Temperature-triggered micellization of interferon alpha-diblock copolypeptide conjugate with enhanced stability and pharmacology JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE 2020,328( ):444-453 8.626
2021-JAN 2021 WANG XL; XIA S; ZHU Y; LU L; JIANG SB; Pan-coronavirus fusion inhibitors as the hope for today and tomorrow PROTEIN & CELL 2021, ( ): - 7.978
2020-NOV 15 WANG JJ; YANG Y; ZHAO XD; ZUO ZT; TAN LH; Evolutional and developmental anatomical architecture of the left inferior frontal gyrus NEUROIMAGE 2020,222( ): - 6.682
2020-DEC YANG W; WU YH; LIU SQ; SHENG ZY; ZHEN ZD; GAO RQ; CUI XY; FAN DY; QIN ZH; ZHENG AH; WANG PG; AN J; S100A4+macrophages facilitate zika virus invasion and persistence in the seminiferous tubules via interferon-gamma mediation PLOS PATHOGENS 2020,16(12): - 6.479
2020-DEC 29 YANG B; LI BY; JIA LY; JIANG YP; WANG X; JIANG SD; DU SD; JI X; YANG PY; 3D landscape of Hepatitis B virus interactions with human chromatins CELL DISCOVERY 2020,6(1): - 5.624
2020-DEC 24 JIANG WJ; YU Y; YAO DD; FEI XC; AI L; DI YL; ZHANG JN; YUE XP; ZHAO SJ; HE RQ; LYU JH; TONG ZQ; Single Point Mutation from E22-to-K in A beta Initiates Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease by Binding with Catalase OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY 2020,2020( ): - 5.608
2021-JAN XIAO L; HAN L; LI BF; ZHANG MF; ZHOU HZ; LUO QS; ZHANG XZ; HUANG YH; Structures of the beta-barrel assembly machine recognizing outer membrane protein substrates FASEB JOURNAL 2021,35(1): - 5.394
2020-MAY 1 FIKE AJ; CHODISETTI SB; DOMEIER PP; SINGH H; SCHELL SL; MOCKUS TE; CHOI NM; CORRADETTI C; KAWASAWA YI; HOU BD; ATKINS HM; CARICCHIO R; DECKER T; LUKACHER AE; OLSEN NJ; RAHMAN ZSM; Serine phosphorylation of the STAT1 transactivation domain promotes autoreactive B cell and systemic autoimmunity development JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2020,204(1): - 5.052
2021-JAN 1 WU SQ; LI Y; ZHANG RF; FAN KL; DING WH; XU LT; ZHANG LB; Persistent luminescence-polypyrrole nanocomposite for dual-modal imaging and photothermal therapy of mammary cancer TALANTA 2021,221( ): - 4.711
2020-NOV 20 HU SW; YANG YT; SUN YJ; ZHAN YP; ZHU Y; Serotonin Signals Overcome Loser Mentality in Drosophila ISCIENCE 2020,23(11): - 4.452
2021-JAN LI J; YAN LJ; LUO JH; TONG L; GAO Y; FENG W; WANG FL; CUI WY; LI SM; SUN ZW; Baicalein suppresses growth of non-small cell lung carcinoma by targeting MAP4K3 BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY 2021,133( ): - 4.392
2020-DEC YAMAMOTO M; ICHINOHE T; WATANABE A; KOBAYASHI A; ZHANG R; SONG JP; KAWAGUCHI Y; MATSUDA Z; INOUE JI; The Antimalarial Compound Atovaquone Inhibits Zika and Dengue Virus Infection by Blocking E Protein-Mediated Membrane Fusion VIRUSES-BASEL 2020,12(12): - 4.001
2021-JAN 2021 XU LN; ZHANG H; CUSKELLY DD; DOYLE S; PERRETT S; JONES GW; Mutational analysis of the Hsp70 substrate-binding domain: Correlating molecular-level changes with in vivo function MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 2021, ( ): - 3.576
2021-JAN 1 HU H; WANG XF; LI C; LI Y; HAO JF; ZHOU YL; YANG XP; CHEN PH; SHEN XF; ZHANG SL; Loss of Dysbindin Implicates Synaptic Vesicle Replenishment Dysregulation as a Potential Pathogenic Mechanism in Schizophrenia NEUROSCIENCE 2021,452( ):138-152 3.343
2020-DEC LU YJ; YANG JY; SUN JY; LU W; WANG JH; mRNA and miRNA profiles in the nucleus accumbens are associated with psychological stress-induced susceptible and resilient mice PHARMACOLOGY BIOCHEMISTRY AND BEHAVIOR 2020,199( ): - 2.765
2020-JUL 1 LIU C; YU Y; FLEMING J; WANG T; SHEN S; WANG Y; FAN L; MA J; GU Y; CHEN Y; Severe COVID-19 cases with a history of active or latent tuberculosis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TUBERCULOSIS AND LUNG DISEASE 2020,24(7):747-749 2.407
2021-JAN 2021 LIAO GZ; CHEN WL; ZONG FR; DENG F; LIU HB; WU BS; LIU W; SUN Z; LUO SH; NMR fluid analyzer applying to petroleum industry PETROLEUM SCIENCE 2021, ( ): - 2.034
2020-DEC 2020 LIU TH; LIANG HL; CUI JF; SUN KB; ZHANG SH; YUAN L; WANG YS; XUE R; LIANG SL; Clinical Application of 7T Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Focal Cortical Dysplasia IIa and Epilepsy STEREOTACTIC AND FUNCTIONAL NEUROSURGERY 2020, ( ): - 2.023
2020-NOV WANG K; WANG L; LIU P; CUI Z; FENG R; CHEN RH; CHEN ZH; ZHU QH; WANG N; Structure of The Virus-like Particle of Echovirus 16 Implies a Universal Vaccine Design Against Enterovirus B PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2020,47(12):1303-1310 0.301
2020-DEC 15 CUI LJ; LIU PS; Two Types of Contact Between Lipid Droplets and Mitochondria FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2020,8( ): - 0