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2020-JUN 12 ZHANG L; ZHAO Y; GAO Y; WU LJ; GAO RG; ZHANG Q; WANG YN; WU CY; WU FY; GURCHA SS; VEERAPEN N; BATT SM; ZHAO W; QIN L; YANG XN; WANG MF; ZHU Y; ZHANG B; BI LJ; ZHANG XE; YANG HT; GUDDAT LW; XU WQ; WANG Q; LI J; BESRA GS; RAO ZH; Structures of cell wall arabinosyltransferases with the anti-tuberculosis drug ethambutol SCIENCE 2020,368(6496):1211-+ 43.644
2020-JUL 3 GAO Q; BAO LL; MAO HY; WANG L; XU KW; YANG MN; LI YJ; ZHU L; WANG N; LV Z; GAO H; GE XQ; KAN B; HU YL; LIU JN; CAI F; JIANG DY; YIN YH; QIN CF; LI J; GONG XJ; LOU XY; SHI W; WU DD; ZHANG HM; ZHU L; DENG W; LI YR; LU JX; LI CG; WANG XX; YIN WD; ZHANG YJ; QIN C; Development of an inactivated vaccine candidate for SARS-CoV-2 SCIENCE 2020,369(6499):77-+ 43.644
2020-JUN 3 WANG Q; SU S; XUE J; YU F; PU J; BI WW; XIA S; MENG Y; WANG C; YANG WQ; XU W; ZHU Y; ZHENG QW; QIN C; JIANG SB; LU L; An amphipathic peptide targeting the gp41 cytoplasmic tail kills HIV-1 virions and infected cells SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2020,12(546): - 18.626
2020-JUN 2020 MING X; ZHANG ZQ; ZOU ZN; LV C; DONG Q; HE QX; YI YY; LI YF; WANG HL; ZHU B; Kinetics and mechanisms of mitotic inheritance of DNA methylation and their roles in aging-associated methylome deterioration CELL RESEARCH 2020, ( ): - 18.448
2020-JAN 28 DONG DS; HUANG XS; LI LJ; MAO H; MO YQ; ZHANG GY; ZHANG Z; SHEN JY; LIU W; WU ZM; LIU GH; LIU YM; YANG H; GONG QH; SHI KB; CHEN LY; Super-resolution fluorescence-assisted diffraction computational tomography reveals the three-dimensional landscape of the cellular organelle interactome LIGHT-SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS 2020,9(1): - 15.132
2020-JUN 2 WANG Y; ZHAN Q; WANG XL; LI PP; LIU SQ; GAO GX; GAO P; Insights into catalysis and regulation of non-canonical ubiquitination and deubiquitination by bacterial deamidase effectors NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020,11(1): - 13.811
2020-JAN 30 PAN XW; CAO DF; XIE F; XU F; SU XD; MI HL; ZHANG XZ; LI M; Structural basis for electron transport mechanism of complex I-like photosynthetic NAD(P)H dehydrogenase NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020,11(1): - 13.811
2020-JUN 1 REN JQ; LIANG RB; WANG WJ; ZHANG DC; YU L; FENG W; Multi-site-mediated entwining of the linear WIR-motif around WIPI beta-propellers for autophagy NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020,11(1): - 13.811
2020-JUL YANG XY; YAN JB; ZHANG Z; LIN T; XIN TX; WANG BW; WANG SH; ZHAO JC; ZHANG ZH; LUCAS WJ; LI GH; HUANG SW; Regulation of plant architecture by a new histone acetyltransferase targeting gene bodies NATURE PLANTS 2020,6(7):809-+ 13.338
2020-JUN LI YY; SONG YW; XU W; LI Q; WANG XX; LI K; WANG JH; LIU ZC; VELYCHKO S; YE R; XIA Q; WANG L; GUO R; DONG XT; ZHENG ZK; DAI YS; LI HJ; YAO MZ; XUE YC; SCHOLER HR; SUN QW; YAO HJ; R-loops coordinate with SOX2 in regulating reprogramming to pluripotency SCIENCE ADVANCES 2020,6(24): - 13.293
2020-JUL 7 ZHUANG Y; ZUO DQ; TAO YH; CAI HQ; LI L; Laccase3-based extracellular domain provides possible positional information for directing Casparian strip formation in Arabidopsis PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2020,117(27):15400-15402 10.6
2020-JUL 1 YE BQ; YANG LL; QIAN GM; LIU BY; ZHU XX; ZHU PP; MA J; XIE W; LI HM; LU TK; WANG YY; WANG S; DU Y; WANG ZM; JIANG J; LI JS; FAN DD; MENG S; WU JY; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; The chromatin remodeler SRCAP promotes self-renewal of intestinal stem cells EMBO JOURNAL 2020,39(13): - 10.568
2020-MAY YU AL; XIE Y; PAN XW; ZHANG HM; CAO P; SU XD; CHANG WR; LI M; Photosynthetic Phosphoribulokinase Structures: Enzymatic Mechanisms and the Redox Regulation of the Calvin-Benson-Bassham Cycle PLANT CELL 2020,32(5):1556-1573 9.848
2020-JUL 6 YU CT; ZHAO JH; YAN LM; QI YB; GUO XY; LOU ZY; HU JJ; RAO ZH; Structural insights into G domain dimerization and pathogenic mutation of OPA1 JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2020,219(7): - 9.362
2020-JUN ZHANG MF; SHI HG; ZHANG XM; ZHANG XZ; HUANG YH; Cryo-EM structure of the nonameric CsgG-CsgF complex and its implications for controlling curli biogenesis in Enterobacteriaceae PLOS BIOLOGY 2020,18(6): - 9.311
2020-JUL 7 YAN PZ; LIU ZP; SONG MS; WU ZM; XU W; LI K; JI QZ; WANG S; LIU XQ; YAN KW; ESTEBAN CR; CI WM; BELMONTE JCI; XIE W; REN J; ZHANG WQ; SUN QW; QU J; LIU GH; Genome-wide R-loop Landscapes during Cell Differentiation and Reprogramming CELL REPORTS 2020,32(1): - 8.652
2020-JUN 2020 WANG D; ZHOU Z; WU ER; OUYANG C; WEI GF; WANG YF; HE DD; CUI Y; ZHANG DD; CHEN XM; REED SH; LUO JJ; CHEN RS; LRIKinteracts with the Ku70-Ku80 heterodimer enhancing the efficiency of NHEJ repair CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2020, ( ): - 8.309
2020-JUN 1 LI YY; ZHU NL; LIANG XJ; BAI X; ZHENG LR; ZHAO JT; LI YF; ZHANG ZY; GAO YX; Silica nanoparticles alleviate mercury toxicityviaimmobilization and inactivation of Hg(ii) in soybean (Glycine max) ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE-NANO 2020,7(6):1807-1817 8.009
2020-JUL 7 YANG Y; ZHU DM; LIU Y; JIANG B; JIANG W; YAN XY; FAN KL; Platinum-carbon-integrated nanozymes for enhanced tumor photodynamic and photothermal therapy NANOSCALE 2020,12(25):13548-13557 7.592
2020-JUL 2020 QI XY; QIU JX; CHANG JL; JI Y; YANG Q; CUI GL; SUN LM; CHAI Q; QIN J; QIU J; Brg1 restrains the pro-inflammatory properties of ILC3s and modulates intestinal immunity MUCOSAL IMMUNOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 7.537
2020-JUN 3 ZHANG XW; WANG HZ; SUN YH; QI M; LI W; ZHANG ZP; ZHANG XE; CUI ZQ; Enterovirus A71 Oncolysis of Malignant Gliomas MOLECULAR THERAPY 2020,28(6):1533-1546 7.455
2020-JUN 26 SONG J; LI YW; YIN F; ZHANG ZT; KE DK; WANG DB; YUAN QP; ZHANG XE; Enhanced Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis of Microbial Biofilms on an Electrochemically In Situ Generated Graphene Interface ACS SENSORS 2020,5(6):1795-1803 6.95
2020-MAY 20 YIN HY; BUETTNER G; CHIU DTY; ZHANG XJ; CHEN C; MANTELL LL; In memoriam Steven Yue Qian (1960-2019) FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2020,152( ):VI-VIII 6.401
2020-MAY 20 YIN HY; BUETTNER G; CHIU DTY; ZHANG XJ; CHEN C; MANTELL LL; In memoriam Steven Yue Qian (1960-2019) FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2020,152( ):VI-VIII 6.401
2020-AUG 10 LI Y; LI G; GUO XY; YAO HC; WANG GQ; LI C; Non-coding RNA in bladder cancer CANCER LETTERS 2020,485( ):38-44 6.232
2020-JUL 2020 LI HY; WU ZM; LIU XQ; ZHANG S; JI QZ; JIANG XY; LIU ZP; WANG S; QU J; ZHANG WQ; SONG MS; SONG E; LIU GH; ALKBH1 deficiency leads to loss of homeostasis in human diploid somatic cells PROTEIN & CELL 2020, ( ): - 6.118
2020-JUN 12 XIA S; LAN QS; SU S; WANG XL; XU W; LIU ZZ; ZHU Y; WANG Q; LU L; JIANG SB; The role of furin cleavage site in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-mediated membrane fusion in the presence or absence of trypsin SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION AND TARGETED THERAPY 2020,5(1): - 5.873
2020-JUL JIA XH; FAN KL; ZHANG RF; ZHANG D; ZHANG JJ; GAO Y; ZHANG T; LI WJ; LI JL; YAN XY; TIAN J; Precise visual distinction of brain glioma from normal tissues via targeted photoacoustic and fluorescence navigation NANOMEDICINE-NANOTECHNOLOGY BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2020,27( ): - 5.856
2020-JUL GAO YN; FAN X; LI N; DU CZ; YANG B; QIN WH; FU J; MARKOWITZ GJ; WANG HY; MA JL; CHENG SQ; YANG PY; CCL22 signaling contributes to sorafenib resistance in hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH 2020,157( ): - 5.578
2020-JUN 15 YUAN TY; YING JY; ZUO ZT; GUI SB; GAO ZX; LI GL; ZHANG YZ; LI CZ; Structural plasticity of the bilateral hippocampus in glioma patients AGING-US 2020,12(11):10259-10274 5.543
2020-JUN 15 JIN D; ZHANG RY; CHEN HG; LI C; Aberrantly glycosylated integrin alpha 4 beta 1 is a unique urinary biomarker for the diagnosis of bladder cancer AGING-US 2020,12(11):10844-10862 5.543
2020-JUL 30 SUN L; CHEN RG; LI L; YUAN B; SONG K; PAN N; CHENG TL; CHANG SY; LIN KZ; HE XB; WU Q; XU FQ; QIU ZL; WANG XQ; Visualization and correction of social abnormalities -associated neural ensembles in adult MECP2 mice SCIENCE BULLETIN 2020,65(14):1192-1202 5.32
2020-JUN 2020 LI J; HOU YJ; GU X; YUE L; GUO L; LI DF; DONG XZ; A newly identified duplex RNA unwinding activity of archaeal RNase J depends on processive exoribonucleolysis coupled steric occlusion by its structural archaeal loops RNA BIOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 5.315
2020-JUL 2020 HUANG W; YAN HM; WANG C; LI JY; YANG XQ; LI L; ZUO ZT; ZHANG J; CHEN HF; Long short-term memory-based neural decoding of object categories evoked by natural images HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING 2020, ( ): - 5.182
2020-JUL CHEN J; ZHANG LM; YE KQ; Functional regions in the 5 ' external transcribed spacer of yeast pre-rRNA RNA 2020,26(7):866-877 4.979
2020-JUN 11 MO WC; YU J; GAO LZ; LIU Y; WEI Y; HE RQ; Reversible Inhibition of Iron Oxide Nanozyme by Guanidine Chloride FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY 2020,8( ): - 4.714
2020-JUL FANG C; LIU X; ZHAO J; XIE BB; QIAN JL; LIU WL; LI BM; ZHANG XL; WU HJ; YAN JW; Age estimation using bloodstain miRNAs based on massive parallel sequencing and machine learning: A pilot study FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL-GENETICS 2020,47( ): - 4.513
2020-JUN 12 YANG J; ZHANG H; GONG WB; LIU ZY; WU HW; HU WH; CHEN XX; WANG L; WU S; CHEN C; PERRETT S; S-Glutathionylation of human inducible Hsp70 reveals a regulatory mechanism involving the C-terminal ?-helical lid JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2020,295(24):8302-8324 4.279
2020-JUN 2020 WU X; YAO DD; BAO LL; LIU D; XU XX; AN YQ; ZHANG XL; CAO B; Ficolin A derived from local macrophages and neutrophils protects against lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury by activating complement IMMUNOLOGY AND CELL BIOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 4.218
2020-JUN 2020 SHI XY; HAI L; GOVINDASAMY K; GAO J; COPPENS I; HU JJ; WANG Q; BHANOT P; APlasmodiumhomolog of ER tubule-forming proteins is required for parasite virulence MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 3.819
2020-JUL ZHOU Y; WEI WJ; FLEMING J; YE C; ZHENG SP; LIU F; ZHOU L; BI LJ; LIU W; Mycobacterium smegmatis MSMEG_0129 is a nutrition-associated regulator that interacts with CarD and ClpP2 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGY 2020,124( ): - 3.654
2020-JUL YUE YC; YE K; LU J; WANG XY; ZHANG SW; LIU L; YANG BY; NASSAR K; XU XX; PANG XY; LV JP; Probiotic strain Lactobacillus plantarum YYC-3 prevents colon cancer in mice by regulating the tumour microenvironment BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY 2020,127( ): - 3.615
2020-JUL 30 LI DM; ZHANG W; CHEN XL; LING HS; XIE P; CHEN ZH; ADILI A; CHEN ZX; YANG FQ; ZHANG CY; JIANG XH; LI J; ZHANG YJ; Proteomic profiling of MIN6 cell-derived exosomes JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS 2020,224( ): - 3.559
2020-JUL 2020 CONG F; LIU XR; LIU CSJ; XU X; SHEN YL; WANG B; ZHUO Y; YAN LR; Improved depiction of subthalamic nucleus and globus pallidus internus with optimized high-resolution quantitative susceptibility mapping at 7 T NMR IN BIOMEDICINE 2020, ( ): - 3.51
2020-JUL 1 ZHANG B; GAO ZG; WANG X; YAO ZM; XU GW; LIANG Z; ZHOU YF; Aging Affects Fine and Coarse Coding of Orientation Information in Macaque Primary Visual Cortex NEUROSCIENCE 2020,438( ):50-59 3.504
2020-JUL WU RX; CUI S; WANG JH; miRNA-324/-133a essential for recruiting new synapse innervations and associative memory cells in coactivated sensory cortices NEUROBIOLOGY OF LEARNING AND MEMORY 2020,172( ): - 3.358
2020-JUN 2020 YANG JY; SUN JY; LU YJ; AN TT; LU W; WANG JH; Revision to psychopharmacology mRNA and microRNA profiles are associated with stress susceptibility and resilience induced by psychological stress in the prefrontal cortex PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 3.3
2020-JUL SHI XD; YU LJ; ZHANG YL; LIU ZQ; ZHANG HW; ZHANG YS; LIU P; DU PS; Glycyrrhetinic acid alleviates hepatic inflammation injury in viral hepatitis disease via a HMGB1-TLR4 signaling pathway INTERNATIONAL IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY 2020,84( ): - 3.229
2020-JUL ZHANG H; JI X; LI PL; LIU C; LOU JZ; WANG Z; WEN WY; XIAO Y; ZHANG MJ; ZHU XL; Liquid-liquid phase separation in biology: mechanisms, physiological functions and human diseases SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2020,63(7):953-985 2.846
2020-AUG ZHANG XE; Nanobiology-Symphony of bioscience and nanoscience SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2020,63(8):1099-1102 2.846
2020-AUG ZHANG RF; FAN KL; YAN XY; Nanozymes: created by learning from nature SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2020,63(8):1183-1200 2.846
2020-JUL 2020 XI SD; YAO J; ZHANG SJ; LIU R; WU LQ; YE XP; ZHANG P; WEN W; ZHAO C; Disrupted neural signals in patients with concomitant exotropia OPHTHALMIC AND PHYSIOLOGICAL OPTICS 2020, ( ): - 2.844
2020-JUN 2020 YANG WX; WANG YW; GUO JL; HE LL; ZHOU Y; ZHENG H; LIU ZF; ZHU P; ZHANG XJC; Cryo-electron microscopy structure ofCLHM1ion channel fromCaenorhabditis elegans PROTEIN SCIENCE 2020, ( ): - 2.767
2020-JUN 2020 LI DD; GUO QQ; DING LM; ZHANG W; CHENG L; WANG YQ; XU ZB; WANG HH; GAO LZ; Bimetallic CuCo(2)S(4)Nanozymes with Enhanced Peroxidase Activity at Neutral pH for Combating Burn Infections CHEMBIOCHEM 2020, ( ): - 2.671
2020-JUN LUO SH; XIAO LZ; ZONG FR; LI X; LIAO GZ; SHI GH; MEN BY; ZHANG X; WANG ZD; SUN Z; DENG F; Inside-out azimuthally selective NMR tool using array coil and capacitive decoupling JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE 2020,315( ): - 2.563
2020-JUN 18 ZHOU SP; WU WW; WANG ZX; WANG ZP; SU QH; LI XF; YU Y; ZHANG WD; ZHU MZ; LIN W; RelB regulates the homeostatic proliferation but not the function of Tregs BMC IMMUNOLOGY 2020,21(1): - 2.551
2020-MAY HUANG YF; ZHANG LL; ZHANG H; LI YC; LIU LY; CHEN YY; QIU XB; YU DL; Development of a Portable SPR Sensor for Nucleic Acid Detection MICROMACHINES 2020,11(5): - 2.48
2020-MAY-JUN LIU L; LIU WB; ZHENG YQ; JIANG XJ; KOU GM; DING JY; WANG QS; HUANG QC; DING YJ; NI WX; WU WL; TANG S; TAN L; HU ZH; XU WT; ZHANG Y; ZHANG B; TANG ZZ; ZHANG XH; LI HH; RAO ZG; JIANG H; REN XF; WANG SD; ZHENG SG; A preliminary study on serological assay for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in 238 admitted hospital patients MICROBES AND INFECTION 2020,22(4-5):206-211 2.447
2020-JUL ZHANG MQ; YANG SW; ZHU BL; LIU GL; DING JW; ZHAN Q; SHANG CJ; WAN FR; Derivation of lattice resistance for a straight dislocation movement through displacement of the dislocation from its own stress field core SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS 2020,314( ): - 1.435
2019- HUANG YL; LUAN T; BAO X; FU S; LI N; LI HH; WANG HF; LI C; WANG JS; A Novel Long Non-Coding RNA KMU15 Promotes Growth and Chemoresistance of Bladder Cancer CLINICAL LABORATORY 2019,65(12):2219-2226 0.923
2020-JUN 19 TAN XJ; WU MY; WANG YL; SHI GZ; GU JS; Theoretical study on the reaction between silacyclopropenylidene and three-membered heterocyclic compounds (azirane and oxirane): An alternative approach to the formation of heterocyclic silylene PROGRESS IN REACTION KINETICS AND MECHANISM 2020,45( ): - 0.589
2020-JUN 16 ZHAO JH; HU JJ; Self-Association of Purified Reconstituted ER Luminal Spacer Climp63 FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2020,8( ): - 0
2020-JUL 2020 ZHANG Q; CAI TX; XIAO ZH; LI D; WAN CL; CUI XD; BAI BL; Identification of histone malonylation in the human fetal brain and implications for diabetes-induced neural tube defects MOLECULAR GENETICS & GENOMIC MEDICINE 2020, ( ): - 0
2020-JUL 18 LI ZH; HE XP; LI H; HE RQ; HU XT; Age-associated changes in amyloid-beta and formaldehyde concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid of rhesus monkeys ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH 2020,41(4):444-+ 0
2020-JUN 17 YANG Z; WANG HF; ZHANG N; XING TY; ZHANG W; WANG GQ; LI C; YU CY; Chaetocin Abrogates the Self-Renewal of Bladder Cancer Stem Cells via the Suppression of the KMT1A-GATA3-STAT3 Circuit FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2020,8( ): - 0