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2020-JAN 30 WANG L; WU JH; LI J; YANG H; TANG TQ; LIANG HJ; ZUO MY; WANG J; LIU HP; LIU F; CHEN JX; LIU ZH; WANG Y; PENG C; WU XY; ZHENG RJ; HUANG XC; RAN YJ; RAO ZH; GE BX; Host-mediated ubiquitination of a mycobacterial protein suppresses immunity NATURE 2020,577(7792):682-+ 45.819
2020-APR XU DQ; WANG Z; XIA Y; SHAO F; XIA WY; WEI YK; LI XJ; QIAN X; LEE JH; DU LY; ZHENG YH; LV GS; LEU JS; WANG HY; XING DM; LIANG TB; HUNG MC; LU ZM; The gluconeogenic enzyme PCK1 phosphorylates INSIG1/2 for lipogenesis NATURE 2020,580(7804):530-+ 45.819
2020-MAY 2020 WANG S; QU Y; XIA PY; CHEN Y; ZHU XX; ZHANG J; WANG G; TIAN Y; YING JM; FAN ZS; Transdifferentiation of tumor infiltrating innate lymphoid cells during progression of colorectal cancer CELL RESEARCH 2020, ( ): - 18.448
2020-MAY 7 JIN WX; WANG J; LIU CP; WANG HW; XU RM; Structural Basis for pri-miRNA Recognition by Drosha MOLECULAR CELL 2020,78(3):423-+ 15.09
2020-APR 2020 WANG PP; LIU L; LIU AJ; YAN LM; HE Y; SHEN S; HU MX; GUO Y; LIU HG; LIU C; LU YY; WANG PY; DENG F; RAO ZH; LOU ZY; Structure of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus L protein elucidates the mechanisms of viral transcription initiation NATURE MICROBIOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 14.306
2020-APR 14 CHEN M; ZHU QS; LI C; KOU XC; ZHAO YH; LI YH; XU RM; YANG L; YANG LY; GU L; WANG H; LIU XY; JIANG CZ; CD SRG; Chromatin architecture reorganization in murine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020,11(1): - 13.811
2020-MAY 5 ZHANG WQ; ZHANG S; YAN PZ; REN J; SONG MS; LI JY; LEI JH; PAN HZ; WANG S; MA XB; MA S; LI HY; SUN F; WAN HF; LI W; CHAN P; ZHOU Q; LIU GH; TANG FC; QU J; A single-cell transcriptomic landscape of primate arterial aging NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020,11(1): - 13.811
2020-APR LIU CY; LIU W; WANG SF; LI HJ; LV ZL; ZHANG F; ZHANG DH; TENG JL; ZHENG T; LI DH; ZHANG MS; XU PY; GONG QH; Super-resolution nanoscopy by coherent control on nanoparticle emission SCIENCE ADVANCES 2020,6(16): - 13.293
2020-APR 2020 LI F; LI S; GUO XC; DONG YH; YAO C; LIU YP; SONG YG; TAN XL; GAO LZ; YANG DY; Chiral Carbon Dots Mimicking Topoisomerase I To Mediate the Topological Rearrangement of Supercoiled DNA Enantioselectively ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2020, ( ): - 12.359
2020-JUL GUI X; CHEN Y; ZHANG ZY; LEI LF; ZHU FL; YANG WX; GUO YL; CHU MQ; Fluorescent hollow mesoporous carbon spheres for drug loading and tumor treatment through 980-nm laser and microwave co-irradiation BIOMATERIALS 2020,248( ): - 9.55
2020-APR 2020 FAN Z; CHEN XW; LIU L; ZHU CH; XU JH; YIN XY; SHENG YJ; ZHU ZW; WEN LL; ZUO XB; ZHENG XD; ZHANG YH; XU JK; HUANG H; ZHOU FS; SUN LD; LUO JJ; ZHANG DD; CHEN XM; CUI Y; HAO YJ; CUI Y; ZHANG XJ; CHEN RS; Association of the Polymorphism rs13259960 in SLEAR With Predisposition to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 8.172
2020-APR 1 ZHAO JT; LIANG XJ; ZHU NL; WANG LM; LI YY; LI YF; ZHENG LR; ZHANG ZY; GAO YX; CHAI ZF; Immobilization of mercury by nano-elemental selenium and the underlying mechanisms in hydroponic-cultured garlic plant ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE-NANO 2020,7(4):1115-1125 8.009
2020-MAY WANG L; LIU ZL; WANG LL; WU QL; LI X; XIE D; ZHANG HM; ZHANG YD; GU LS; XUE YH; YUE T; LIU G; JI W; WEI HM; XU T; BAI L; Spatial distribution of IL4 controls iNKT cell-DC crosstalk in tumors CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2020,17(5):496-506 7.058
2020-MAY 2020 TIAN RR; ZHANG MX; LIU MY; FANG XF; LI DL; ZHANG LG; ZHENG P; ZHENG YT; LIU Y; CD24Fc protects against viral pneumonia in simian immunodeficiency virus-infected Chinese rhesus monkeys CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 7.058
2020-JUL 28 XU YY; LI Y; PAN JH; KANG X; ZHANG X; FENG XY; LI SC; LI CX; ZHANG JK; LI C; WANG GQ; EM2D9, A monoclonal antibody against integrin alpha 5 beta 1, has potent antitumor activity on endometrial cancer in vitro and in vivo CANCER LETTERS 2020,483( ):66-74 6.232
2020-JUL 10 XU L; HU H; ZHENG LS; WANG MY; MEI Y; PENG LX; QIANG YY; LI CZ; MENG DF; WANG MD; LIU ZJ; LI XJ; HUANG BJ; QIAN CN; ETV4 is a theranostic target in clear cell renal cell carcinoma that promotes metastasis by activating the pro-metastatic gene FOSL1 in a PI3K-AKT dependent manner CANCER LETTERS 2020,482( ):74-89 6.232
2020-MAY 2020 ZHANG L; ZHAO Y; GAO RG; LI J; YANG XN; GAO Y; ZHAO W; GURCHA SS; VEERAPEN N; BATT SM; BESRA KK; XU WQ; BI LJ; ZHANG XE; GUDDAT LW; YANG HT; WANG Q; BESRA GS; RAO ZH; Cryo-EM snapshots of mycobacterial arabinosyltransferase complex EmbB(2)-AcpM(2) PROTEIN & CELL 2020, ( ): - 6.118
2020-MAY 2020 JING RQ; GUO XD; YANG YW; CHEN W; KANG JH; ZHU SC; Long noncoding RNA Q associates with Sox2 and is involved in the maintenance of pluripotency in mouse embryonic stem cells STEM CELLS 2020, ( ): - 5.981
2020-MAY 15 CHODISETTI SB; FIKE AJ; DOMEIER PP; SCHELL SL; MOCKUS TE; CHOI NM; CORRADETTI C; HOU BD; ATKINS HM; CARICCHIO R; DECKER T; LUKACHER AE; OLSEN N; RAHMAN ZSM; Serine Phosphorylation of the STAT1 Transactivation Domain Promotes Autoreactive B Cell and Systemic Autoimmunity Development JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2020,204(10):2641-2650 5.066
2019-MAY 1 LI GM; MA JP; YU HS; BI WW; WU YX; CHENG L; SU LS; Plasmacytoid dendritic cells contribute to HIV diseases and viral persistence via IDO-dependent mechanisms JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2019,202(1): - 5.066
2020-MAY 7 WANG YQ; SHEN XY; MA S; GUO QQ; ZHANG W; CHENG L; DING LM; XU ZB; JIANG J; GAO LZ; Oral biofilm elimination by combining iron-based nanozymes and hydrogen peroxide-producing bacteria BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE 2020,8(9):2447-2458 4.94
2020-MAY 7 HOU R; LIANG XL; LI XD; ZHANG X; MA XT; WANG F; In situ conversion of rose bengal microbubbles into nanoparticles for ultrasound imaging guided sonodynamic therapy with enhanced antitumor efficacy BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE 2020,8(9):2526-2536 4.94
2020-MAR 27 WANG K; LIU JQ; ZHONG T; LIU XL; ZENG Y; QIAO XH; XIE T; CHEN YZ; GAO YY; TANG B; LI J; ZHOU J; PANG DW; CHEN J; CHEN C; LIANG Y; Phase Separation and Cytotoxicity of Tau are Modulated by Protein Disulfide Isomerase and S-nitrosylation of this Molecular Chaperone JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2020,432(7):2141-2163 4.514
2020-JUN LI XH; LIAO YJ; DONG Y; LI SS; WANG FC; WU R; YUAN ZQ; CHENG JB; Mib2 Deficiency Inhibits Microglial Activation and Alleviates Ischemia-Induced Brain Injury AGING AND DISEASE 2020,11(3):523-535 4.512
2020-MAY 2020 LI X; WANG DB; CUI ZQ; LI Q; LI M; MA YX; HU QX; ZHOU YK; ZHANG XE; HIV-1 viral cores enter the nucleus collectively through the nuclear endocytosis-like pathway SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2020, ( ): - 2.846
2020-MAY 2020 LI GH; The 3D organization of genome in the nucleus: from the nucleosome to the 4D nucleome SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2020, ( ): - 2.846
2020-APR LI XY; LIANG QX; LIN JR; PENG JY; YANG JH; YI CQ; YU Y; ZHANG QC; ZHOU KR; Epitranscriptomic technologies and analyses SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2020,63(4):501-515 2.846
2019-DEC HE YQ; NING T; The effect of nutmeg oil on cancer associated fibroblasts BASIC & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY 2019,125( ):83-83 2.624
2020-JUN 11 SONG YJ; PENG HL; BU DF; DING X; YANG FQ; ZHU ZG; TIAN XY; ZHANG LL; WANG XL; TANG CS; HUANG YQ; DU JB; JIN HF; Negative auto-regulation of sulfur dioxide generation in vascular endothelial cells: AAT1 S-sulfenylation (vol 525, pg 231, 2020) BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2020,526(4):1177-1178 2.55
2020-MAY 2020 SUN JY; LU YJ; YANG JY; SONG ZH; LU W; WANG JH; mRNA and microRNA Profiles in the Amygdala Are Relevant to Susceptibility and Resilience to Psychological Stress Induced in Mice JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2020, ( ): - 2.294
2020-APR 2020 SUN Y; LI F; LI H; SONG YH; WANG WB; ZHOU RX; XIONG J; HE WB; PENG YY; LIU YH; WANG LP; HUANG Y; ZHANG XL; Performance of Topological Perception in the Myopic Population CURRENT EYE RESEARCH 2020, ( ): - 1.787
2020-MAY 15 FAN D; WANG K; GAO HN; LUO Q; WANG X; LI XT; TONG W; ZHANG X; LUO CW; YANG GJ; AI L; SHI JY; A Cu-64-porphyrin-based dual-modal molecular probe with integrin alpha(v)beta(3) targeting function for tumour imaging JOURNAL OF LABELLED COMPOUNDS & RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS 2020,63(5):212-221 1.436