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2020-JAN 2020 ZHANG H; Lipid transfer at ER-isolation membrane contacts NATURE REVIEWS MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 49.631
2020-JAN 2020 WANG L; WU JH; LI J; YANG H; TANG TQ; LIANG HJ; ZUO MY; WANG J; LIU HP; LIU F; CHEN JX; LIU ZH; WANG Y; PENG C; WU XY; ZHENG RJ; HUANG XC; RAN YJ; RAO ZH; GE BX; Host-mediated ubiquitination of a mycobacterial protein suppresses immunity NATURE 2020, ( ): - 45.819
2020-JAN LONG HZ; ZHANG LW; LV MJ; WEN ZQ; ZHANG WH; CHEN XL; ZHANG PT; LI TQ; CHANG LY; JIN CW; WU GZ; WANG X; YANG FQ; PEI JF; CHEN P; MARGUERON R; DENG HT; ZHU MZ; LI GH; H2A.Z facilitates licensing and activation of early replication origins NATURE 2020,577(7791):576-+ 45.819
2020-JAN ZHONG SJ; DING WY; SUN L; LU YF; DONG H; FAN XY; LIU ZY; CHEN RG; ZHANG S; MA Q; TANG FC; WU Q; WANG XQ; Decoding the development of the human hippocampus NATURE 2020,577(7791):531-+ 45.819
2020-JAN 30 WANG L; WU JH; LI J; YANG H; TANG TQ; LIANG HJ; ZUO MY; WANG J; LIU HP; LIU F; CHEN JX; LIU ZH; WANG Y; PENG C; WU XY; ZHENG RJ; HUANG XC; RAN YJ; RAO ZH; GE BX; Host-mediated ubiquitination of a mycobacterial protein suppresses immunity NATURE 2020,577(7792):682-+ 45.819
2020-JAN 3 HU C; LIU XH; WANG JY; Electrostatics affect the glow SCIENCE 2020,367(6473):26-26 43.644
2020-JAN FU ZF; PENG DM; ZHANG MS; XUE FD; ZHANG R; HE WT; XU T; XU PY; mEosEM withstands osmium staining and Epon embedding for super-resolution CLEM NATURE METHODS 2020,17(1):55-+ 34.975
2019-DEC 11 LIU S; LUO YZ; WANG YJ; LI SH; ZHAO ZN; BI YH; SUN JQ; PENG RC; SONG H; ZHU DJ; SUN Y; LI S; ZHANG L; WANG W; SUN YP; QI JX; YAN JH; SHI Y; ZHANG XZ; WANG PY; QIU HJ; GAO GF; Cryo-EM Structure of the African Swine Fever Virus CELL HOST & MICROBE 2019,26(6):836-+ 16.6
2019-DEC 19 QIAN X; LI XJ; SHI ZM; BAI XM; XIA Y; ZHENG YH; XU DQ; CHEN F; YOU YP; FANG J; HU ZB; ZHOU Q; LU ZM; KDM3A Senses Oxygen Availability to Regulate PGC-1 alpha-Mediated Mitochondrial Biogenesis MOLECULAR CELL 2019,76(6):885-+ 15.09
2019-DEC 19 SUN W; YANG J; CHENG Z; AMRANI N; LIU C; WANG KK; IBRAHEIM R; EDRAKI A; HUANG X; WANG M; WANG JY; LIU L; SHENG G; YANG YH; LOU JZ; SONTHEIMER EJ; WANG YL; Structures of Neisseria meningitidis Cas9 Complexes in Catalytically Poised and Anti-CRISPR-Inhibited States MOLECULAR CELL 2019,76(6):938-+ 15.09
2019-DEC 6 LI HP; FAN JH; ZHAO YR; ZHANG XR; DAI BB; ZHAN JB; YIN ZW; NIE X; FU XD; CHEN C; WANG DW; Nuclear miR-320 Mediates Diabetes-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction by Activating Transcription of Fatty Acid Metabolic Genes to Cause Lipotoxicity in the Heart CIRCULATION RESEARCH 2019,125(12):1106-1120 14.552
2019-DEC ZHAO S; DUAN HX; YANG YL; YAN XY; FAN KL; Fenozyme Protects the Integrity of the Blood-Brain Barrier against Experimental Cerebral Malaria NANO LETTERS 2019,19(12):8887-8895 13.969
2019-DEC SHENG X; WATANABE A; LI AJ; KIM E; SONG CH; MURATA K; SONG DF; MINAGAWA J; LIU ZF; Structural insight into light harvesting for photosystem II in green algae NATURE PLANTS 2019,5(12):1320-+ 13.338
2019-NOV 11 XIA L; HAN MJ; ZHOU L; HUANG AP; YANG ZY; WANG TY; LI FH; YU L; TIAN CL; ZANG ZS; YANG QZ; LIU CL; HONG WX; LU Y; ALFONTA L; WANG JY; S-Click Reaction for Isotropic Orientation of Oxidases on Electrodes to Promote Electron Transfer at Low Potentials ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2019,58(46):16480-16484 12.359
2020-JAN 14 WANG HY; KIM J; WANG ZZ; YAN XX; DEAN A; XU WQ; Crystal structure of human LDB1 in complex with SSBP2 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2020,117(2):1042-1048 10.6
2020-JAN 6 MIAO R; LI MJ; ZHANG QQ; YANG CL; WANG XC; An ECM-to-Nucleus Signaling Pathway Activates Lysosomes for C. elegans Larval Development DEVELOPMENTAL CELL 2020,52(1):21-+ 9.878
2019-DEC REN ZH; ZHANG Y; ZHANG Y; HE YQ; DU PZ; WANG ZX; SUN F; REN HY; Cryo-EM Structure of Actin Filaments from Zea mays Pollen PLANT CELL 2019,31(12):2855-2867 9.848
2019-OCT ZHAO J; MAURER U; HE S; WENG XC; Development of neural specialization for print: Evidence for predictive coding in visual word recognition PLOS BIOLOGY 2019,17(10): - 9.311
2019-DEC ZHAO YG; ZHANG H; Core autophagy genes and human diseases CURRENT OPINION IN CELL BIOLOGY 2019,61( ):117-125 9.198
2020-JAN 15 LU SS; ZHANG Z; DU P; CHARD LS; YAN WL; EL KHOURI M; WANG ZZ; ZHANG ZX; CHU YC; GAO DL; ZHANG QX; ZHANG LR; NAGANO A; WANG J; CHELALA C; LIU J; CHEN JK; LIU PT; DONG YS; WANG SD; LI XZ; DONG JZ; LEMOINE NR; PEI DQ; WANG YH; A Virus-Infected, Reprogrammed Somatic Cell-Derived Tumor Cell (VIReST) Vaccination Regime Can Prevent Initiation and Progression of Pancreatic Cancer CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2020,26(2):465-476 9.174
2020-JAN 22 HUANG R; FENG FP; HUANG CH; MAO L; TANG M; YAN ZY; SHAO B; QIN L; XU T; XUE YH; ZHU BZ; Chiral Os(II) Polypyridyl Complexes as Enantioselective Nuclear DNA Imaging Agents Especially Suitable for Correlative High-Resolution Light and Electron Microscopy Studies ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2020,12(3):3465-3473 8.694
2020-JAN 7 LUO X; WANG XL; GAO YN; ZHU JP; LIU SQ; GAO GX; GAO P; Molecular Mechanism of RNA Recognition by Zinc-Finger Antiviral Protein CELL REPORTS 2020,30(1):46-+ 8.652
2019-DEC 10 TAN GY; YI ZH; SONG HX; XU FC; LI F; ALIYARI R; ZHANG H; DU PS; DING YH; NIU JQ; WANG XS; SU LS; QIN FXF; CHENG GH; Type-I-IFN-Stimulated Gene TRIM5 gamma Inhibits HBV Replication by Promoting HBx Degradation CELL REPORTS 2019,29(11):3551-+ 8.652
2020- DONG YQ; STEWART T; BAI LD; LI X; XU T; ILIFF J; SHI M; ZHENG DF; YUAN L; WEI TT; YANG XD; ZHANG J; Coniferaldehyde attenuates Alzheimer's pathology via activation of Nrf2 and its targets THERANOSTICS 2020,10(1):179-200 8.651
2020- WANG DJ; DUAN HX; FENG J; XIANG JQ; FENG LQ; LIU D; CHEN XH; JING L; LIU Z; ZHANG DX; HAO HJ; YAN XY; Soluble CD146, a cerebrospinal fluid marker for neuroinflammation, promotes blood-brain barrier dysfunction THERANOSTICS 2020,10(1):231-246 8.651
2020- JIANG B; FANG L; WU KM; YAN XY; FAN KL; Ferritins as natural and artificial nanozymes for theranostics THERANOSTICS 2020,10(2):687-706 8.651
2020-JAN 21 JIANG LF; CHENG YX; GAO S; ZHONG YC; MA CR; WANG TY; ZHU Y; Emergence of social cluster by collective pairwise encounters in Drosophila ELIFE 2020,9( ): - 8.523
2020-FEB 1 LI YW; ZHOU J; SONG J; LIANG XS; ZHANG ZP; MEN D; WANG DB; ZHANG XE; Chemical nature of electrochemical activation of carbon electrodes (vol 144, 111534, 2019) BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS 2020,149( ): - 8.037
2020-JAN 7 YIN W; LI W; LI Q; LIU YY; LIU J; REN M; MA YX; ZHANG ZP; ZHANG XW; WU YT; JIANG SB; ZHANG XE; CUI ZQ; Real-time imaging of individual virion-triggered cortical actin dynamics for human immunodeficiency virus entry into resting CD4 T cells NANOSCALE 2020,12(1):115-129 7.592
2020-JAN 15 ZHOU H; DAVIDSON M; KOK P; MCCURDY L; DE LANGE FP; LAU HW; SANDBERG K; Spatiotemporal dynamics of brightness coding in human visual cortex revealed by the temporal context effect NEUROIMAGE 2020,205( ): - 6.918
2020-FEB 1 HUANG CC; SUN SW; YAN JY; WANG H; ZHOU JY; GAO HY; XIE WC; LI Y; CHAI WG; Identification of carbohydrate peripheral epitopes important for recognition by positive-ion MALDI multistage mass spectrometry CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS 2020,229( ): - 5.975
2020-JAN 31 YUAN TY; YING JY; JIN L; LI CZ; GUI SB; LI ZY; WANG R; ZUO ZT; ZHANG YZ; The role of serum growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 in adult humans brain morphology AGING-US 2020,12(2):1377-1396 5.543
2019-NOV SHI ZN; XU SY; XING SH; YAO K; ZHANG L; XUE LX; ZHOU P; WANG M; YAN GQ; YANG PY; LIU J; HU ZP; LAN F; Mettl17, a regulator of mitochondrial ribosomal RNA modifications, is required for the translation of mitochondrial coding genes FASEB JOURNAL 2019,33(11):13040-13050 5.421
2020-FEB WANG LY; WANG ZH; QIN Y; LIANG W; Delivered antigen peptides to resident CD8 alpha(+) DCs in lymph node by micelle-based vaccine augment antigen-specific CD8(+) effector T cell response EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS AND BIOPHARMACEUTICS 2020,147( ):76-86 5.111
2020-FEB 1 WANG LY; ZENG WF; WANG LY; WANG ZH; YIN XZ; QIN Y; ZHANG FY; ZHANG CL; LIANG W; Naringenin Enhances the Antitumor Effect of Therapeutic Vaccines by Promoting Antigen Cross-Presentation JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2020,204(3):622-631 5.066
2020-JAN 2020 AL-BARI MAA; XU PY; Molecular regulation of autophagy machinery by mTOR-dependent and -independent pathways ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES 2020, ( ): - 4.788
2020-JAN ZI ZZ; ZHANG YJ; ZHANG P; DING Q; CHU M; CHEN YW; MINNA JD; YU YH; A Proteomic Connectivity Map for Characterizing the Tumor Adaptive Response to Small Molecule Chemical Perturbagens ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2020,15(1):140-150 4.698
2020-FEB LI YX; ZHU NL; LIANG XJ; ZHENG LR; ZHANG CX; LI YF; ZHANG ZY; GAO YX; ZHAO JT; A comparative study on the accumulation, translocation and transformation of selenite, selenate, and SeNPs in a hydroponic-plant system ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY 2020,189( ): - 4.64
2020-JAN 13 LENG FW; YIN H; QIN SY; ZHANG K; GUAN YK; FANG R; WANG HL; LI GH; JIANG ZF; SUN F; WANG DC; XIE C; NLRP6 self-assembles into a linear molecular platform following LPS binding and ATP stimulation SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2020,10(1): - 4.525
2019-NOV 26 HUANG YP; ZHAO JZ; MAO GG; LEE GS; ZHANG J; BI LJ; GU LY; CHANG ZJ; VALENTINO J; LI GM; Identification of novel genetic variants predisposing to familial oral squamous cell carcinomas CELL DISCOVERY 2019,5( ): - 4.483
2019-NOV 29 WANG LL; REN AG; TIAN T; LI N; CAO XY; ZHANG P; JIN L; LI ZW; SHEN Y; ZHANG B; FINNELL RH; LEI YP; Whole-Exome Sequencing Identifies Damaging de novo Variants in Anencephalic Cases FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE 2019,13( ): - 4.371
2019-NOV 15 SHEN XF; ZHAO L; CHEN PH; GONG YQ; LIU DD; ZHANG X; DAI LZ; SUN QX; LOU JZ; JIN Z; ZHANG BH; NIU DW; CHEN CS; QI XB; JIA D; A thiazole-derived oridonin analogue exhibits antitumor activity by directly and allosterically inhibiting STAT3 JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2019,294(46):17471-17486 4.279
2019-NOV 29 WANG YT; CAO J; LIU WW; ZHANG JL; WANG Z; ZHANG YQ; HOU LJ; CHEN SM; HAO PL; ZHANG LY; ZHUANG M; YU Y; LI DK; FAN GF; Protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type R (PTPRR) antagonizes the Wnt signaling pathway in ovarian cancer by dephosphorylating and inactivating ?-catenin JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2019,294(48):18306-18323 4.279
2020-JAN 17 HOU YJ; YANG WS; HONG Y; ZHANG Y; WANG DC; LI DF; Structural insights into the mechanism of c-di-GMP?bound YcgR regulating flagellar motility in Escherichia coli JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2020,295(3):808-821 4.279
2020-JAN 3 DAI YX; ZHANG F; WANG LG; SHAN S; GONG ZH; ZHOU Z; Structural basis for shieldin complex subunit 3?mediated recruitment of the checkpoint protein REV7 during DNA double-strand break repair JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2020,295(1):250-262 4.279
2020-JAN 24 WANG HB; LOERKE D; BRUNS C; MULLER R; KOCH PA; PUCHKOV D; SCHULTZ C; HAUCKE V; Phosphatidylinositol 3,4-bisphosphate synthesis and turnover are spatially segregated in the endocytic pathway JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2020,295(4):1091-1104 4.279
2019-DEC 9 XU YS; XIAO GR; LIU L; LANG ML; Zinc transporters in Alzheimer's disease MOLECULAR BRAIN 2019,12(1): - 4.159
2020-FEB 2020 CHEN HY; SHAN J; LIU JL; FENG YP; KE YS; QI WJ; LIU WG; ZENG XL; RNF8 promotes efficient DSB repair by inhibiting the pro-apoptotic activity of p53 through regulating the function of Tip60 CELL PROLIFERATION 2020, ( ): - 3.952
2019-DEC HU M; WANG F; LI W; ZHANG XW; ZHANG ZP; ZHANG XE; CUI ZQ; Ebola Virus Uptake into Polarized Cells from the Apical Surface VIRUSES-BASEL 2019,11(12): - 3.916
2020-FEB 2020 FAN YJ; JIANG W; RAN FL; LUO RQ; AN LL; HANG HY; An Efficient Exogenous Gene Insertion Site in CHO Cells with High Transcription Level to Enhance AID-Induced Mutation BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 2020, ( ): - 3.857
2020-JAN 1 YANG Y; CHEN QC; SHEN JX; JEN PHS; Binaural Response Properties and Sensitivity to Interaural Difference of Neurons in the Auditory Cortex of the Big Brown Bat, Eptesicus fuscus NEUROSCIENCE 2020,424( ):72-85 3.504
2020-JAN 1 ZHANG YA; JIN YL; CUI HX; YAN XY; FAN KL; Nanozyme-based catalytic theranostics RSC ADVANCES 2020,10(1):10-20 3.168
2019-DEC HE YQ; NING T; The effect of nutmeg oil on cancer associated fibroblasts BASIC & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY 2019,125( ):83-83 2.624
2019-OCT 22 DAI LC; XU N; ZHOU Z; NMR investigations on H2A-H2B heterodimer dynamics conferred by histone variant H2A.Z BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2019,518(4):752-758 2.55
2019-NOV 26 ZHOU JY; GAO HY; XIE WC; LI Y; Fc gamma R-binding affinity of monoclonal murine IgG1 s carrying different N-linked Fc oligosaccharides BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2019,520(1):8-13 2.55
2019-DEC 10 WANG YL; JU CH; HU J; HUANG K; YANG L; PRMT4 overexpression aggravates cardiac remodeling following myocardial infarction by promoting cardiomyocyte apoptosis BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2019,520(3):645-650 2.55
2019-DEC 2019 FEI XC; YU Y; DI YL; AI L; YAO DD; BAI SY; ZHAO SJ; LYU JH; CAI X; HE RQ; TONG ZQ; A rapid and non-invasive fluorescence method for quantifying coenzyme Q10 in blood and urine in clinical analysis JOURNAL OF CLINICAL LABORATORY ANALYSIS 2019, ( ): - 1.604
2020-JAN 2020 ZHONG S; WANG MD; ZHAN YX; ZHANG J; YANG XL; FU SM; BI DL; GAO F; SHEN Y; CHEN ZL; Single-nucleus RNA sequencing reveals transcriptional changes of hippocampal neurons in APP23 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease BIOSCIENCE BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2020, ( ): - 1.363
2020-JAN WEI YC; YU P; CHEN M; SUN ZT; ZENG Y; LOU JZ; CHEN SY; SHI FZ; DU JF; Preparation of DNA Origami for Ordered Immobilization of Single Molecules on Diamond Surface PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2020,47(1):53-60 0.171
2020-JAN HE RD; JI JJ; HE RQ; Psychological Structure of Personality and Triune of Brain-Problems, solutions and handouts in teaching of neuroaesthetics PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2020,47(1):69-80 0.171
2019-DEC 20 SHEN BR; ZHENG PL; QIAN NN; CHEN QZ; ZHOU X; HU JJ; CHEN JG; TENG JL; Calumenin-1 Interacts with Climp63 to Cooperatively Determine the Luminal Width and Distribution of Endoplasmic Reticulum Sheets ISCIENCE 2019,22( ):70-+ 0