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2019-JUN SHANG CP; LIU AX; LI DP; XIE ZY; CHEN ZJ; HUANG MZ; LI Y; WANG Y; SHEN W; CAO P; A subcortical excitatory circuit for sensory-triggered predatory hunting in mice NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 2019,22(6):909-+ 19.188
2019-MAY SUN YA; LIANG YQ; DAI WB; HE B; ZHANG H; WANG XQ; WANG JC; HUANG SH; ZHANG Q; Peptide-Drug Conjugate-Based Nanocombination Actualizes Breast Cancer Treatment by Maytansinoid and Photothermia with the Assistance of Fluorescent and Photoacoustic Images NANO LETTERS 2019,19(5):3229-3237 14.201
2019-MAY 17 HE SM; ZHANG GQ; WANG JJ; GAO YJ; SUN RD; CAO ZJ; CHEN ZP; ZHENG XD; YUAN J; LUO YW; WANG XN; ZHANG WX; ZHANG P; ZHAO Y; HE C; TAO Y; SUN QM; CHEN DH; 6mA-DNA-binding factor Jumu controls maternal-to-zygotic transition upstream of Zelda NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2019,10( ): - 13.691
2019-MAY 21 LAMA L; ADURA C; XIE W; TOMITA D; KAMEI T; KURYAVYI V; GOGAKOS T; STEINBERG JI; MILLER M; RAMOS-ESPIRITU L; ASANO Y; HASHIZUME S; AIDA J; IMAEDA T; OKAMOTO R; JENNINGS AJ; MICHINO M; KUROITA T; STAMFORD A; GAO P; MEINKE P; GLICKMAN JF; PATEL DJ; TUSCHL T; Development of human cGAS-specific small-molecule inhibitors for repression of dsDNA-triggered interferon expression NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2019,10( ): - 13.691
2019-JUN 3 XU Y; REN JQ; HE XL; CHEN H; WEI TT; FENG W; YWHA/14-3-3 proteins recognize phosphorylated TFEB by a noncanonical mode for controlling TFEB cytoplasmic localization AUTOPHAGY 2019,15(6):1017-1030 11.815
2019-APR WANG PF; CHEN SY; GUO MS; PENG SJ; WANG MQ; CHEN M; MA WC; ZHANG R; SU JH; RONG X; SHI FZ; XU T; DU JF; Nanoscale magnetic imaging of ferritins in a single cell SCIENCE ADVANCES 2019,5(4): - 11.514
2019-JAN 25 JIN XH; LV ZY; GAO JB; ZHANG R; ZHENG T; YIN P; LI DQ; PENG LC; CAO XT; QIN Y; PERSSON S; ZHENG B; CHEN P; AtTrm5a catalyses 1-methylguanosine and 1-methylinosine formation on tRNAs and is important for vegetative and reproductive growth in Arabidopsis thaliana NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2019,47(2):883-898 10.235
2019-APR 8 LV MQ; YAO YX; LI FD; XU L; YANG LN; GONG QG; XU YZ; SHI YY; FAN YJ; TANG YJ; Structural insights reveal the specific recognition of roX RNA by the dsRNA-binding domains of the RNA helicase MLE and its indispensable role in dosage compensation in Drosophila NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2019,47(6):3142-3157 10.235
2019-APR FU LN; HU YQ; SONG MS; LIU ZP; ZHANG WQ; YU FX; WU J; WANG S; BELMONTE JCI; CHAN P; QU J; TANG FC; LIU GH; Up-regulation of FOXD1 by YAP alleviates senescence and osteoarthritis PLOS BIOLOGY 2019,17(4): - 9.527
2019-APR HU JY; CHENG SY; WANG HB; LI X; LIU S; WU MM; LIU YB; WANG XC; Distinct roles of two myosins in C. elegans spermatid differentiation PLOS BIOLOGY 2019,17(4): - 9.527
2019-APR CAO L; LIU P; YANG P; GAO Q; LI H; SUN Y; ZHU L; LIN JP; SU D; RAO ZH; WANG XX; Structural basis for neutralization of hepatitis A virus informs a rational design of highly potent inhibitors PLOS BIOLOGY 2019,17(4): - 9.527
2019-MAY 14 QI QK; CHI WJ; LI YY; QIAO QL; CHEN J; MIAO L; ZHANG Y; LI J; JI W; XU T; LIU XG; YOON JY; XU ZC; A H-bond strategy to develop acid-resistant photoswitchable rhodamine spirolactams for super-resolution single-molecule localization microscopy CHEMICAL SCIENCE 2019,10(18):4914-4922 8.757
2019-JUN 1 WANG LH; LIU QM; KITAMOTO T; HOU JJ; QIN J; ACCILI D; Identification of Insulin-Responsive Transcription Factors That Regulate Glucose Production by Hepatocytes DIABETES 2019,68(6):1156-1167 8.154
2019-MAY STUART DI; REN JS; WANG XX; RAO ZH; FRY EE; Hepatitis A Virus Capsid Structure COLD SPRING HARBOR PERSPECTIVES IN MEDICINE 2019,9(5): - 7.633
2018-MAY 1 FAN D; SHI JY; ZHAI LP; GAO HN; ZHANG X; WANG K; QIAO Z; CHEN Q; ZHAO XB; AI L; WANG F; Lu-177-labeled Payloaded Liposome for SPECT/Optical Dual-modality Imaging and Combined Radio- and Chemotherapy in LLC Mice Model JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 2018,59( ): - 6.893
2018-MAY 1 FAN D; SHI JY; WANG K; QIAO Z; WANG X; LI XT; CHEN Q; ZHAO XB; TONG W; ZHANG X; GAO HN; AI L; WANG F; Cu-64 labeled a new integrin targeted probe and its in vivo multimodal imaging JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 2018,59( ): - 6.893
2019-JUN GUO N; YE S; ZHANG K; YU XL; CUI HY; YANG XM; LIN P; LV MH; MIAO JL; ZHANG Y; HAN Q; ZHANG RG; CHEN ZN; ZHU P; A critical epitope in CD147 facilitates memory CD4(+) T-cell hyper-activation in rheumatoid arthritis CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2019,16(6):568-579 6.748
2019- LI Y; LI G; TAO T; KANG X; LIU C; ZHANG X; WANG CY; LI C; GUO XY; The mu-opioid receptor (MOR) promotes tumor initiation in hepatocellular carcinoma CANCER LETTERS 2019,453( ):1-9 6.192
2019-MAY 16 GUO Z; SONG JIN; HAO JX; ZHAO H; DU XH; LI EC; KUANG YB; YANG FQ; WANG W; DENG J; WANG Q; M2 macrophages promote NSCLC metastasis by upregulating CRYAB CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2019,10( ): - 6.187
2019-MAY 7 HOU PN; HUANG C; LIU CP; YANG N; YU TS; YIN YX; ZHU B; XU RM; Structural Insights into Stimulation of Ash1L's H3K36 Methyltransferase Activity through Mrg15 Binding STRUCTURE 2019,27(5):837-+ 5.034
2019-MAY 15 WANG ZN; WANG WJ; CHAI Q; ZHU MZ; Langerhans Cells Control Lymphatic Vessel Function during Inflammation via LIGHT-LT beta R Signaling JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2019,202(10):2999-3007 4.99
2018-JUN WEI N; ZHOU TG; CHEN L; Objective measurement of gestalts: Quantifying grouping effect by tilt aftereffect BEHAVIOR RESEARCH METHODS 2018,50(3):963-971 4.885
2019-SEP 13 HUANG CC; YAN JY; ZHAN LP; ZHAO M; ZHOU JY; GAO HY; XIE WC; LI Y; CHAI WG; Linkage and sequence analysis of neutral oligosaccharides by negative-ion MALDI tandem mass spectrometry with laser-induced dissociation ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA 2019,1071( ):25-35 4.837
2019-MAY 23 WANG ZC; WANG H; TZVETANOV T; ZHOU YF; Moderate acute alcohol intoxication increases visual motion repulsion (vol 8, 1607, 2018) SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019,9( ): - 4.609
2019-MAY 21 YE X; ZHU RL; ZHOU XQ; HE S; WANG K; Slower and Less Variable Binocular Rivalry Rates in Patients With Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Major Depression, and Schizophrenia FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE 2019,13( ): - 4.294
2019-APR 26 ZHAO ZD; LAN MY; LI JJ; DONG Q; LI X; LIU BD; LI G; WANG HL; ZHANG ZQ; ZHU B; The proinflammatory cytokine TNF induces DNA demethylation-dependent and -independent activation of interleukin-32 expression JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2019,294(17):6785-6795 4.253
2018-OCT ZHENG ZW; LANG MJ; WANG W; XIAO FQ; LI J; Electrophysiological evidence for the effects of emotional content on false recognition memory COGNITION 2018,179( ):298-310 4.207
2019-MAY LIU L; HUO YG; LI J; JIANG T; Crystal structure of the yeast Rad7-Elc1 complex and assembly of the Rad7-Rad16-Elc1-Cul3 complex DNA REPAIR 2019,77( ):1-9 4.122
2019-APR 20 YAN Y; WANG H; WEI CX; XIANG YH; LIANG XH; PHANG CW; JIAO RJ; HDAC6 regulates lipid droplet turnover in response to nutrient deprivation via p62-mediated selective autophagy JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2019,46(4):221-229 3.652
2019-JUN LUO CP; CHEN YX; LIU XH; WANG XH; WANG XY; LI XQ; ZHAO YP; WEI LH; Engineered biosynthesis of cyclic lipopeptide locillomycins in surrogate host Bacillus velezensis FZB42 and derivative strains enhance antibacterial activity APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 2019,103(11):4467-4481 3.602
2019-MAY CHAI P; FENG BT; ZHANG ZM; TANG HH; LIU SQ; SUN XL; WANG PL; WANG XM; ZHAO XD; WEI L; NEMA NU-4 performance evaluation of a non-human primate animal PET PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 2019,64(10): - 3.049
2019-MAY 10 XU YW; MA J; ZHENG QL; WANG YY; HU MH; MA FL; QIN ZH; LEI NJ; TAO N; MPSSS impairs the immunosuppressive function of cancer-associated fibroblasts via the TLR4-NF-kappa B pathway BIOSCIENCE REPORTS 2019,39( ): - 2.903
2019-JUN ZHENG ZW; LANG MJ; WANG W; XIAO FQ; LI J; Episodic reconstruction contributes to high-confidence false recognition memories in older adults: Evidence from event-related potentials BRAIN AND COGNITION 2019,132( ):13-21 2.864
2018-APR 24 CAO T; WANG L; SUN ZY; ENGEL SA; HE S; The Independent and Shared Mechanisms of Intrinsic Brain Dynamics: Insights From Bistable Perception FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2018,9( ): - 2.749
2019-APR ZHANG YF; CUI MM; DUAN JB; ZHUANG XL; ZHUANG GQ; MA AZ; Abundance, rather than composition, of methane-cycling microbes mainly affects methane emissions from different vegetation soils in the Zoige alpine wetland MICROBIOLOGYOPEN 2019,8(4): - 2.722
2019-MAY 7 LIU XM; ZHU LY; WANG RR; LOU XH; YAO XH; NI C; QIN ZH; IFN gamma inhibits fibroblast-leading tumor cell invasion through downregulating N-cadherin BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2019,512(3):544-551 2.455
2019-MAY REYNAUD A; TANG Y; ZHOU YF; HESS RF; Second-order visual sensitivity in the aging population AGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH 2019,31(5):705-716 1.828
2018- AN LL; CHEN C; LUO RQ; ZHAO Y; HANG HY; Activation-Induced Cytidine Deaminase Aided In Vitro Antibody Evolution B CELL RECEPTOR SIGNALING: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS 2018,1707( ):1-14 0
2018- CAI TX; YANG FQ; Phospholipid and Phospholipidomics in Health and Diseases LIPIDOMICS IN HEALTH & DISEASE: METHODS & APPLICATION 2018,14( ):177-202 0
2018-JUN ZHENG ZW; LI R; XIAO FQ; HE RQ; ZHANG SZ; LI J; Intrinsic spontaneous brain activity predicts individual variability in associative memory in older adults PSYCH JOURNAL 2018,7(2):77-91 0