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2017-NOV 17 YUAN L; HUANG XY; LIU ZY; ZHANG F; ZHU XL; YU JY; JI X; XU YP; LI GH; LI C; WANG HJ; DENG YQ; WU MH; CHENG ML; YE Q; XIE DY; LI XF; WANG XX; SHI WF; HU BY; SHI PY; XU ZH; QIN CF; A single mutation in the prM protein of Zika virus contributes to fetal microcephaly SCIENCE 2017,358(6365):933-+ 34.921
2017-NOV ARKATKAR T; DU SW; JACOBS HM; DAM EM; HOU BD; BUCKNER JH; RAWLINGS DJ; JACKSON SW; B cell-derived IL-6 initiates spontaneous germinal center formation during systemic autoimmunity JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2017,214(11):3207-3217 13.021
2017-NOV 9 WANG PJ; LI XZ; WANG JW; GAO DL; LI YN; LI HZ; CHU YC; ZHANG ZX; LIU HT; JIANG GZ; CHENG ZG; WANG SD; DONG JZ; FENG BS; CHARD LS; LEMOINE NR; WANG YH; Re-designing Interleukin-12 to enhance its safety and potential as an anti-tumor immunotherapeutic agent NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): - 12.001
2017-NOV 15 YE BQ; LIU BY; YANG LL; HUANG GL; HAO L; XIA PY; WANG S; DU Y; QIN XW; ZHU PP; WU JY; SAKAGUCHI N; ZHANG JY; FAN ZS; Suppression of SRCAP chromatin remodelling complex and restriction of lymphoid lineage commitment by Pcid2 NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): - 12.001
2017-NOV 23 VINCENT J; ADURA C; GAO P; LUZ A; LAMA L; ASANO Y; OKAMOTO R; IMAEDA T; AIDA J; ROTHAMEL K; GOGAKOS T; STEINBERG J; REASONER S; ASO K; TUSCHL T; PATEL DJ; GLICKMAN JF; ASCANO M; Small molecule inhibition of cGAS reduces interferon expression in primary macrophages from autoimmune mice (vol 8, 750, 2017) NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): - 12.001
2017-NOV 21 HUANG C; YANG F; ZHANG ZQ; ZHANG J; CAI GH; LI L; ZHENG Y; CHEN S; XI RW; ZHU B; Mrg15 stimulates Ash1 H3K36 methyltransferase activity and facilitates Ash1 Trithorax group protein function in Drosophila NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): - 12.001
2017-NOV LIU L; WANG F; ZHOU K; DING N; LUO H; Perceptual integration rapidly activates dorsal visual pathway to guide local processing in early visual areas PLOS BIOLOGY 2017,15(11): - 10.731
2017-DEC 4 ZHANG P; PEI CL; WANG X; XIANG JY; SUN BF; CHENG YS; QI XL; MARCHETTI M; XU JW; SUN YP; EDGAR BA; YUAN ZQ; A Balance of Yki/Sd Activator and E2F1/Sd Repressor Complexes Controls Cell Survival and Affects Organ Size DEVELOPMENTAL CELL 2017,43(5):603-+ 10.73
2017-NOV 14 HUANG XF; ZHOU X; HU XY; JOSHI AS; GUO XY; ZHU YS; CHEN Q; PRINZ WA; HU JJ; Sequences flanking the transmembrane segments facilitate mitochondrial localization and membrane fusion by mitofusin PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2017,114(46):E9863-E9872 10.285
2017-NOV 15 LI JM; GAO Z; ZHAO D; ZHANG LF; QIAO XH; ZHAO YY; DING H; ZHANG PP; LU JY; LIU J; JIANG HL; LUO C; CHEN C; PI-273, a Substrate-Competitive, Specific Small-Molecule Inhibitor of PI4KII alpha, Inhibits the Growth of Breast Cancer Cells CANCER RESEARCH 2017,77(22):6253-6266 9.241
2017-DEC 1 YAN XL; ZHANG DD; WU W; WU SH; QIAN JF; HAO YJ; YAN F; ZHU PP; WU JY; HUANG GL; HUANG YH; LUO JJ; LIU XH; LIU BY; CHEN XM; DU Y; CHEN RS; FAN ZS; Mesenchymal Stem Cells Promote Hepatocarcinogenesis via lncRNA-MUF Interaction with ANXA2 and miR-34a CANCER RESEARCH 2017,77(23):6704-6716 9.241
2017-NOV 16 BAO HY; WANG N; WANG CY; JIANG YY; LIU JY; XU L; WU JH; SHI YY; Structural basis for the specific recognition of 18S rRNA by APUM23 NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2017,45(20):12005-12014 8.647
2017-DEC 7 MA L; SUN NN; ZHANG JY; TU CH; CAO XQ; DUAN DM; DIAO AP; MAN SL; Polyethylenimine-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles effectively quench fluorescent DNA, which can be developed as a novel platform for protein detection NANOSCALE 2017,9(45):17699-17703 7.915
2017-DEC 21 LIU L; LI GH; WANG Y; WANG YY; LI T; ZHANG T; QIN SJ; A photovoltaic self-powered gas sensor based on a single-walled carbon nanotube/Si heterojunction NANOSCALE 2017,9(47):18579-18583 7.915
2017-DEC FENG J; LU W; WANG DG; MA K; SONG ZH; CHEN N; SUN Y; DU KX; SHEN MM; CUI S; WANG JH; Barrel Cortical Neuron Integrates Triple Associated Signals for Their Memory Through Receiving Epigenetic-Mediated New Synapse Innervations CEREBRAL CORTEX 2017,27(12):5858-5871 7.881
2017-DEC 7 SUN Y; WEI G; LUO H; WU W; SKOGERBO G; LUO J; CHEN R; The long noncoding RNA SNHG1 promotes tumor growth through regulating transcription of both local and distal genes ONCOGENE 2017,36(49):6774-6783 7.401
2017-NOV 14 WU L; WU Y; PENG B; HOU ZZ; DONG Y; CHEN K; GUO MY; LI H; CHEN X; KOU XC; ZHAO YH; BI Y; WANG YX; WANG H; LE RR; KANG L; GAO SR; Oocyte-Specific Homeobox 1, Obox1, Facilitates Reprogramming by Promoting Mesenchymal-to-Epithelial Transition and Mitigating Cell Hyperproliferation STEM CELL REPORTS 2017,9(5):1692-1705 7.027
2017-NOV 29 WU S; GAN GM; ZHANG ZP; SUN J; WANG QF; GAO ZB; LI MX; JIN S; HUANG J; THOMAS U; JIANG YH; LI Y; TIAN R; ZHANG YQ; A Presynaptic Function of Shank Protein in Drosophila JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2017,37(48):11592-11604 6.78
2017-DEC HE X; JIANG HW; CHEN H; ZHANG HN; LIU Y; XU ZW; WU FL; GUO SJ; HOU JL; YANG MK; YAN W; DENG JY; BI LJ; ZHANG XE; TAO SC; Systematic Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Effectors Reveals that BfrB Suppresses Innate Immunity MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS 2017,16(12):2243-2253 6.632
2017-DEC 5 MA YX; WANG MX; LI W; ZHANG ZP; ZHANG XW; WU GQ; TAN TW; CUI ZQ; ZHANG XE; Live Visualization of HIV-1 Proviral DNA Using a Dual-Color-Labeled CRISPR System ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2017,89(23):12896-12901 5.922
2017-DEC 5 XU L; WANG LJ; PENG JH; LI FD; WU LJ; ZHANG BB; LV MQ; ZHANG JH; GONG QG; ZHANG RG; ZUO XB; ZHANG ZY; WU JH; TANG YJ; SHI YY; Insights into the Structure of Dimeric RNA Helicase CsdA and Indispensable Role of Its C-Terminal Regions STRUCTURE 2017,25(12):1795-+ 5.622
2017-NOV 15 SUN W; KUANG XL; LIU YP; TIAN LF; YAN XX; XU WQ; Crystal structure of the N-terminal domain of human CDC73 and its implications for the hyperparathyroidism-jaw tumor (HPT-JT) syndrome SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017,7( ): - 5.525
2017-DEC 1 ZHU T; LIANG X; WANG XM; SHEN K; Dynein and EFF-1 control dendrite morphology by regulating the localization pattern of SAX-7 in epidermal cells JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2017,130(23):4063-4071 5.496
2017-NOV 10 LIU YH; GAO ZL; CHEN CF; WEN B; HUANG L; GE RJ; ZHAO SD; FAN RC; FENG J; LU W; WANG LP; WANG JH; Piriform cortical glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons express coordinated plasticity for whisker-induced odor recall ONCOTARGET 2017,8(56):95719-95740 5.415
2017-DEC YOON JH; MO JS; KIM MY; ANN EJ; AHN JS; JO EH; LEE HJ; LEE YC; SEOL W; YARMOLUK SM; GASSER T; KAHLE PJ; LIU GH; BELMONTE JCI; PARK HS; LRRK2 functions as a scaffolding kinase of ASK1-mediated neuronal cell death BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH 2017,1864(12):2356-2368 5.261
2017-DEC 12 GAO RS; LI DF; LIN Y; LIN JX; XIA XY; WANG H; BI LJ; ZHU J; HASSAN B; WANG SH; FENG YJ; Structural and Functional Characterization of the FadR Regulatory Protein from Vibrio alginolyticus FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR AND INFECTION MICROBIOLOGY 2017,7( ): - 4.894
2017-NOV 21 LI R; YIN SF; ZHU XY; REN WC; YU J; WANG PY; ZHENG ZW; NIU YN; HUANG X; LI J; Linking Inter-Individual Variability in Functional Brain Connectivity to Cognitive Ability in Elderly Individuals FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE 2017,9( ): - 4.521
2017-DEC GUO Y; LIU BC; DING ZZ; LI GB; LIU MZ; ZHU DT; SUN YN; DONG SS; LOU ZY; Distinct Mechanism for the Formation of the Ribonucleoprotein Complex of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2017,91(23): - 4.428
2017-SEP GAO Y; YANG Y; YUAN F; HUANG J; XU W; MAO B; YUAN Z; BI W; TNF alpha-YAP/p65-HK2 axis mediates breast cancer cell migration ONCOGENESIS 2017,6( ): - 4.338
2017-DEC HU JF; ZHU X; YE KQ; Structure and RNA recognition of ribosome assembly factor Utp30 RNA 2017,23(12):1936-1945 4.302
2017-NOV 8 YANG ZY; JIA MM; LIU GJ; HAO HN; CHEN L; LI GH; LIU SX; LI YW; WU CI; LU XM; WANG SD; Genomic sequencing identifies a few mutations driving the independent origin of primary liver tumors in a chronic hepatitis murine model PLOS ONE 2017,12(11): - 3.535
2017-NOV LI H; YUE HY; HAO YJ; LI HW; WANG S; YU LB; ZHANG D; CAO Y; ZHAO JZ; Expression profile of long noncoding RNAs in human cerebral aneurysms: a microarray analysis JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY 2017,127(5):1055-1062 3.494
2017-NOV LI XX; JI G; CHEN X; DING W; SUN L; XU W; HAN H; SUN F; Large scale three-dimensional reconstruction of an entire &ITCaenorhabditis elegans&IT larva using AutoCUTS-SEM JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 2017,200(2):87-96 3.067
2017-NOV DING X; LUO JJ; QUAN LJ; WU AP; JIANG TJ; Evolutionary genotypes of influenza A (H7N9) viruses over five epidemic waves in China INFECTION GENETICS AND EVOLUTION 2017,55( ):269-276 2.846
2017-DEC 5 PAN YC; ZHANG H; ZHENG YT; ZHOU JZ; YUAN J; YU Y; WANG JY; Resveratrol Exerts Antioxidant Effects by Activating SIRT2 To Deacetylate Prx1 BIOCHEMISTRY 2017,56(48):6325-6328 2.828
2017-DEC NI B; WU RJ; YU T; ZHU HW; LI YJ; LIU ZX; Role of the Hippocampus in Distinct Memory Traces: Timing of Match and Mismatch Enhancement Revealed by Intracranial Recording NEUROSCIENCE BULLETIN 2017,33(6):664-674 2.119
2017-NOV 29 WANG ZH; CHEN Y; ZHANG JR; LI L; WAN XH; LIU ZY; SUN F; ZHANG F; ICON-MIC: Implementing a CPU/MIC Collaboration Parallel Framework for ICON on Tianhe-2 Supercomputer JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 2017, ( ): - 1.973
2017-JUL ZHU L; DENG J; WANG P; LIU J; WU JY; Mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases associated with RNA binding proteins EUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS 2017,46( ):S135-S135 1.919
2017-JUL RAO Z; Structural Virology Studies in Zihe Rao's group EUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS 2017,46( ):S171-S171 1.919
2017-JUL ZHU Y; CHENG C; Structure and function of endolysin protein of enterococci phage EUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS 2017,46( ):S181-S181 1.919
2017-JUL FAN K; YAN X; Iron oxide nanozyme: its mechanisms, improvements and applications in nanomedicine EUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS 2017,46( ):S185-S185 1.919
2017-JUL YAN X; Nanozymes and its applications in Biomedicine EUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS 2017,46( ):S195-S195 1.919
2017-JUL CHENG C; GAO X; PHARM N; QUINN RJ; XIAO Z; LIU Z; Explore novel JNK3 ligand by HTS of designed scaffold library using FTS assay EUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS 2017,46( ):S314-S314 1.919
2017-JUL LIANG M; FAN K; YAN X; H-ferritin-doxorubicin targets and kills tumors EUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS 2017,46( ):S317-S317 1.919
2017-JUL LIU T; LI X; LI Y; Epilepsy-associated gene Pk regulates neurite outgrowth through stabilizing neuro-glia interaction EUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS 2017,46( ):S357-S357 1.919
2017-NOV GENG C; XU HF; ZHANG YL; GAO Y; LI MX; LIU XY; GAO MY; WANG XJ; LIU XJ; FANG FD; CHANG YS; Retinoic acid ameliorates high-fat diet-induced liver steatosis through sirt1 SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2017,60(11):1234-1241 1.772
2017-DEC ZHANG D; XU XL; LI F; SUN HC; CUI YQ; LIU S; XU PY; Upregulation of the checkpoint protein CHFR is associated with tumor suppression in pancreatic cancers ONCOLOGY LETTERS 2017,14(6):8042-8050 1.448
2017-DEC 4 LI WF; WANG GM; LI K; Clustering algorithm for audio signals based on the sequential Psim matrix and Tabu Search EURASIP JOURNAL ON AUDIO SPEECH AND MUSIC PROCESSING 2017, ( ): - 0.826
2017-JAN 17 ZHAO BL; ZHANG DP; LI CM; YUAN Z; YU FZ; ZHONG SW; JIANG GB; YANG YG; LE XC; WEINFELD M; ZHU P; WANG HL; ATPase activity tightly regulates RecA nucleofilaments to promote homologous recombination CELL DISCOVERY 2017,3( ): - 0
2017-FEB 14 WU R; LIU XM; SUN JG; CHEN H; MA J; DONG M; PENG SY; WANG JQ; DING JQ; LI DH; SPEAKMAN JR; NING G; JIN WZ; YUAN ZQ; DJ-1 maintains energy and glucose homeostasis by regulating the function of brown adipose tissue CELL DISCOVERY 2017,3( ): - 0
2017-APR 4 LIU ZD; ZHOU C; QIN Y; WANG ZH; WANG LY; WEI XL; ZHOU YJ; LI QC; ZHOU H; WANG WJ; FU YX; ZHU MZ; LIANG W; Coordinating antigen cytosolic delivery and danger signaling to program potent cross-priming by micelle-based nanovaccine CELL DISCOVERY 2017,3( ): - 0
2017-NOV CHEN XX; SU T; CHEN Y; HE YG; LIU Y; XU Y; WEI Y; LI J; HE RQ; D-Ribose as a Contributor to Glycated Haemoglobin EBIOMEDICINE 2017,25( ):143-153 0