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2017-APR CHEN KY; SRINIVASAN T; TUNG KL; BELMONTE JM; WANG LH; MURTHY PKL; CHOI J; RAKHILIN N; KING S; VARANKO AK; WITHERSPOON M; NISHIMURA N; GLAZIER JA; LIPKIN SM; BU PC; SHEN XL; A Notch positive feedback in the intestinal stem cell niche is essential for stem cell self-renewal MOLECULAR SYSTEMS BIOLOGY 2017,13(4): -
2017-MAY 26 CHEN Y; ZHANG L; GRAF L; YU B; LIU Y; KOCHS G; ZHAO Y; GAO S; Conformational dynamics of dynamin-like MxA revealed by single-molecule FRET NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): -
2017-JUN 7 GAO Q; ZHANG JF; WANG XM; LIU Y; HE RQ; LIU XF; WANG F; FENG J; YANG DL; WANG ZQ; MENG AM; YAN XY; The signalling receptor MCAM coordinates apical-basal polarity and planar cell polarity during morphogenesis NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): -
2017-JUN 7 XIA PY; LIU J; WANG S; YE BQ; DU Y; XIONG Z; HAN ZG; TONG L; FAN Z; WASH maintains NKp46(+) ILC3 cells by promoting AHR expression NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): -
2017-MAY 23 KOTECHA A; WANG Q; DONG XC; ILCA SL; ONDIVIELA M; ZIHE R; SEAGO J; CHARLESTON B; FRY EE; ABRESCIA NGA; SPRINGER TA; HUISKONEN JT; STUART DI; Rules of engagement between alpha v beta 6 integrin and foot-and-mouth disease virus NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): -
2017-MAY 1 JI L; JIANG B; JIANG XM; CHARLAT O; CHEN A; MICKANIN C; BAUER A; XU WQ; YAN XX; CONG F; The SIAH E3 ubiquitin ligases promote Wnt/beta-catenin signaling through mediating Wnt-induced Axin degradation GENES & DEVELOPMENT 2017,31(9):904-915
2017-JUN YIN JH; HUANG YL; GUO PF; HU SQ; YOSHINA S; XUAN N; GAN QW; MITANI S; YANG CL; WANG XC; GOP-1 promotes apoptotic cell degradation by activating the small GTPase Rab2 in C. elegans JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2017,216(6):1775-1794
2017-JUN CAI SF; JIA XH; HAN QS; YAN XY; YANG R; WANG C; Porous Pt/Ag nanoparticles with excellent multifunctional enzyme mimic activities and antibacterial effects NANO RESEARCH 2017,10(6):2056-2069
2017-JUL ZHOU Y; DENG RJ; ZHEN MM; LI J; GUAN MR; JIA W; LI X; ZHANG Y; YU T; ZOU TJ; LU ZG; GUO J; SUN L; SHU CY; WANG CR; Amino acid functionalized gadofullerene nanoparticles with superior antitumor activity via destruction of tumor vasculature in vivo BIOMATERIALS 2017,133( ):107-118
2017-JUL LIANG XL; FANG L; LI XD; ZHANG X; WANG F; Activatable near infrared dye conjugated hyaluronic acid based nanoparticles as a targeted theranostic agent for enhanced fluorescence/CT/photoacoustic imaging guided photothermal therapy BIOMATERIALS 2017,132( ):72-84
2017-AUG LI LY; HAO PL; WEI P; FU LM; AI XC; ZHANG JP; ZHOU J; DNA-assisted upconversion nanoplatform for imaging-guided synergistic therapy and laser-switchable drug detoxification BIOMATERIALS 2017,136( ):43-55
2017- HAN YY; HUANG WW; LIU JK; LIU DD; CUI YY; HUANG RM; JUN Y; LEI M; Triptolide Inhibits the AR Signaling Pathway to Suppress the Proliferation of Enzalutamide Resistant Prostate Cancer Cells THERANOSTICS 2017,7(7):1914-1927
2017-JUN 20 CHEN W; XIE ZS; YANG FQ; YE KQ; Stepwise assembly of the earliest precursors of large ribosomal subunits in yeast NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2017,45(11):6837-6847
2017-MAY 14 HAN QS; WANG XH; JIA XH; CAI SF; LIANG W; QIN Y; YANG R; WANG C; CpG loaded MoS2 nanosheets as multifunctional agents for photothermal enhanced cancer immunotherapy NANOSCALE 2017,9(18):5927-5934
2017-MAY 18 CHEN Y; LI C; XIE H; FAN Y; YANG Z; MA J; HE D; LI L; Infiltrating mast cells promote renal cell carcinoma angiogenesis by modulating PI3K -> AKT -> GSK3 beta -> AM signaling ONCOGENE 2017,36(20):2879-2888
2017-JUL NI C; MA P; QU LW; WU F; HAO JF; WANG RR; LU Y; YANG W; ERBEN U; QIN ZH; Accelerated tumour metastasis due to interferon-gamma receptor-mediated dissociation of perivascular cells from blood vessels JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY 2017,242(3):334-346
2017-APR 22 OU XM; GUO JL; WANG LF; YANG HT; LIU XY; SUN JY; LIU ZF; Ion- and water-binding sites inside an occluded hourglass pore of a trimeric intracellular cation (TRIC) channel BMC BIOLOGY 2017,15( ): -
2017-JUN BA Q; LI XG; HUANG C; LI JY; FU YJ; CHEN PZ; DUAN J; HAO M; ZHANG YH; LI JQ; SUN CQ; YING H; SONG HY; ZHANG RW; SHEN ZY; WANG H; BCCIP beta modulates the ribosomal and extraribosomal function of S7 through a direct interaction JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2017,9(3):209-219
2017-JUN 13 YANG N; LIU XH; TENG D; LI ZZ; WANG XM; MAO RY; WANG X; HAO Y; WANG JH; Antibacterial and detoxifying activity of NZ17074 analogues with multi-layers of selective antimicrobial actions against Escherichia coli and Salmonella enteritidis SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017,7( ): -
2017-MAY 25 LI XM; MA R; PANG LJ; LV WW; XIE YL; CHEN Y; ZHANG PY; CHEN JW; WU QC; CUI GB; ZHANG P; ZHOU YF; ZHANG XC; Delta coherence in resting-state EEG predicts the reduction in cigarette craving after hypnotic aversion suggestions SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017,7( ): -
2017-MAY 9 QIN YN; CHEN YN; YANG J; WU F; ZHAO LY; YANG FQ; XUE P; SHI ZY; SONG TS; HUANG C; Serum glycopattern and Maackia amurensis lectin-II binding glycoproteins in autism spectrum disorder SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017,7( ): -
2017-MAY 12 XU M; WANG YZ; YANG XA; JIANG T; XIE W; Structural studies of the periplasmic portion of the diguanylate cyclase CdgH from Vibrio cholerae SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017,7( ): -
2017-MAY 30 ZHU ZM; WANG GY; MA K; CUI S; WANG JH; GABAergic neurons in nucleus accumbens are correlated to resilience and vulnerability to chronic stress for major depression ONCOTARGET 2017,8(22):35933-35945
2017-JUN 13 HUANG L; WANG C; ZHAO SD; GE RJ; GUAN SD; WANG JH; PKC and CaMK-II inhibitions coordinately rescue ischemia-induced GABAergic neuron dysfunction ONCOTARGET 2017,8(24):39309-39322
2017-MAY 16 LU W; FENG J; WEN B; WANG K; WANG JH; Activity-induced spontaneous spikes in GABAergic neurons suppress seizure discharges: an implication of computational modeling ONCOTARGET 2017,8(20):32384-32397
2017-MAY 1 WANG HF; ZHANG XW; ZUO ZG; ZHANG Q; PAN Y; ZENG BH; LI WX; WEI H; LIU ZH; Rip2 Is Required for Nod2-Mediated Lysozyme Sorting in Paneth Cells JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2017,198(9):3729-3736
2017-MAY 15 LIAO WH; HUA ZL; LIU C; LIN L; CHEN R; HOU BD; Characterization of T-Dependent and T-Independent B Cell Responses to a Virus-like Particle JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2017,198(10):3846-3856
2017-MAY 11 HAN M; ZOU WJ; CHANG H; YU Y; ZHANG HN; LI ST; CHENG HK; WEI GF; CHEN Y; REINKE V; XU T; KANG LJ; A Systematic RNAi Screen Reveals a Novel Role of a Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Protein BuGZ in Synaptic Transmission in C. elegans FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2017,10( ): -
2017-APR YANG XL; WANG ZH; XIANG ZC; LI D; HU ZY; CUI W; GENG LL; FANG QJ; Peptide probes derived from pertuzumab by molecular dynamics modeling for HER2 positive tumor imaging PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 2017,13(4): -
2017-MAY 15 ALI S; XU T; XU XL; CRAC channel gating and its modulation by STIM1 and 2-aminoethoxydiphenyl borate JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON 2017,595(10):3085-3095
2017-JUN 14 GUO R; GE RJ; ZHAO SD; LIU YL; ZHAO X; HUANG L; GUAN SD; LU W; CUI S; WANG S; WANG JH; Associative Memory Extinction Is Accompanied by Decayed Plasticity at Motor Cortical Neurons and Persistent Plasticity at Sensory Cortical Neurons FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2017,11( ): -
2017-JUN 9 GUAN CC; LI J; SUN DP; LIU YF; LIANG HH; The structure and polymerase-recognition mechanism of the crucial adaptor protein AND-1 in the human replisome JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2017,292(23):9627-9636
2017-MAY 25 LU J; DUAN YP; ZUO ZT; XU WR; ZHANG XW; LI C; XUE R; LU HZ; ZHANG WH; Depression in patients with SAPHO syndrome and its relationship with brain activity and connectivity ORPHANET JOURNAL OF RARE DISEASES 2017,12( ): -
2017-MAY 15 ZHANG ZF; ZHAO M; WANG L; CHEN YY; DONG YH; GONG Y; HUANG L; Roles of Leu28 side chain intercalation in the interaction between Cren7 and DNA BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2017,474(10):1727-1739
2017-APR ZHANG XQ; CAO HH; BAI SY; HUO WB; MA Y; Differentiation and characterization of rhesus monkey atrial and ventricular cardiomyocytes from induced pluripotent stem cells STEM CELL RESEARCH 2017,20( ):21-29
2017-JUN YANG CL; WANG XC; Cell biology in China: Focusing on the lysosome TRAFFIC 2017,18(6):348-357
2017-FEB 3 HE RQ; LU Y; WU BB; YU LX; HAN CS; WEI Y; GRP78 is a Major Ribosylated Protein in CHO Cells BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2017,112(3):210A-210A
2017-FEB 3 LAN X; FAN CY; JI W; TIAN FY; XU T; GAO ZB; Grafting Voltage Sensing Sensitivity and Pharmacology in Potassium Channels BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2017,112(3):246A-246A
2017-FEB 3 WANG JH; FENG J; LU W; Associative Memory Cells are Recruited to Encode Triple Sensory Signals via Synapse Formation BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2017,112(3):443A-444A
2017-JUN HUANG CC; LIU YM; WU HM; SUN DH; LI Y; Characterization of IgG glycosylation in rheumatoid arthritis patients by MALDI-TOF-MSn and capillary electrophoresis ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2017,409(15):3731-3739
2017-AUG KONG XX; YUAN ZQ; CHENG JB; The function of NOD-like receptors in central nervous system diseases JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH 2017,95(8):1565-1573
2017-JUL LI H; LI HW; YUE HY; WANG W; YU LB; WANG S; CAO Y; ZHAO JZ; Comparison between smaller ruptured intracranial aneurysm and larger un-ruptured intracranial aneurysm: gene expression profile analysis NEUROSURGICAL REVIEW 2017,40(3):419-425
2017-MAY JIAO RJ; GAO CX; Anything impossible with CRISPR/Cas9? SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2017,60(5):445-446
2017-MAY ZHOU LQ; ZUO ZT; WANG J; FU T; CHEN L; Abnormal Attentive Tracking in Children With Intermittent Exotropia PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2017,44(5):407-413
2017-MAY TANG XM; WANG DC; Crystal Structure of EspB From Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Insights on Possible Secretion Mechanism of ESX-1 Pathway PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2017,44(5):414-421
2017-MAY ZHANG X; LIU XY; LU PP; JIA C; A 'Self-checking' Algorithm for Accurate Detection of High-density and Fast-moving Vesicles in Time-series Fluorescence Images PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2017,44(5):431-442