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2017-MAR 21 LI CF; DENG YQ; WANG S; MA F; ALIYARI R; HUANG XY; ZHANG NN; WATANABE M; DONG HL; LIU P; LI XF; YE Q; TIAN M; HONG S; FAN JW; ZHAO H; LI LL; VISHLAGHI N; BUTH JE; AU C; LIU Y; LU N; DU PS; QIN FXF; ZHANG B; GONG DY; DAI XH; SUN R; NOVITCH BG; XU ZH; QIN CF; CHENG GH; 25-Hydroxycholesterol Protects Host against Zika Virus Infection and Its Associated Microcephaly in a Mouse Model IMMUNITY 2017,46(3):446-456
2017-MAR 16 SWARTS DC; SZCZEPANIAK M; SHENG G; CHANDRADOSS SD; ZHU YF; TIMMERS EM; ZHANG Y; ZHAO HT; LOU JZ; WANG YL; JOO C; VAN DER OOST J; Autonomous Generation and Loading of DNA Guides by Bacterial Argonaute MOLECULAR CELL 2017,65(6):985-+
2017-FEB CHEN RD; GAO BQ; LIU X; RUAN FY; ZHANG Y; LOU JZ; FENG KP; WUNSCH C; LI SM; DAI JG; SUN F; Molecular insights into the enzyme promiscuity of an aromatic prenyltransferase NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2017,13(2):226-234
2017-MAR LUO YT; DUAN HX; QIAN YN; FENG LQ; WU ZZ; WANG F; FENG J; YANG DL; QIN ZH; YAN XY; Macrophagic CD146 promotes foam cell formation and retention during atherosclerosis CELL RESEARCH 2017,27(3):352-372
2017-MAR ZHU H; CHEN LW; YANG YH; ZHU ZW; ZHANG XL; LI W; MIAO L; ZHANG Y; OU GS; The glial actin cytoskeleton regulates neuronal ciliogenesis CELL RESEARCH 2017,27(3):448-451
2017-MAR 3 HAN XF; LI P; YANG ZH; HUANG XS; WEI GQ; SUN YJ; KANG XY; HU XT; DENG QP; CHEN LY; HE AB; HUO YQ; LI D; BETZIG E; LUO JC; Zyxin regulates endothelial von Willebrand factor secretion by reorganizing actin filaments around exocytic granules NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): -
2017-FEB 6 TAN SG; ZHANG H; CHAI Y; SONG H; TONG Z; WANG QH; QI JX; WONG G; ZHU XD; LIU WJ; GAO S; WANG ZF; SHI Y; YANG FQ; GAO GF; YAN JH; An unexpected N-terminal loop in PD-1 dominates binding by nivolumab NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): -
2017-FEB 13 FRITZSCHE M; LI D; COLIN-YORK H; CHANG VT; MOEENDARBARY E; FELCE JH; SEZGIN E; CHARRAS G; BETZIG E; EGGELING C; Self-organizing actin patterns shape membrane architecture but not cell mechanics NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): -
2017- FAN KL; WANG H; XI JQ; LIU Q; MENG XQ; DUAN DM; GAO LZ; YAN XY; Optimization of Fe3O4 nanozyme activity via single amino acid modification mimicking an enzyme active site CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2017,53(2):424-427
2017-FEB WANG D; HOU L; NAKAMURA S; SU M; LI F; CHEN WY; YAN YZ; GREEN CD; CHEN D; ZHANG H; ANTEBI A; HAN JDJ; LIN-28 balances longevity and germline stem cell number in Caenorhabditis elegans through let-7/AKT/DAF-16 axis AGING CELL 2017,16(1):113-124
2017-FEB 17 YANG W; WILLEMSE J; SAWYER EB; LOU F; GONG WB; ZHANG H; GRAS SL; CLAESSEN D; PERRETT S; The propensity of the bacterial rodlin protein RdlB to form amyloid fibrils determines its function in Streptomyces coelicolor SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017,7( ): -
2017-FEB 27 LI J; YAN B; SI HJ; PENG X; ZHANG SYL; HU JJ; Atlastin regulates store-operated calcium entry for nerve growth factor-induced neurite outgrowth SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017,7( ): -
2017-MAR 6 PENG YS; LI XD; ZHOU HB; WU AP; DONG LB; ZHANG Y; GAO RB; BO H; YANG L; WANG DY; LIN X; JIN ML; SHU YL; JIANG TJ; Continual Antigenic Diversification in China Leads to Global Antigenic Complexity of Avian Influenza H5N1 Viruses SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017,7( ): -
2017- LIU XJ; DONG CY; SHI JY; MA T; JIN ZX; JIA B; LIU ZF; SHEN L; WANG F; Radiolabeled novel mAb 4G1 for immunoSPECT imaging of EGFRvIII expression in preclinical glioblastoma xenografts ONCOTARGET 2017,8(4):6364-6375
2017- CHENG TT; ZHAI K; CHANG Y; YAO GD; HE JH; WANG F; KONG HJ; XIN H; WANG HW; JIN M; GONG B; GU L; YANG ZG; WU YY; JI GJ; SUN YP; CHIR99021 combined with retinoic acid promotes the differentiation of primordial germ cells from human embryonic stem cells ONCOTARGET 2017,8(5):7814-7826
2017- ZHU HE; ZHANG LY; YAN S; LI WM; CUI JT; ZHU M; XIA N; YANG Y; YUAN J; CHEN XW; LUO JJ; CHEN RS; XING R; LU YY; WU N; LncRNA16 is a potential biomarker for diagnosis of early-stage lung cancer that promotes cell proliferation by regulating the cell cycle ONCOTARGET 2017,8(5):7867-7877
2017-FEB ZHANG CX; ZHANG Q; XIE YY; HE XY; XIANG C; HOU XS; ZHOU Y; CHEN L; ZHANG GX; LIU G; Mouse Double Minute 2 Actively Suppresses p53 Activity in Oocytes during Mouse Folliculogenesis AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY 2017,187(2):339-351
2017- TONG ZQ; WANG W; LUO WH; LV JH; LI H; LUO HJ; JIA JP; HE R; Urine Formaldehyde Predicts Cognitive Impairment in Post-Stroke Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE 2017,55(3):1031-1038
2017-MAR 6 ZHENG ZW; LI R; XIAO FQ; HE RQ; ZHANG SZ; LI J; Sex Matters: Hippocampal Volume Predicts Individual Differences in Associative Memory in Cognitively Normal Older Women but Not Men FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2017,11( ): -
2017-MAR 2 ZHANG YJ; SONG HW; LIU XM; TANG DH; CHEN YE; ZHANG XC; Language Learning Enhanced by Massive Multiple Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) and the Underlying Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 2017,11( ): -
2017- XIA MX; ZHAO QC; ZHANG H; CHEN YT; YUAN ZQ; XU Y; ZHANG MJ; Proteomic Analysis of HDAC3 Selective Inhibitor in the Regulation of Inflammatory Response of Primary Microglia NEURAL PLASTICITY 2017, ( ): -
2017- LI T; FANG Q; CHEN HM; QI F; OU XJ; ZHAO XB; LIU DH; Solvent-based delignification and decrystallization of wheat straw for efficient enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose and ethanol production with low cellulase loadings RSC ADVANCES 2017,7(17):10609-10617
2017-FEB JIANG Y; ZHU YP; LIU ZJ; OUYANG SY; The emerging roles of the DDX41 protein in immunity and diseases PROTEIN & CELL 2017,8(2):83-89
2017-FEB JIANG Y; ZHU YP; QIU WC; LIU YJ; CHENG GH; LIU ZJ; OUYANG SY; Structural and functional analyses of human DDX41 DEAD domain (vol 8, pg 72, 2016) PROTEIN & CELL 2017,8(2):155-157
2017-FEB FENG RL; DENG PZ; SONG ZM; CHU W; ZHU WX; TENG FF; ZHOU FL; Glycyrrhetinic acid-modified PEG-PCL copolymeric micelles for the delivery of curcumin REACTIVE & FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS 2017,111( ):30-37
2017-JAN CHEN ZW; XUE R; ZHANG P; SUN KB; ZUO ZT; AN J; CHEN J; HE S; CHEN L; WANG DJJ; Multi-phase passband balanced SSFP fMRI with 50 ms sampling rate at 7 Tesla enables high precision in resolving 100 ms neuronal events MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING 2017,35( ):20-28
2017-FEB CHEN Z; LUO Q; YUAN L; SONG GB; Microgravity directs stem cell differentiation HISTOLOGY AND HISTOPATHOLOGY 2017,32(2):99-106
2017-FEB YU Y; CUI C; WANG JY; LU Y; Biosynthetic approach to modeling and understanding metalloproteins using unnatural amino acids SCIENCE CHINA-CHEMISTRY 2017,60(2):188-200
2017-FEB CAO WR; DAS A; SAREN GW; JIANG MY; ZHANG HJ; YU XK; Autotrophic potential in mesophilic heterotrophic bacterial isolates from Sino-Pacific marine sediments ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA 2017,36(2):69-77