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2016-AUG 25 YAO RF; MING ZH; YAN LM; LI SH; WANG F; MA S; YU CT; YANG M; CHEN L; CHEN LH; LI YW; YAN C; MIAO D; SUN ZY; YAN JB; SUN YN; WANG L; CHU JF; FAN SL; HE W; DENG HT; NAN FJ; LI JY; RAO ZH; LOU ZY; XIE DX; DWARF14 is a non-canonical hormone receptor for strigolactone NATURE 2016,536(7617):469-+
2015-NOV 5 WANG JY; LI JZ; ZHAO HT; SHENG G; WANG M; YIN ML; WANG YL; Structural and Mechanistic Basis of PAM-Dependent Spacer Acquisition in CRISPR-Cas Systems CELL 2015,163(4):840-853
2016-SEP LI RS; REN XL; BI Y; HO VWS; HSIEH CL; YOUNG A; ZHANG ZH; LIN TT; ZHAO YM; MIAO L; SARKIES P; ZHAO ZY; Specific down-regulation of spermatogenesis genes targeted by 22G RNAs in hybrid sterile males associated with an X-Chromosome introgression GENOME RESEARCH 2016,26(9):1219-1232
2016-SEP 1 WANG Z; MIAO GY; XUE X; GUO XY; YUAN CZ; WANG ZY; ZHANG GM; CHEN YY; FENG D; HU JJ; ZHANG H; The Vici Syndrome Protein EPG5 Is a Rab7 Effector that Determines the Fusion Specificity of Autophagosomes with Late Endosomes/Lysosomes MOLECULAR CELL 2016,63(5):781-795
2016-SEP WEI RS; WANG X; ZHANG Y; MUKHERJEE S; ZHANG L; CHEN Q; HUANG XR; JING S; LIU CC; LI S; WANG GY; XU YF; ZHU SJ; WILLIAMS AJ; SUN F; YIN CC; Structural insights into Ca2+-activated long-range allosteric channel gating of RyR1 CELL RESEARCH 2016,26(9):977-994
2016-AUG ZHAO Q; ZHANG JQ; CHEN RY; WANG LN; LI B; CHENG H; DUAN XY; ZHU HJ; WEI W; LI JW; WU QH; HAN JDJ; YU WQ; GAO SR; LI GH; WONG JM; Dissecting the precise role of H3K9 methylation in crosstalk with DNA maintenance methylation in mammals NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016,7( ): -
2016-SEP 13 ZHANG X; ZHANG MS; LI D; HE WT; PENG JX; BETZIG E; XU PY; Highly photostable, reversibly photoswitchable fluorescent protein with high contrast ratio for live-cell superresolution microscopy PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2016,113(37):10364-10369
2016-SEP 6 ZHANG C; SUN Q; CHEN RC; CHEN XN; LIN JZ; YE KQ; Integrative structural analysis of the UTPB complex, an early assembly factor for eukaryotic small ribosomal subunits NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2016,44(15):7475-7486
2016-JUL 5 MA B; MA J; LIU D; GUO L; CHEN HL; DING JJ; LIU W; ZHANG HQ; Biochemical and structural characterization of a DNA N-6-adenine methyltransferase from Helicobacter pylori ONCOTARGET 2016,7(27):40965-40977
2016-AUG 31 BAO LY; LI JJ; JIA CJ; LI M; LU XF; Structure-oriented substrate specificity engineering of aldehyde-deformylating oxygenase towards aldehydes carbon chain length BIOTECHNOLOGY FOR BIOFUELS 2016,9( ): -
2016-AUG LI SG; LIU C; GU L; WANG LN; SHANG YL; LIU Q; WAN JY; SHI J; WANG F; XU ZL; JI GJ; LI W; Autophagy protects cardiomyocytes from the myocardial ischaemia-reperfusion injury through the clearance of CLP36 OPEN BIOLOGY 2016,6(8): -
2016-SEP ZHENG HL; ZOU WB; SHEN JY; XU L; WANG S; FU YX; FAN WM; Opposite Effects of Coinjection and Distant Injection of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Breast Tumor Cell Growth STEM CELLS TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2016,5(9):1216-1228
2016-AUG 31 WANG SS; CHEN YZ; LI CF; WU YX; GUO L; PENG CW; HUANG YP; CHENG GH; QIN FXF; TRIM14 inhibits hepatitis C virus infection by SPRY domain-dependent targeted degradation of the viral NS5A protein SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-SEP 19 LI N; YANG Y; HE KM; ZHANG FY; ZHAO LB; ZHOU W; YUAN JH; LIANG W; FANG XH; Single-Molecule Imaging Reveals the Activation Dynamics of Intracellular Protein Smad3 on Cell Membrane SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-SEP 8 WANG Q; ZHANG XL; HAN YL; WANG XL; GAO GX; M2BP inhibits HIV-1 virion production in a vimentin filaments-dependent manner SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-SEP LI W; ZHENG NZ; YUAN Q; XU K; YANG F; GU L; ZHENG GY; LUO GJ; FAN C; JI GJ; ZHANG B; CAO HQ; TIAN XL; NFAT5-mediated CACNA1C expression is critical for cardiac electrophysiological development and maturation JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE-JMM 2016,94(9):993-1002
2016-SEP LI W; ZHENG NZ; YUAN Q; XU K; YANG F; GU L; ZHENG GY; LUO GJ; FAN C; JI GJ; ZHANG B; CAO HQ; TIAN XL; NFAT5-mediated CACNA1C expression is critical for cardiac electrophysiological development and maturation (vol 94, pg 993, 2016) JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE-JMM 2016,94(9):1003-1004
2016-AUG 19 SUN L; ZHANG Y; ZHANG ZQ; ZHENG Y; DU LL; ZHU B; Preferential Protection of Genetic Fidelity within Open Chromatin by the Mismatch Repair Machinery JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2016,291(34):17692-17705
2016-AUG JIA X; SHEN S; LV Y; ZHANG ZW; GUO HT; DENG HY; Tegument Protein ORF45 Plays an Essential Role in Virion Morphogenesis of Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2016,90(16):7587-7592
2016-SEP XU GL; ZHANG XX; GAO WH; WANG CX; WANG JL; SUN HL; SUN YP; GUO L; ZHANG R; CHANG KC; LIU JH; PU J; Prevailing PA Mutation K356R in Avian Influenza H9N2 Virus Increases Mammalian Replication and Pathogenicity JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2016,90(18):8105-8114
2016-SEP ZHANG CQ; YE ZL; XUE P; SHU QB; ZHOU Y; JI YL; FU Y; WANG JF; YANG FQ; Evaluation of Different N-Glycopeptide Enrichment Methods for N-Glycosylation Sites Mapping in Mouse Brain JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH 2016,15(9):2960-2968
2016-AUG ZHANG J; LIU ZY; CHANG AS; FANG J; MEN YQ; TIAN Y; OUYANG XM; YAN D; ZHANG AZ; SUN XY; TANG J; LIU XZ; ZUO J; GAO JG; Abnormal mRNA splicing but normal auditory brainstem response (ABR) in mice with the prestin (SLC26A5) IVS2-2A > G mutation MUTATION RESEARCH-FUNDAMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MECHANISMS OF MUTAGENESIS 2016,790( ):1-7
2016-AUG ZHENG ZW; LI J; XIAO FQ; REN WC; HE RQ; Unitization improves source memory in older adults: An event-related potential study NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 2016,89( ):232-244
2016-OCT CHEN P; WANG GM; MA R; JING F; ZHANG YJ; WANG Y; ZHANG P; NIU CS; ZHANG XC; Multidimensional assessment of empathic abilities in patients with insular glioma COGNITIVE AFFECTIVE & BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE 2016,16(5):962-975
2016-SEP FU JP; MO WC; LIU Y; BARTLETT PF; HE RQ; Elimination of the geomagnetic field stimulates the proliferation of mouse neural progenitor and stem cells PROTEIN & CELL 2016,7(9):624-637
2016-AUG WANG SL; ZHAI YJ; PANG XY; NIU TX; DING YH; DONG MQ; HSU VW; SUN Z; SUN F; Structural characterization of coatomer in its cytosolic state PROTEIN & CELL 2016,7(8):586-600
2016-AUG SUN S; LV L; YAO Z; BHANOT P; HU JJ; WANG Q; Identification of endoplasmic reticulum-shaping proteins in Plasmodium parasites PROTEIN & CELL 2016,7(8):615-620
2016-AUG 3 ZHANG SQ; CHEN Y; CLIMP: Clustering Motifs via Maximal Cliques with Parallel Computing Design PLOS ONE 2016,11(8): -
2016-SEP BURAKOVA LP; NATASHIN PV; MARKOVA SV; EREMEEVA EV; MALIKOVA NP; CHENG CY; LIU ZJ; VYSOTSKI ES; Mitrocomin from the jellyfish Mitrocoma cellularia with deleted C-terminal tyrosine reveals a higher bioluminescence activity compared to wild type photoprotein JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY B-BIOLOGY 2016,162( ):286-297
2016-SEP LI H; LI HW; HAO YJ; JIAO YM; LI ZC; YUE HY; XU Z; WANG S; CAO Y; ZHAO JZ; Differential long non-coding RNA and mRNA expression in differentiated human glioblastoma stem cells MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 2016,14(3):2067-2076
2016-OCT WANG XL; CHEN CX; Adaptive ship detection in SAR images using variance WIE-based method SIGNAL IMAGE AND VIDEO PROCESSING 2016,10(7):1219-1224
2016-MAY 9 ZHANG YJ; NDASAUKA Y; HOU J; CHEN JW; YANG LZ; WANG Y; HAN L; BU JJ; ZHANG P; ZHOU YF; ZHANG XC; Cue-induced Behavioral and Neural Changes among Excessive Internet Gamers and Possible Application of Cue Exposure Therapy to Internet Gaming Disorder FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2016,7( ): -
2016-JUN 7 LI B; ZHU XY; HOU JH; CHEN TJ; WANG PY; LI J; Combined Cognitive Training vs. Memory Strategy Training in Healthy Older Adults FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2016,7( ): -