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2016-JUN 2 WEI XP; SU XD; CAO P; LIU XY; CHANG WR; LI M; ZHANG XZ; LIU ZF; Structure of spinach photosystem II-LHCII supercomplex at 3.2 angstrom resolution NATURE 2016,534(7605):69-+
2016-APR 29 LI D; BETZIG E; Response to Comment on 'Extended-resolution structured illumination imaging of endocytic and cytoskeletal dynamics' SCIENCE 2016,352(6285): -
2016-JUN 10 FANG D; GAN HY; LEE JH; HAN J; WANG ZQ; RIESTER SM; JIN L; CHEN JJ; ZHOU H; WANG JL; ZHANG HL; YANG N; BRADLEY EW; HO TH; RUBIN BP; BRIDGE JA; THIBODEAU SN; ORDOG T; CHEN Y; VAN WIJNEN AJ; OLIVEIRA AM; XU RM; WESTENDORF JJ; ZHANG ZG; The histone H3.306M mutation reprograms the epigenome of chondroblastomas SCIENCE 2016,352(6291):1344-1348
2016-JUN 2 KUBBEN N; ZHANG WQ; WANG LX; VOSS TC; YANG JP; QU J; LIU GH; MISTELI T; Repression of the Antioxidant NRF2 Pathway in Premature Aging CELL 2016,165(6):1361-1374
2016-MAY REN ZH; PENG H; FU YX; PD-1 Shapes B Cells as Evildoers in the Tumor Microenvironment CANCER DISCOVERY 2016,6(5):477-478
2016-JUN XUE YC; QIAN H; HU J; ZHOU B; ZHOU Y; HU XH; KARAKHANYAN A; PANG ZP; FU XD; Sequential regulatory loops as key gatekeepers for neuronal reprogramming in human cells NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 2016,19(6):807-+
2016-MAY 19 ZHAO YG; ZHANG H; The Incredible ULKs: Autophagy and Beyond MOLECULAR CELL 2016,62(4):475-476
2016-MAY 19 YANG YF; HE SS; WANG QX; LI F; KWAK MJ; CHEN S; O'CONNELL D; ZHANG T; PIROOZ SD; JEON Y; CHIMGE NO; FRENKEL B; CHOI Y; ALDROVANDI GM; OH BH; YUAN ZQ; LIANG CY; Autophagic UVRAG Promotes UV-Induced Photolesion Repair by Activation of the CRL4(DDB2) E3 Ligase MOLECULAR CELL 2016,62(4):507-519
2016-MAY GAO YY; BAI XF; ZHANG DJ; HAN CS; YUAN J; LIU WB; CAO XT; CHEN ZL; SHANGGUAN FG; ZHU ZY; GAO F; QIN Y; Mammalian elongation factor 4 regulates mitochondrial translation essential for spermatogenesis NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2016,23(5):441-449
2016-JUN WANG Q; MA S; SONG N; LI X; LIU L; YANG SD; DING X; SHAN L; ZHOU X; SU DX; WANG Y; ZHANG Q; LIU XH; YU N; ZHANG K; SHANG YF; YAO Z; SHI L; Stabilization of histone demethylase PHF8 by USP7 promotes breast carcinogenesis JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 2016,126(6):2205-2220
2016-APR ZHAO YZ; LIANG MM; LI X; FAN KL; XIAO J; LI YL; SHI HC; WANG F; CHOI HS; CHENG DF; YAN XY; Bioengineered Magnetoferritin Nanoprobes for Single-Dose Nuclear-Magnetic Resonance Tumor Imaging ACS NANO 2016,10(4):4184-4191
2016-MAY 11 WANG L; VALDERRAMOS SG; WU AP; OUYANG SY; LI CF; BRASIL P; BONALDO M; COATES T; NIELSEN-SAINES K; JIANG TJ; ALIYARI R; CHENG GH; From Mosquitos to Humans: Genetic Evolution of Zika Virus CELL HOST & MICROBE 2016,19(5):561-565
2016-MAY 11 AUBERT DF; XU H; YANG JL; SHI XY; GAO WQ; LI L; BISARO F; CHEN S; VALVANO MA; SHAO F; A Burkholderia Type VI Effector Deamidates Rho GTPases to Activate the Pyrin Inflammasome and Trigger Inflammation CELL HOST & MICROBE 2016,19(5):664-674
2016-MAY DAI C; LI WY; TJONG H; HAO SL; ZHOU YG; LI QJ; CHEN L; ZHU B; ALBER F; ZHOU XJ; Mining 3D genome structure populations identifies major factors governing the stability of regulatory communities NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016,7( ): -
2016-MAY 17 CHEN NH; CAI P; ZHOU TG; THOMPSON B; FANG F; Perceptual learning modifies the functional specializations of visual cortical areas PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2016,113(20):5724-5729
2016-MAY 3 LIU Y; WANG Y; DU ZW; YAN XL; ZHENG P; LIU Y; Fbxo30 Regulates Mammopoiesis by Targeting the Bipolar Mitotic Kinesin Eg5 CELL REPORTS 2016,15(5):1111-1122
2016-MAY ZHANG HN; LIU J; QU D; WANG L; LUO JY; LAU CW; LIU PS; GAO Z; TIPOE GL; LEE HK; NG CF; MA RCW; YAO XQ; HUANG Y; Inhibition of miR-200c Restores Endothelial Function in Diabetic Mice Through Suppression of COX-2 DIABETES 2016,65(5):1196-1207
2016- SHANG EC; ZHANG JZ; BAI JY; WANG Z; LI X; ZHU B; LEI XG; Syntheses of [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]benzazoles enabled by the transition-metal-free oxidative N-N bond formation CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2016,52(43):7028-7031
2016-APR 19 ZHAI K; YANG ZG; ZHU XF; NYIRIMIGABO E; MI Y; WANG Y; LIU QH; MAN LB; WU SL; JIN J; JI GJ; Activation of bitter taste receptors (tas2rs) relaxes detrusor smooth muscle and suppresses overactive bladder symptoms ONCOTARGET 2016,7(16):21156-21167
2016-APR 19 LI C; WANG JH; HAO JF; DONG BJ; LI Y; ZHU XX; DING J; REN SC; ZHAO HP; WU S; TIAN Y; WANG GQ; Reduced cytosolic carboxypeptidase 6 (CCP6) level leads to accumulation of serum polyglutamylated DNAJC7 protein: A potential biomarker for renal cell carcinoma early detection ONCOTARGET 2016,7(16):22385-22396
2016-MAY 3 JIANG K; LIU M; LIN GB; MAO BB; CHENG W; LIU H; GAL J; ZHU HN; YUAN ZQ; DENG WG; LIU QT; GONG P; BI XL; MENG SS; Tumor suppressor Spred2 interaction with LC3 promotes autophagosome maturation and induces autophagy-dependent cell death ONCOTARGET 2016,7(18):25652-25667
2016-MAR 29 LIU LH; YUE HY; LIU QH; YUAN J; LI J; WEI GF; CHEN XM; LU YY; GUO MZ; LUO JJ; CHEN RS; LncRNA MT1JP functions as a tumor suppressor by interacting with TIAR to modulate the p53 pathway ONCOTARGET 2016,7(13):15787-15800
2016-MAY 17 MA J; MA P; ZHAO CH; XUE X; HAN HM; LIU CZ; TAO H; XIU WG; CAI J; ZHANG M; B7-H3 as a promising target for cytotoxicity T cell in human cancer therapy ONCOTARGET 2016,7(20):29480-29491
2016-JUN 14 GUO J; FANG WW; SUN LB; LU YG; DOU L; HUANG XQ; SUN MX; PANG C; QU J; LIU GH; LI J; Reduced miR-200b and miR-200c expression contributes to abnormal hepatic lipid accumulation by stimulating JUN expression and activating the transcription of srebp1 ONCOTARGET 2016,7(24):36207-36219
2016-APR 20 PENG QL; WANG YJ; LI MX; YUAN DL; XU MB; LI CQ; GONG ZF; JIAO RJ; LIU L; cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Encoded by foraging Regulates Motor Axon Guidance in Drosophila by Suppressing Lola Function JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2016,36(16):4635-4646
2016-JUL ZHAO SQ; YIN J; ZHOU LJ; YAN F; HE Q; HUANG L; PENG SY; JIA JY; CHENG JB; CHEN H; TAO WF; JI XM; XU Y; YUAN ZQ; Hippo/MST1 signaling mediates microglial activation following acute cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury BRAIN BEHAVIOR AND IMMUNITY 2016,55( ):236-248
2016-MAY 5 FENG XL; WU XJ; MORRILL RJ; LI ZF; LI CL; YANG SC; LI ZX; CUI D; LV LB; HU ZF; ZHANG B; YIN Y; GUO LY; QIN DD; HU XT; Social correlates of the dominance rank and long-term cortisol levels in adolescent and adult male rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-MAY 27 PIAN YY; LI XQ; ZHENG YL; WU XH; YUAN Y; JIANG YQ; Binding of Human Fibrinogen to MRP Enhances Streptococcus suis Survival in Host Blood in a alpha(X)beta(2) Integrin-dependent Manner SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-APR 15 LI HG; CHEN YT; ZHANG B; NIU XD; SONG M; LUO ZQ; LU GJ; LIU BW; ZHAO XR; WANG JF; DENG XM; Inhibition of sortase A by chalcone prevents Listeria monocytogenes infection BIOCHEMICAL PHARMACOLOGY 2016,106( ):19-29
2016-APR 15 YUAN J; ZHANG P; CUI Y; WANG JJ; SKOGERBO G; HUANG DW; CHEN RS; HE SM; Computational identification of piRNA targets on mouse mRNAs BIOINFORMATICS 2016,32(8):1170-1177
2016-JUN 1 CUI Y; CHEN XW; LUO HX; FAN Z; LUO JJ; HE SM; YUE HY; ZHANG P; CHEN RS; BioCircos.js: an interactive Circos JavaScript library for biological data visualization on web applications BIOINFORMATICS 2016,32(11):1740-1742
2016-APR 29 LI XT; WANG Y; WANG H; LIU TT; GUO J; YI W; LI Y; Epithelia-derived wingless regulates dendrite directional growth of drosophila ddaE neuron through the Fz-Fmi-Dsh-Rac1 pathway MOLECULAR BRAIN 2016,9( ): -
2016-MAY 6 WANG Y; PANNURI AA; NI DC; ZHOU HZ; CAO XO; LU XM; ROMEO T; HUANG YH; Structural Basis for Translocation of a Biofilm-supporting Exopolysaccharide across the Bacterial Outer Membrane JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2016,291(19):10046-10057
2016-APR 15 QIN JY; WANG ZZ; HOOGEVEEN-WESTERVELD M; SHEN GB; GONG WM; NELLIST M; XU WQ; Structural Basis of the Interaction between Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 1 (TSC1) and Tre2-Bub2-Cdc16 Domain Family Member 7 (TBC1D7) JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2016,291(16):8591-8601
2016-APR 22 FU WQ; LIU N; QIAO Q; WANG MZ; MIN JR; ZHU B; XU RM; YANG N; Structural Basis for Substrate Preference of SMYD3, a SET Domain-containing Protein Lysine Methyltransferase JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2016,291(17):9173-9180
2016-MAY 13 MENG XY; GUO J; FANG WW; DOU L; LI M; HUANG XQ; ZHOU ST; MAN Y; TANG WQ; YU LQ; LI J; Liver MicroRNA-291b-3p Promotes Hepatic Lipogenesis through Negative Regulation of Adenosine 5'-Monophosphate (AMP)-activated Protein Kinase alpha 1 JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2016,291(20):10625-10634
2016-MAY ZHAO HT; GAO HN; ZHAI LP; LIU XJ; JIA B; SHI JY; WANG F; Tc-99m-HisoDGR as a Potential SPECT Probe for Orthotopic Glioma Detection via Targeting of Integrin alpha(5)beta(1) BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY 2016,27(5):1259-1266
2016-AUG 1 ZHU LJ; GUO ZX; ZHANG YF; LI ZX; SUI ML; A mechanism for the growth of a plasma electrolytic oxide coating on Al ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 2016,208( ):296-303
2016-MAY 15 SENOO H; CAI HQ; WANG Y; SESAKI H; IIJIMA M; The novel RacE-binding protein GflB sharpens Ras activity at the leading edge of migrating cells MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 2016,27(10):1596-1605
2016-JUN RAO JS; LIU Z; ZHAO C; WEI RH; ZHAO W; YANG ZY; LI XG; Longitudinal evaluation of functional connectivity variation in the monkey sensorimotor network induced by spinal cord injury ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA 2016,217(2):164-173
2016-MAR XU XH; ZHAO JT; LI YY; FAN YQ; ZHU NL; GAO YX; LI B; LIU HY; LI YF; Demethylation of methylmercury in growing rice plants: An evidence of self-detoxification ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 2016,210( ):113-120
2016-MAY XU AP; CUI S; WANG JH; Incoordination among Subcellular Compartments Is Associated with Depression-Like Behavior Induced by Chronic Mild Stress INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 2016,19(5): -
2016-FEB 16 WANG JH; WANG DG; GAO ZL; CHEN N; LEI ZF; CUI S; LU W; Both Glutamatergic and Gabaergic Neurons are Recruited to be Associative Memory Cells BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2016,110(3):481A-481A
2016-FEB 16 CHAN C; PANG XY; ZHANG Y; HSU VW; SUN F; FAN J; Structural Refinement of BAR-PH Domains Remodeling Cell Membrane Using MDFF BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2016,110(3):537A-538A
2016-JUN DENG XF; ZHANG ZH; ZHANG Y; ZHANG D; WANG R; YE X; XU L; WANG B; WANG K; ZHAO JZ; Comparison of 7.0-and 3.0-T MRI and MRA in ischemic-type moyamoya disease: preliminary experience JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY 2016,124(6):1716-1725
2016-MAR CAO BP; SONG NX; ZHANG MY; DI C; YANG Y; LU YY; CHEN RS; LU ZJ; GUO MZ; Systematic Study of Novel lncRNAs in Different Gastrointestinal Cancer Cells DISCOVERY MEDICINE 2016,115( ):159-171
2016-APR ZHANG B; WANG DP; WU J; TANG J; CHEN WX; CHEN XM; ZHANG DD; DENG YM; GUO MZ; WANG YJ; LUO JJ; CHEN RS; Expression Profiling and Functional Prediction of Long Noncoding RNAs in Nasopharyngeal Nonkeratinizing Carcinoma DISCOVERY MEDICINE 2016,116( ):239-250
2016-JUN GAO CC; XU XL; LI F; GONG BG; LIU S; CUI YQ; SUN HC; XU PY; ZHENG YM; JIANG H; Silencing pancreatic adenocarcinoma upregulated factor (PAUF) increases the sensitivity of pancreatic cancer cells to gemcitabine TUMOR BIOLOGY 2016,37(6):7555-7564
2016-MAY 20 JIAO RJ; GAO CX; The CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing Revolution JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2016,43(5):227-228
2016-MAY 1 LIU XZ; WANG XM; SHEN K; Receptor tyrosine phosphatase CLR-1 acts in skin cells to promote sensory dendrite outgrowth DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2016,413(1):60-69
2016- YANG CJ; WANG YL; HAO C; YUAN ZQ; LIU XD; YANG F; JIANG HQ; JIANG XY; ZHOU PK; DING KK; IER5 promotes irradiation- and cisplatin-induced apoptosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH 2016,8(4):1789-1798
2016-APR 27 LI ZY; ZHANG ZP; BI LJ; CUI ZQ; DENG JY; WANG DB; ZHANG XE; Mutagenesis of mNeptune Red-Shifts Emission Spectrum to 681-685 nm PLOS ONE 2016,11(4): -
2016-MAY 25 XIE Y; LI M; CHANG WR; Crystal Structures of Putative Sugar Kinases from Synechococcus Elongatus PCC 7942 and Arabidopsis Thaliana PLOS ONE 2016,11(5): -
2016-JUL CHEN Y; ZHANG Y; ZHANG K; DENG YC; WANG SL; ZHANG F; SUN F; FIRT: Filtered iterative reconstruction technique with information restoration JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 2016,195(1):49-61
2016-JUL DENG YC; CHEN Y; ZHANG Y; WANG SL; ZHANG F; SUN F; ICON: 3D reconstruction with 'missing-information' restoration in biological electron tomography JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 2016,195(1):100-112
2016-JUN 15 GUO YT; JIN M; TANG YL; WANG T; WEI B; FENG R; GONG B; WANG HW; JI GJ; LU ZB; AMP-activated kinase alpha 2 deficiency protects mice from denervation-induced skeletal muscle atrophy ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,600( ):56-60
2016- ZHOU Q; YANG XZ; XIONG MR; XU XL; ZHEN L; CHEN WW; WANG Y; SHEN JH; ZHAO P; LIU QH; Chloroquine Increases Glucose Uptake via Enhancing GLUT4 Translocation and Fusion with the Plasma Membrane in L6 Cells CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2016,38(5):2030-2040
2016- ZHANG Z; ZHAO Y; WANG X; LIN R; ZHANG Y; MA H; GUO Y; XU L; ZHAO B; The novel dipeptide Tyr-Ala (TA) significantly enhances the lifespan and healthspan of Caenorhabditis elegans FOOD & FUNCTION 2016,7(4):1975-1984
2016-MAY 13 GAO K; ZHANG Y; LOU JZ; Exploring the membrane fusion mechanism through force-induced disassembly of HIV-1 six-helix bundle BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2016,473(4):1185-1190
2016-MAY 27 WANG Y; XU M; JIANG T; Crystal structure of human PCNA in complex with the PIP box of DVC1 BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2016,474(2):264-270
2016-JUN WANG M; FLEMING J; LI ZH; LI CY; ZHANG HT; XUE YX; CHEN MS; ZHANG ZD; ZHANG XE; BI LJ; An automated approach for global identification of sRNA-encoding regions in RNA-Seq data from Mycobacterium tuberculosis ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2016,48(6):544-553
2016-MAY 20 WANG DY; WU YN; HUANG JQ; WANG W; XU M; JIA JP; HAN G; MAO BB; BI WZ; Hippo/YAP signaling pathway is involved in osteosarcoma chemoresistance CHINESE JOURNAL OF CANCER 2016,35( ):1-8
2016-JUN CHEN C; ZHANG XL; WANG YZ; ZHOU TG; FANG F; Neural activities in V1 create the bottom-up saliency map of natural scenes EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2016,234(6):1769-1780
2016- XU L; ZHAO JZ; LI HT; WANG Y; WANG B; ZHANG ZH; Detection of residual awareness function in the vegetative state patients BRAIN INJURY 2016,30(5-6):539-539
2016-MAY ZHANG Z; LIU ZH; Paneth cells: the hub for sensing and regulating intestinal flora SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2016,59(5):463-467
2016-JUN HE RD; SU T; YANG Y; LIU Y; WEI Y; HE RQ; To perceive a perfect Dora Maar in peripheral vision SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2016,59(6):640-642
2016- TAO G; LIU LN; WANG YJ; CHANG HP; ZHAO P; ZUO H; HE HW; Characterization of Silver Nanoparticle In Situ Synthesis on Porous Sericin Gel for Antibacterial Application JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS 2016, ( ): -
2016-MAY YAN XQ; WEI L; CHU SD; XUE R; ZHANG XL; Eight-Channel Monopole Array Using ICE Decoupling for Human Head MR Imaging at 7 T APPLIED MAGNETIC RESONANCE 2016,47(5):527-538
2016-MAY 20 WANG Y; LI JX; JI GJ; ZHAI K; WANG HH; LIU XG; The Involvement of Ca2+ Signal Pathways in Distal Colonic Myocytes in a Rat Model of Dextran Sulfate Sodium-induced Colitis CHINESE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2016,129(10):1185-+
2016-MAY WANG HF; AN LL; SUN S; CHEN C; YE C; HANG HY; ZHANG XJ; Novel Cellular Activities of The Cell Cycle Checkpoint Protein Rad1 Revealed by a New High-quality anti-Rad1 Antibody PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(5):484-495
2016-APR HUI JH; SHI LN; ZHANG P; HE S; Neural Mechanism of Visual Awareness in The Human Brain PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):297-307
2016-APR CAO P; WANG Q; Neural Circuit Mechanism Underlying Fight-or-flight Response PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):326-329
2016-APR QIU R; SUN YJ; LIU L; ZHU Y; Higher Brain Functions in Drosophila PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):330-336
2016-APR YAN Y; ZHU Y; LIU L; JIAO RJ; Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance of Learning and Memory: Can Flies Tell Us The Truth? PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):337-347
2016-APR LI Y; ZHANG ZP; The Emergence of Intelligence PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):348-353
2016-APR WANG Y; Neural Coding for Luminance in The Primary Visual Cortex PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):361-366
2016-APR WANG JH; CUI S; Neuronal Signal Encoding and Storage as Principles of Brain Function PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):367-373
2016-APR ZHU L; DENG JW; WANG P; LIU JH; WU JY; Mitochondrial Damage Induced by RNA Binding Proteins Which Are Associated With Neurodegenerative Diseases PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):374-382
2016-APR ZHAO SQ; WANG SK; HE Q; YUAN ZQ; The Role of Hippo Signaling in Neuronal Development and CNS Diseases PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):383-388
2016-APR WU Q; LI R; SUN L; LIU J; FANG A; LIU WS; LI L; YANG M; WANG XQ; Neocortical Expansion and Neurodevelopmental Disease PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):389-397
2016-APR WANG Y; WANG Y; Relationships Between Responses to Luminance Changes and Receptive Field ON-OFF Responses of Neurons in Lateral Geniculate Neucleus PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):413-419
2016-APR LI YN; HE RQ; The Effects of Formaldehyde on Life Span and Stress Resistance in Drosophila melanogaster PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):420-428
2016-APR LI T; SU T; HE YG; HE RQ; Chronic-dehydrated Dysmetabolism of Formaldehyde in Mouse Brain and Decline of Learning in The Shuttle Box PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(4):429-438
2016-MAY ZHANG HM; SRINIVAS S; LI DF; FENG YJ; Origin, dissemination and entry of the pandemic Zika viruses SCIENCE BULLETIN 2016,61(10):749-751
2016-AUG GAO L; ZHANG YY; WANG Y; QIAO XH; ZI J; CHEN C; WAN Y; Reduction of PCN biosynthesis by NO in Pseudomonas aeruginosa REDOX BIOLOGY 2016,8( ):252-258