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2015-DEC 17 WU F; WATANABE Y; GUO XY; QI X; WANG P; ZHAO HY; WANG Z; FUJIOKA Y; ZHANG H; REN JQ; FANG TC; SHEN YX; FENG W; HU JJ; NODA NN; ZHANG H; Structural Basis of the Differential Function of the Two C. elegans Atg8 Homologs, LGG-1 and LGG-2, in Autophagy MOLECULAR CELL 2015,60(6):914-929
2016-FEB ZHANG DJ; YAN KG; LIU GQ; SONG GT; LUO JJ; SHI Y; CHENG EC; WU S; JIANG TJ; LOU JZ; GAO N; QIN Y; EF4 disengages the peptidyl-tRNA CCA end and facilitates back-translocation on the 70S ribosome NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2016,23(2):125-+
2015-DEC LI CY; LI F; ZHANG YJ; ZHANG WJ; ZHANG XE; WANG QB; Real-Time Monitoring Surface Chemistry-Dependent In Vivo Behaviors of Protein Nanocages via Encapsulating an NIR-II Ag2S Quantum Dot ACS NANO 2015,9(12):12255-12263
2015-DEC 14 XIA PY; WANG S; DU Y; HUANG GL; SATOH T; AKIRA S; FAN ZS; Insulin-InsR signaling drives multipotent progenitor differentiation toward lymphoid lineages JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2015,212(13):2305-2321
2015-DEC ZHANG DD; ZHANG WM; LI D; FU M; CHEN RS; ZHAN QM; GADD45A inhibits autophagy by regulating the interaction between BECN1 and PIK3C3 AUTOPHAGY 2015,11(12):2247-2258
2015-DEC WU HG; MANU; JIAO RJ; MA J; Temporal and spatial dynamics of scaling-specific features of a gene regulatory network in Drosophila NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2015,6( ): -
2015-DEC DUAN SL; YUAN GH; LIU XM; REN RT; LI JY; ZHANG WZ; WU J; XU XL; FU LN; LI Y; YANG JP; ZHANG WQ; BAI RJ; YI F; SUZUKI K; GAO H; ESTEBAN CR; ZHANG CB; BELMONTE JCI; CHEN ZG; WANG XM; JIANG T; QU J; TANG FC; LIU GH; PTEN deficiency reprogrammes human neural stem cells towards a glioblastoma stem cell-like phenotype NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2015,6( ): -
2016-JAN WANG YX; WU Q; YANG P; WANG CF; LIU J; DING WY; LIU WS; BAI Y; YANG YY; WANG H; GAO SR; WANG XQ; LSD1 co-repressor Rcor2 orchestrates neurogenesis in the developing mouse brain NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016,7( ): -
2016-JAN MAO GT; ZHAO Y; KANG XS; LI ZJ; ZHANG Y; WANG XP; SUN F; SANKARAN K; ZHANG XJC; Crystal structure of E-coli lipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016,7( ): -
2016-JAN 18 JI TJ; ZHAO Y; DING YP; WANG J; ZHAO RF; LANG JY; QIN H; LIU XM; SHI J; TAO N; QIN ZH; NIE GJ; ZHAO YL; Transformable Peptide Nanocarriers for Expeditious Drug Release and Effective Cancer Therapy via Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Activation ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2016,55(3):1050-1055
2016-JAN ZHANG Z; SUBRAMANIAM S; KALE J; LIAO C; HUANG B; BRAHMBHATT H; CONDON SGF; LAPOLLA SM; HAYS FA; DING JZ; HE F; ZHANG XJC; LI JN; SENES A; ANDREWS DW; LIN JL; BH3-in-groove dimerization initiates and helix 9 dimerization expands Bax pore assembly in membranes EMBO JOURNAL 2016,35(2):208-236
2015-AUG 10 WAN ZP; CHEN XJ; CHEN HD; JI QH; CHEN YJ; WANG J; CAO YY; WANG F; LOU JZ; TANG Z; LIU WL; The activation of IgM- or isotype-switched IgG- and IgE-BCR exhibits distinct mechanical force sensitivity and threshold ELIFE 2015,4( ): -
2016-MAR WU R; CHEN H; MA J; HE Q; HUANG Q; LIU Q; LI M; YUAN Z; c-Abl-p38 alpha signaling plays an important role in MPTP-induced neuronal death CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2016,23(2):542-552
2016-JAN 27 SUN YQ; LI W; WU XL; ZHANG N; ZHANG YN; OUYANG SY; SONG XY; FANG XY; SEERAM R; XUE W; HE LM; WU WT; Functional Self-Assembling Peptide Nanofiber Hydrogels Designed for Nerve Degeneration ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2016,8(3):2348-2359
2016-JAN 22 LIM SM; CHOI WJ; OH KW; XUE YC; CHOI JY; KIM SH; NAHM M; KIM YE; LEE J; NOH MY; LEE S; HWANG S; KI CS; FU XD; KIM SH; Directly converted patient-specific induced neurons mirror the neuropathology of FUS with disrupted nuclear localization in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis MOLECULAR NEURODEGENERATION 2016,11( ): -
2016-FEB GAO LQ; LIU H; SUN XL; GAO D; ZHANG CR; JIA B; ZHU ZH; WANG F; LIU ZF; Molecular Imaging of Post-Src Inhibition Tumor Signatures for Guiding Dasatinib Combination Therapy JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 2016,57(2):321-326
2016-FEB 9 WANG XL; CAO CW; HUANG JJ; YAO J; HAI T; ZHENG QT; WANG X; ZHANG HY; QIN GS; CHENG JB; WANG YF; YUAN ZQ; ZHOU Q; WANG HM; ZHAO JG; One-step generation of triple gene-targeted pigs using CRISPR/Cas9 system SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-JAN 22 LI LH; ZHANG HN; WANG WY; HONG Y; WANG JF; ZHANG SY; XU SM; SHU QB; LI JF; YANG FQ; ZHENG M; QIAN ZJ; LIU PS; Comparative proteomics reveals abnormal binding of ATGL and dysferlin on lipid droplets from pressure overload-induced dysfunctional rat hearts SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-JAN 29 GU SJ; LI WJ; ZHANG HT; FLEMING J; YANG WQ; WANG SH; WEI WJ; ZHOU J; ZHU GF; DENG JY; HOU J; ZHOU Y; LIN SQ; ZHANG XE; BI LJ; The beta(2) clamp in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA polymerase III alpha beta(2)epsilon replicase promotes polymerization and reduces exonuclease activity SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-JAN 6 CHEN JM; GAO W; ZHOU P; MA XC; TSCHUDY-SENEY B; LIU CH; ZERN MA; LIU P; DUAN YY; Enhancement of hepatocyte differentiation from human embryonic stem cells by Chinese medicine Fuzhenghuayu SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-JAN 6 DONG CY; YANG SJ; SHI JY; ZHAO HY; ZHONG LJ; LIU ZF; JIA B; WANG F; SPECT/NIRF Dual Modality Imaging for Detection of Intraperitoneal Colon Tumor with an Avidin/Biotin Pretargeting System SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-FEB GUO Y; WANG YX; CAO L; WANG P; QING J; ZHENG QZ; SHANG LQ; YIN Z; SUN YN; A Conserved Inhibitory Mechanism of a Lycorine Derivative against Enterovirus and Hepatitis C Virus ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY 2016,60(2):913-924
2015-NOV DONG J; ZHANG Y; CHEN YT; NIU XD; ZHANG Y; YANG C; WANG Q; LI XM; DENG XM; Baicalin Inhibits the Lethality of Shiga-Like Toxin 2 in Mice ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY 2015,59(11):7054-7060
2016-JAN 1 DING JZ; SEGARRA VA; CHEN SL; CAI HQ; LEMMON SK; FERRO-NOVICK S; Auxilin facilitates membrane traffic in the early secretory pathway MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 2016,27(1):127-136
2016-JAN GUO Y; WANG WM; SUN Y; MA C; WANG X; WANG X; LIU P; SHEN S; LI BB; LIN JP; DENG F; WANG HL; LOU ZY; Crystal Structure of the Core Region of Hantavirus Nucleocapsid Protein Reveals the Mechanism for Ribonucleoprotein Complex Formation JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2016,90(2):1048-1061
2016-FEB QING J; LUO R; WANG YX; NONG JX; WU M; SHAO Y; TANG RY; YU X; YIN Z; SUN YN; Resistance analysis and characterization of NITD008 as an adenosine analog inhibitor against hepatitis C virus ANTIVIRAL RESEARCH 2016,126( ):43-54
2015-SEP ZHANG SD; WANG B; XIE Y; ZHU SH; THOMAS R; QING GP; ZHANG C; WANG NL; Retinotopic Changes in the Gray Matter Volume and Cerebral Blood Flow in the Primary Visual Cortex of Patients With Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE 2015,56(10):6171-6178
2016-FEB WANG Y; WANG H; LI XT; LI Y; Epithelial microRNA-9a regulates dendrite growth through Fmi-Gq signaling in Drosophila sensory neurons DEVELOPMENTAL NEUROBIOLOGY 2016,76(2):225-237
2016-FEB LI Y; SONG ZY; DING YJ; XIN Y; WU T; SU T; HE RQ; TAI FD; LIAN ZM; Effects of formaldehyde exposure on anxiety-like and depression-like behavior, cognition, central levels of glucocorticoid receptor and tyrosine hydroxylase in mice CHEMOSPHERE 2016,144( ):2004-2012
2016-JAN ZHANG XJC; HAN L; ZHAO Y; Thermodynamics of ABC transporters PROTEIN & CELL 2016,7(1):17-27
2016-JAN SHAN H; WANG ZH; ZHANG F; XIONG Y; YIN CC; SUN F; A local-optimization refinement algorithm in single particle analysis for macromolecular complex with multiple rigid modules PROTEIN & CELL 2016,7(1):46-62
2016-JAN BURAKOVA LP; NATASHIN PV; MALIKOVA NP; NIU FF; PU MC; VYSOTSKI ES; LIU ZJ; All Ca2+-binding loops of light-sensitive ctenophore photoprotein berovin bind magnesium ions: The spatial structure of Mg2+-loaded apo-berovin JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY B-BIOLOGY 2016,154( ):57-66
2016-JAN LIN Y; HANG HY; CHEN TB; ZHOU M; WANG L; SHAW C; pLR-HL: A Novel Amphibian Bowman-Birk-type Trypsin Inhibitor from the Skin Secretion of the Broad-folded Frog, Hylarana latouchii CHEMICAL BIOLOGY & DRUG DESIGN 2016,87(1):91-100
2015-DEC WANG LJ; ZHOU JP; ZHANG B; WANG H; LI M; NIU QL; CHEN YB; CHEN RS; WEN SJ; Association of echocardiographic left ventricular structure and-344C/T aldosterone synthase gene variant: A meta-analysis JOURNAL OF THE RENIN-ANGIOTENSIN-ALDOSTERONE SYSTEM 2015,16(4):858-871
2015-DEC 25 HE Z; GAO Y; DONG J; KE YH; LI XM; CHEN ZL; ZHANG XJC; Crystal structure of cyclic nucleotide-binding-like protein from Brucella abortus BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2015,468(4):647-652
2016-JAN 15 LI YM; GUO AK; LI H; CRASP: CFP reconstitution across synaptic partners BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2016,469(3):352-356
2015- SUN F; YIN Z; YU HS; SHI QX; ZHAO B; ZHANG LG; WANG SL; Cilostazol inhibits plasmacytoid dendritic cell activation and antigen presentation JOURNAL OF GERIATRIC CARDIOLOGY 2015,12(4):388-393
2015- DING MX; LI Y; WANG HF; LV YC; LIANG JW; WANG JS; LI C; Diagnostic value of urinary microRNAs as non-invasive biomarkers for bladder cancer: a meta-analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2015,8(9):15432-15440
2015- PENG XJ; LIU SJ; BAO CM; LIU YZ; XIE HW; CAI YH; LI BM; HANG HY; DING X; Regulation of ATRIP protein abundance by RAD9 in the DNA damage repair pathway CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2015,61(8):31-36
2016-JAN CUI DY; SUN XB; WANG JJ; ZHANG P; SUN BF; CHEN XW; MURPHY RW; HE SM; HUANG DW; Research on Co-expression Genes of a Fig Wasp PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(1):83-89
2015-DEC GAO MJ; ZHAO Z; LV PY; LI YF; GAO JT; ZHANG M; ZHAO BL; Quantitative combination of natural anti-oxidants prevents metabolic syndrome by reducing oxidative stress REDOX BIOLOGY 2015,6( ):206-217
2016-FEB XIE XQ; ZHANG XL; QI C; LI DF; FLEMING J; WANG DC; BI LJ; Crystallographic observation of the movement of the membrane-distal domain of the T7SS core component EccB1 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS 2016,72( ):139-144