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2015-APR 2 WANG YY; HE L; DU Y; ZHU PP; HUANG GL; LUO JJ; YAN XL; YE BQ; LI C; XIA PY; ZHANG G; TIAN Y; CHEN RS; FAN ZS; The Long Noncoding RNA IncTCF7 Promotes Self-Renewal of Human Liver Cancer Stem Cells through Activation of Wnt Signaling CELL STEM CELL 2015,16(4):413-425
2015-APR 21 GUO XH; LIANG Y; ZHANG Y; LASORELLA A; KEE BL; FU YX; Innate Lymphoid Cells Control Early Colonization Resistance against Intestinal Pathogens through ID2-Dependent Regulation of the Microbiota IMMUNITY 2015,42(4):731-743
2015-MAR 5 CHANG SH; SUN DP; LIANG HH; WANG J; LI J; GUO L; WANG XL; GUAN CC; BORUAH BM; YUAN LM; FENG F; YANG MR; WANG LL; WANG Y; WOJDYLA J; LI LJ; WANG JW; WANG MT; CHENG GH; WANG HW; LIU YF; Cryo-EM Structure of Influenza Virus RNA Polymerase Complex at 4.3 angstrom Resolution MOLECULAR CELL 2015,57(5):925-935
2015-MAR ZHANG X; CHEN XZ; ZENG ZP; ZHANG MS; SUN YJ; XI P; PENG JX; XU PY; Development of a Reversibly Switchable Fluorescent Protein for Super-Resolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging (SOFI) ACS NANO 2015,9(3):2659-2667
2015-APR 15 YU Y; LV XX; LI JS; ZHOU Q; CUI C; HOSSEINZADEH P; MUKHERJEE A; NILGES MJ; WANG JY; LU Y; Defining the Role of Tyrosine and Rational Tuning of Oxidase Activity by Genetic Incorporation of Unnatural Tyrosine Analogs JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2015,137(14):4594-4597
2015-JAN ZHANG H; CHANG JT; GUO B; HANSEN M; JIA KL; KOVACS AL; KUMSTA C; LAPIERRE LR; LEGOUIS R; LIN L; LU Q; MELENDEZ A; O'ROURKE EJ; SATO K; SATO M; WANG XC; WU F; Guidelines for monitoring autophagy in Caenorhabditis elegans AUTOPHAGY 2015,11(1):9-27
2015-APR 7 LI FH; DONG JS; HU XS; GONG WM; LI JS; SHEN J; TIAN HF; WANG JY; A Covalent Approach for Site-Specific RNA Labeling in Mammalian Cells ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2015,54(15):4597-4602
2015-MAR HE F; WEI CX; WU HG; CHEUNG D; JIAO RJ; MA J; Fundamental origins and limits for scaling a maternal morphogen gradient NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2015,6( ): -
2015-APR WEI PF; LIU N; ZHANG ZJ; LIU XM; TANG YQ; HE XB; WU BF; ZHOU Z; LIU YH; LI J; ZHANG Y; ZHOU XY; XU L; CHEN L; BI GQ; HU XT; XU FQ; WANG LP; Processing of visually evoked innate fear by a non-canonical thalamic pathway NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2015,6( ): -
2015-APR 2 GUO G; KANG Q; ZHU X; CHEN Q; WANG X; CHEN Y; OUYANG J; ZHANG L; TAN H; CHEN R; HUANG S; CHEN JL; A long noncoding RNA critically regulates Bcr-Abl-mediated cellular transformation by acting as a competitive endogenous RNA ONCOGENE 2015,34(14):1768-1779
2015-JUN GAO D; GAO LQ; ZHANG CR; LIU H; JIA B; ZHU ZH; WANG F; LIU ZF; A near-infrared phthalocyanine dye-labeled agent for integrin alpha v beta 6-targeted theranostics of pancreatic cancer BIOMATERIALS 2015,53( ):229-238
2015- SUN XL; GAO D; GAO LQ; ZHANG CR; YU XH; JIA B; WANG F; LIU ZF; Molecular Imaging of Tumor-Infiltrating Macrophages in a Preclinical Mouse Model of Breast Cancer THERANOSTICS 2015,5(6):597-608
2015-APR YANG MK; WANG Y; CHEN Y; CHENG ZY; GU J; DENG JY; BI LJ; CHEN CB; MO R; WANG XD; GE F; Succinylome Analysis Reveals the Involvement of Lysine Succinylation in Metabolism in Pathogenic Mycobacterium tuberculosis MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS 2015,14(4):796-811
2015-JAN 30 HU S; SUN Y; MENG YC; WANG XZ; YANG WL; FU WY; GUO HZ; QIAN WZ; HOU S; LI BH; RAO ZH; LOU ZY; GUO YJ; Molecular architecture of the ErbB2 extracellular domain homodimer ONCOTARGET 2015,6(3):1695-1706
2015-MAR 20 WANG HR; SUN Q; WU YH; WANG L; ZHOU CX; MA WB; ZHANG YH; WANG SD; ZHANG SR; Granzyme M expressed by tumor cells promotes chemoresistance and EMT in vitro and metastasis in vivo associated with STAT3 activation ONCOTARGET 2015,6(8):5818-5831
2015-APR 6 CAO P; XIE Y; LI M; PAN XW; ZHANG HM; ZHAO XL; SU XD; CHENG T; CHANG WR; Crystal Structure Analysis of Extrinsic PsbP Protein of Photosystem II Reveals a Manganese-Induced Conformational Change MOLECULAR PLANT 2015,8(4):664-666
2015-FEB YUAN SS; LI QQ; ZHANG Y; HUANG CC; WU HM; LI Y; LIU YL; YU N; ZHANG H; LU GZ; GAO YM; GAO Y; GUO XH; Changes in Anti-Thyroglobulin IgG Glycosylation Patterns in Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Patients JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM 2015,100(2):717-724
2015-MAY 1 ZHANG P; ZHOU H; WEN W; HE S; Layer-specific response properties of the human lateral geniculate nucleus and superior colliculus NEUROIMAGE 2015,111( ):159-166
2015-MAY WANG S; XIA PY; REHM M; FAN Z; Autophagy and cell reprogramming CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES 2015,72(9):1699-1713
2015-JAN LU QT; DING SH; REILAND S; RODIGER A; ROSCHITZKI B; XUE P; GRUISSEM W; LU CM; BAGINSKY S; Identification and characterization of chloroplast casein kinase II from Oryza sativa (rice) JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY 2015,66(1):175-187
2015-MAY 15 GUO H; ZHANG JL; ZHANG XY; WANG YB; YU HS; YIN XY; LI JY; DU PS; PLUMAS J; CHAPEROT L; CHEN JZ; SU LS; LIU YJ; ZHANG LG; SCARB2/LIMP-2 Regulates IFN Production of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells by Mediating Endosomal Translocation of TLR9 and Nuclear Translocation of IRF7 JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2015,194(10):4737-4749
2015-MAY 15 XU M; LIU MY; DU XX; LI SR; LI H; LI XZ; LI Y; WANG Y; QIN ZH; FU YX; WANG SD; Intratumoral Delivery of IL-21 Overcomes Anti-Her2/Neu Resistance through Shifting Tumor-Associated Macrophages from M2 to M1 Phenotype JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2015,194(10):4997-5006
2015-APR 1 HAO ZH; WEI LS; FENG YQ; CHEN XW; DU W; MA J; ZHOU Z; CHEN LY; LI W; Impaired maturation of large dense-core vesicles in muted-deficient adrenal chromaffin cells JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2015,128(7):1365-1374
2015-MAY YU JH; ZHANG SY; CUI LJ; WANG WY; NA HM; ZHU XT; LI LH; XU GH; YANG FQ; CHRISTIAN M; LIU PS; Lipid droplet remodeling and interaction with mitochondria in mouse brown adipose tissue during cold treatment BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH 2015,1853(5):918-928
2015- CUI YY; GAO D; LINGHU EQ; ZHAN QM; CHEN RS; BROCK MV; HERMAN JG; GUO MZ; Epigenetic changes and functional study of HOXA11 in human gastric cancer EPIGENOMICS 2015,7(2):201-213
2015-MAY 6 HE J; WEI JK; RIZAK JD; CHEN YM; WANG JH; HU XT; MA YY; An odor detection system based on automatically trained mice by relative go no-go olfactory operant conditioning SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2015,5( ): -
2015-MAY 28 DONG Y; LIANG C; ZHANG B; MA JJ; HE XX; CHEN SY; ZHANG XN; CHEN W; Bortezomib enhances the therapeutic efficacy of dasatinib by promoting c-KIT internalization-induced apoptosis in gastrointestinal stromal tumor cells CANCER LETTERS 2015,361(1):137-146
2015-MAY 15 REN JQ; FENG L; BAI YJ; PEI HH; YUAN ZQ; FENG W; Interdomain interface-mediated target recognition by the Scribble PDZ34 supramodule BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2015,468( ):133-144
2015-JUN QI J; HAN CH; GONG DY; LIU P; ZHOU S; DENG HY; Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 ORF48 Is an RTA-Responsive Gene Product and Functions in both Viral Lytic Replication and Latency during In Vivo Infection JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2015,89(11):5788-5800
2015-MAY SHEN S; JIA X; GUO HT; DENG HY; Gammaherpesvirus Tegument Protein ORF33 Is Associated with Intranuclear Capsids at an Early Stage of the Tegumentation Process JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2015,89(10):5288-5297
2015-APR 3 WU HW; GONG WB; YAO XZ; WANG JF; PERRETT S; FENG YG; Evolutionarily Conserved Binding of Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein to Eukaryotic Elongation Factor 1B JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2015,290(14):8694-8710
2014-DEC YUAN T; ZHANG Y; CHEN L; Cytoskeleton organizes exocytosis 'hotspots' in endocrine cells revealed by spatiotemporal analysis of discrete vesicle fusion events. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 2014,25( ): -
2015-MAY ZHENG ZW; LI J; XIAO FQ; BROSTER LS; JIANG Y; Electrophysiological evidence for the effects of unitization on associative recognition memory in older adults NEUROBIOLOGY OF LEARNING AND MEMORY 2015,121( ):59-71
2015- PU KF; YUAN LH; CHEN LS; WANG AX; ZHOU X; ZHANG HL; ZHU YM; Identification of VEGFR2-Binding Peptides Using High Throughput Bacterial Display Methods and Functional Assessment CURRENT CANCER DRUG TARGETS 2015,15(2):158-170
2015-MAR 30 WEI MY; XUE L; TAN L; SAI WB; LIU XC; JIANG QJ; SHEN JH; PENG YB; ZHAO P; YU MF; CHEN WW; MA LQ; ZHAI K; ZOU CB; GUO DL; QIN GJ; ZHENG YM; WANG YX; JI GJ; LIU QH; Involvement of Large-Conductance Ca2+-Activated K+ Channels in Chloroquine-Induced Force Alterations in Pre-Contracted Airway Smooth Muscle PLOS ONE 2015,10(3): -
2015-APR 27 LI N; AN LL; HANG HY; Increased Sensitivity of DNA Damage Response-Deficient Cells to Stimulated Microgravity-Induced DNA Lesions PLOS ONE 2015,10(4): -
2015-APR 30 QI RL; LI MH; MA YY; CHEN NH; State-Dependent Changes in Auditory Sensory Gating in Different Cortical Areas in Rats PLOS ONE 2015,10(4): -
2015-MAY DING ZC; SUI LN; REN RT; LIU YJ; XU XL; FU LN; BAI RJ; YUAN TT; HAO Y; ZHANG WQ; PAN HZ; LIU WS; YU H; ESTEBAN CR; YU XB; YANG Z; LI J; WANG XM; BELMONTE JCI; LIU GH; YI F; QU J; A widely adaptable approach to generate integration-free iPSCs from non-invasively acquired human somatic cells PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(5):386-389
2015-APR YU HS; ZHANG P; YIN XY; YIN Z; SHI QX; CUI Y; LIU GY; WANG SL; PICCALUGA P; JIANG TJ; ZHANG LG; Human BDCA2(+)CD123(+)CD56(+) dendritic cells (DCs) related to blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm represent a unique myeloid DC subset PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(4):297-306
2015-APR HU XY; WU FY; SUN S; YU WY; HU JJ; Human atlastin GTPases mediate differentiated fusion of endoplasmic reticulum membranes PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(4):307-311
2015-APR 2 WANG YJ; YANG F; WU P; BU DB; SUN SW; OpenMS-Simulator: an open-source software for theoretical tandem mass spectrum prediction BMC BIOINFORMATICS 2015,16( ): -
2015-JUN YANG Z; WANG CY; WANG T; BAI JH; ZHAO Y; LIU XH; MA QW; WU XB; GUO Y; ZHAO YF; REN LM; Analysis of the reptile CD1 genes: evolutionary implications IMMUNOGENETICS 2015,67(5-6):337-346
2015-MAR LI MY; JIN J; ZUO ZT; LIU F; TRAKIC A; WEBER E; ZHUO Y; XUE R; CROZIER S; In vivo sensitivity estimation and imaging acceleration with rotating RF coil arrays at 7 Tesla JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE 2015,252( ):29-40
2015-APR MAO P; CUI D; ZHAO XD; MA YY; Prefrontal dysfunction and a monkey model of schizophrenia NEUROSCIENCE BULLETIN 2015,31(2):235-241
2015-MAY MATSUDA Z; Recent advance in the structural analysis of HIV-1 envelope protein SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2015,58(5):420-424
2015-APR HE RQ; Enzyme with a memory for its substrate? SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2015,58(4):403-404
2015-MAY YAN XQ; WEI L; XUE R; ZHANG XL; Hybrid Monopole/Loop Coil Array for Human Head MR Imaging at 7 T APPLIED MAGNETIC RESONANCE 2015,46(5):541-550
2015-APR GAN WQ; GAO F; XING KK; JIA MZ; LIU HP; GONG WM; Structural basis of the substrate specificity of the FPOD/FAOD family revealed by fructosyl peptide oxidase from Eupenicillium terrenum ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS 2015,71( ):381-387
2015-APR XUE P; ZHOU Y; DING X; WANG J; XIE ZS; YANG FQ; Comparison of Hydrazide Chemistry and Lectin Affinity Based Enrichment Methods for N-glycoproteomics PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2015,42(4):356-364
2015-APR SU T; HE RQ; An Insight of D-Ribose Metabolic Imbalance in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2015,42(4):390-392
2015-MAY WANG CZ; ZHU B; You are never alone: crosstalk among epigenetic players SCIENCE BULLETIN 2015,60(10):899-904
2015-APR WANG ZM; QIAO Z; YE S; ZHANG RG; Structure of a double-domain phosphagen kinase reveals an asymmetric arrangement of the tandem domains ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 2015,71( ):779-789