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2015-JAN 29 GUO X; WANG L; LI J; DING ZY; XIAO JX; YIN XT; HE S; SHI P; DONG LP; LI GH; TIAN CL; WANG JW; CONG Y; XU YH; Structural insight into autoinhibition and histone H3-induced activation of DNMT3A NATURE 2015,517(7536):640-U281
2015-FEB 15 LIU N; ZHANG ZQ; WU H; JIANG YH; MENG LJ; XIONG J; ZHAO ZD; ZHOU XH; LI J; LI H; ZHENG Y; CHEN S; CAI T; GAO SR; ZHU B; Recognition of H3K9 methylation by GLP is required for efficient establishment of H3K9 methylation, rapid target gene repression, and mouse viability GENES & DEVELOPMENT 2015,29(4):379-393
2015-JAN ZHANG HT; LI CQ; CHEN HQ; WEI CX; DAI F; WU HG; DUI W; DENG WM; JIAO RJ; SCFSlmb E3 ligase-mediated degradation of Expanded is inhibited by the Hippo pathway in Drosophila CELL RESEARCH 2015,25(1):93-109
2015-FEB ZHANG P; KANG JY; GOU LT; WANG JJ; XUE YC; SKOGERBOE G; DAI P; HUANG DW; CHEN RS; FU XD; LIU MF; HE SM; MIWI and piRNA-mediated cleavage of messenger RNAs in mouse testes CELL RESEARCH 2015,25(2):193-207
2015-FEB XING MT; YANG MR; HUO W; FENG F; WEI LZ; JIANG WX; NING SK; YAN ZX; LI W; WANG QS; HOU M; DONG CX; GUO R; GAO G; JI JG; ZHA S; LAN L; LIANG HH; XU DY; Interactome analysis identifies a new paralogue of XRCC4 in non-homologous end joining DNA repair pathway NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2015,6( ): -
2015-JAN WANG LZ; LIU RH; YE PY; WONG CS; CHEN GY; ZHOU PH; SAKABE K; ZHENG X; WU W; ZHANG P; JIANG TJ; BASSETTI MF; JUBE S; SUN Y; ZHANG YP; ZHENG P; LIU Y; Intracellular CD24 disrupts the ARF-NPM interaction and enables mutational and viral oncogene-mediated p53 inactivation Nature Communications 2015,6( ): -
2014-DEC WEI Q; ZHAO YM; GUO YQ; STOMEL J; STIRES R; ELLIS RE; Co-option of alternate sperm activation programs in the evolution of self-fertile nematodes NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2014,5( ): -
2015-JAN 12 YU ZL; ZHOU X; WANG WJ; DENG WQ; FANG JN; HU H; WANG ZC; LI SZ; CUI L; SHEN J; ZHAI LH; PENG SY; WONG JM; DONG S; YUAN ZQ; OU GS; ZHANG XD; XU P; LOU JZ; YANG N; CHEN P; XU RM; LI GH; Dynamic Phosphorylation of CENP-A at Ser68 Orchestrates Its Cell-Cycle-Dependent Deposition at Centromeres DEVELOPMENTAL CELL 2015,32(1):68-81
2014-DEC 16 CAO BH; ZHAO Y; KOU YJ; NI DC; ZHANG XJC; HUANG YH; Structure of the nonameric bacterial amyloid secretion channel PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2014,111(50):E5439-E5444
2015-JAN 15 CHARD LS; MANIATI E; WANG PJ; ZHANG ZX; GAO DL; WANG JW; CAO FY; AHMED J; EL KHOURI M; HUGHES J; WANG SD; LI XZ; DENES B; FODOR I; HAGEMANN T; LEMOINE NR; WANG YH; A Vaccinia Virus Armed with Interleukin-10 Is a Promising Therapeutic Agent for Treatment of Murine Pancreatic Cancer CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2015,21(2):405-416
2015-FEB 11 HUANG Y; CHEN L; LUO H; Behavioral Oscillation in Priming: Competing Perceptual Predictions Conveyed in Alternating Theta-Band Rhythms JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2015,35(6):2830-2837
2015-JAN 21 PENG SY; ZHAO SQ; YAN F; CHENG JB; HUANG L; CHEN H; LIU QS; JI XM; YUAN ZQ; HDAC2 Selectively Regulates FOXO3a-Mediated Gene Transcription during Oxidative Stress-Induced Neuronal Cell Death JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2015,35(3):1250-1259
2015-FEB 11 ZHOU JC; LI HF; LI XP; ZHANG GY; NIU YQ; YUAN ZQ; HERRUP K; ZHANG YW; BU GJ; XU HX; ZHANG J; The Roles of Cdk5-Mediated Subcellular Localization of FOXO1 in Neuronal Death JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2015,35(6):2624-2635
2014-DEC 20 ZHU L; XU M; YANG MX; YANG YL; LI Y; DENG JW; RUAN LH; LIU JH; DU SD; LIU XH; FENG W; FUSHIMI K; BIGIO EH; MESULAM M; WANG C; WU JY; An ALS-mutant TDP-43 neurotoxic peptide adopts an anti-parallel beta-structure and induces TDP-43 redistribution HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS 2014,23(25):6863-6877
2014-SEP 30 LI C; WANG J; ZHANG H; ZHU MG; CHEN FF; HU YF; LIU HD; ZHU H; Interferon-stimulated gene 15 (ISG15) is a trigger for tumorigenesis and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma ONCOTARGET 2014,5(18):8429-8441
2015-FEB 15 LIU CR; TIAN XG; LIU HL; MO Y; BAI F; ZHAO XD; MA YY; WANG JH; Rhesus monkey brain development during late infancy and the effect of phencyclidine: A longitudinal MRI and DTI study NEUROIMAGE 2015,107( ):65-75
2015-JAN YU ZS; LIU JY; DENG WM; JIAO RJ; Histone chaperone CAF-1: essential roles in multi-cellular organism development CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES 2015,72(2):327-337
2015-JAN 6 CAI TX; SHU QB; HOU JJ; LIU PB; NIU LL; GUO XJ; LIU CC; YANG FQ; Profiling and Relative Quantitation of Phosphoinositides by Multiple Precursor Ion Scanning Based on Phosphate Methylation and Isotopic Labeling ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2015,87(1):513-521
2015-FEB 1 CHEN J; HAO L; LI C; YE BQ; DU Y; ZHANG HL; LONG B; ZHU PP; LIU BY; YANG LL; LI PF; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; The Endoplasmic Reticulum Adaptor Protein ERAdP Initiates NK Cell Activation via the Ubc13-Mediated NF-kappa B Pathway JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2015,194(3):1292-1303
2015-MAR CUI YX; ZHAO SK; WANG J; WANG XD; GAO BQ; FAN QW; SUN F; ZHOU B; A novel mitochondrial carrier protein Mme1 acts as a yeast mitochondrial magnesium exporter BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH 2015,1853(3):724-732
2015-FEB 2 JIANG PF; ZHOU N; CHEN XY; ZHAO X; LI DY; WANG F; BI LJ; ZHANG DL; Integrative analysis of differentially expressed microRNAs of pulmonary alveolar macrophages from piglets during H1N1 swine influenza A virus infection SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2015,5( ): -
2015-FEB 1 WANG AX; CHEN LS; LI CL; ZHU YM; Heterogeneity in cancer stem cells CANCER LETTERS 2015,357(1):63-68
2015-APR 15 HUANG ZH; WEN PS; KONG RR; CHENG HP; ZHANG BB; QUAN C; BIAN ZH; CHEN MM; ZHANG ZF; CHEN XP; DU X; LIU JH; ZHU L; FUSHIMI K; HUA D; WU JY; USP33 mediates Slit- Robo signaling in inhibiting colorectal cancer cell migration INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER 2015,136(8):1792-1802
2015-JAN TONG ZQ; HAN CS; QIANG M; WANG W; LV JH; ZHANG SZ; LUO WH; LI H; LUO HJ; ZHOU JN; WU BB; SU T; YANG X; WANG XM; LIU Y; HE RQ; Age-related formaldehyde interferes with DNA methyltransferase function, causing memory loss in Alzheimer's disease NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING 2015,36(1):100-110
2015-JAN MA T; LIU H; SUN XL; GAO LQ; SHI JY; ZHAO HY; JIA B; WAN F; LIU ZF; Serial in Vivo Imaging Using a Fluorescence Probe Allows Identification of Tumor Early Response to Cetuximab Immunotherapy MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS 2015,12(1):10-17
2015-JAN GAO SJ; WU JX; LIU RY; LI JD; SONG LP; TENG Y; SHENG CJ; LIU D; YAO C; CHEN HM; JIANG W; CHEN SA; HUANG WL; Interaction of NS2 with AIMP2 Facilitates the Switch from Ubiquitination to SUMOylation of M1 in Influenza A Virus-Infected Cells JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2015,89(1):300-311
2015-JAN 9 YANG SG; WANG YY; MEI KR; ZHANG S; SUN XJ; REN FL; LIU SH; YANG Z; WANG XQ; QIN ZH; CHANG ZJ; Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor 2 (TNFR2)center dot Interleukin-17 Receptor D (IL-17RD) Heteromerization Reveals a Novel Mechanism for NF-kappa B Activation JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2015,290(2):861-871
2015-JAN FAN SH; LI DF; WANG DC; FLEMING J; ZHANG HT; ZHOU Y; ZHOU L; ZHOU J; CHEN T; CHEN GJ; ZHANG XE; BI LJ; Structure and function of Mycobacterium smegmatis 7-keto-8-aminopelargonic acid (KAPA) synthase INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGY 2015,58( ):71-80
2015-JAN LUO CP; LIU XH; ZHOU HF; WANG XY; CHEN ZY; Nonribosomal Peptide Synthase Gene Clusters for Lipopeptide Biosynthesis in Bacillus subtilis 916 and Their Phenotypic Functions APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 2015,81(1):422-431
2015-JAN 20 YUAN TY; LU JZ; ZHANG JZ; ZHANG YD; CHEN LY; Spatiotemporal Detection and Analysis of Exocytosis Reveal Fusion 'Hotspots'' Organized by the Cytoskeleton in Endocrine Cells BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2015,108(2):251-260
2015-FEB WEN B; QIAN H; FENG J; GE RJ; XU X; CUI ZQ; ZHU RY; PAN LS; LIN ZP; WANG JH; A Portion of Inhibitory Neurons in Human Temporal Lobe Epilepsy are Functionally Upregulated: An Endogenous Mechanism for Seizure Termination CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics 2015,21(2):204-214
2015-MAR ZHUANG J; COATES CJ; ZHU HT; ZHU P; WU ZJ; XIE LH; Identification of candidate antimicrobial peptides derived from abalone hemocyanin DEVELOPMENTAL AND COMPARATIVE IMMUNOLOGY 2015,49(1):96-102
2015-APR 1 ZHU WX; SONG ZM; WEI P; MENG N; TENG FF; YANG FY; LIU N; FENG RL; Y-shaped biotin-conjugated poly (ethylene glycol)-poly (epsilon-caprolactone) copolymer for the targeted delivery of curcumin JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 2015,443( ):1-7
2015-FEB 1 QIN DD; RIZAK J; FENG XL; YANG SC; YANG LC; FAN XN; LU LB; CHEN L; HU XT; Cortisol responses to chronic stress in adult macaques: Moderation by a polymorphism in the serotonin transporter gene BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2015,278( ):280-285
2015-JAN 1 TANG YL; YIN Y; MIAO L; WEI B; ZHAI K; JI GJ; Nitric oxide enhances extracellular ATP induced Ca2+ oscillation in He La cells ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2015,565( ):68-75
2015-FEB MA YJ; LIU WT; ZHAO XN; TANG WN; ZHANG ZH; TANG X; FAN Y; LI HJ; GAO JH; Improved adaptive reconstruction of multichannel MR images MEDICAL PHYSICS 2015,42(2):637-644
2015-FEB RIPPLE DC; MONTGOMERY CB; HU ZS; An Interlaboratory Comparison of Sizing and Counting of Subvisible Particles Mimicking Protein Aggregates JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES 2015,104(2):666-677
2015-MAR CAVICCHI RE; CARRIER MJ; COHEN JB; BOGER S; MONTGOMERY CB; HU ZS; RIPPLE DC; Particle Shape Effects on Subvisible Particle Sizing Measurements JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES 2015,104(3):971-987
2015-FEB ZHU L; ZHANG XX; Hepatitis A virus exhibits a structure unique among picornaviruses PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(2):79-80
2015-FEB HAO N; CHEN YT; XIA M; TAN M; LIU W; GUAN XT; JIANG X; LI XM; RAO ZH; Crystal structures of GI.8 Boxer virus P dimers in complex with HBGAs, a novel evolutionary path selected by the Lewis epitope PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(2):101-116
2015-FEB XIE Q; KLESNEY-TAIT J; KECK K; PARLET C; BORCHERDING NL; KOLB R; LI W; TYGRETT L; WALDSCHMIDT T; OLIVIER A; CHEN SH; LIU GH; LI XR; ZHANG WZ; Characterization of a novel mouse model with genetic deletion of CD177 PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(2):117-126
2015-FEB WU FY; HU XY; BIAN X; LIU XQ; HU JJ; Comparison of human and Drosophila atlastin GTPases PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(2):139-146
2015-FEB ZHANG HM; LI M; GAO Y; JIA CJ; PAN XW; CAO P; ZHAO XL; ZHANG JP; CHANG WR; Structural implications of Dpy30 oligomerization for MLL/SET1 COMPASS H3K4 trimethylation PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(2):147-151
2015-JAN ZHANG X; CAO C; ZHOU Y; ZHAO Y; Proton transfer-mediated GPCR activation PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(1):12-17
2015-JAN JIA CJ; LI M; LI JJ; ZHANG JJ; ZHANG HM; CAO P; PAN XW; LU XF; CHANG WR; Structural insights into the catalytic mechanism of aldehyde-deformylating oxygenases PROTEIN & CELL 2015,6(1):55-67
2015-JAN ZHANG ZY; CAI ZY; LI KM; FANG Y; AN LL; HU ZS; WANG SH; HANG HY; The Effect of Ionizing Radiation on mRNA Levels of the DNA Damage Response Genes Rad9, Rad1 and Hus1 in Various Mouse Tissues RADIATION RESEARCH 2015,183(1):94-104
2014-NOV HU BC; TAO N; ZENG FY; ZHAO M; QIU LX; CHEN W; TAN Y; WEI Y; WU XF; WU XX; A risk evaluation model of cervical cancer based on etiology and human leukocyte antigen allele susceptibility INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2014,28( ):8-12
2015-FEB LIU HJ; WU S; DUAN L; ZHU WM; ZHANG SQ; HU XX; JIA WL; YANG GS; LIU CX; LI WP; YANG L; GUO LJ; LIN YC; WANG YQ; HE MJ; YANG Z; HE YY; CAI ZM; WANG DP; Identification of a novel EXT1 mutation in patients with hereditary multiple exostosis by exome sequencing ONCOLOGY REPORTS 2015,33(2):547-552
2015-JAN 13 HAN RM; WANG LS; XU F; ZHANG YD; ZHANG MS; LIU ZY; REN F; ZHANG F; Drift correction for single-molecule imaging by molecular constraint field, a distance minimum metric BMC BIOPHYSICS 2015,8( ): -
2014-NOV 29 WANG S; ZHANG P; HE F; WANG JG; SUN JZ; LI ZL; YI B; XI J; MAO YP; HOU Q; YUAN DL; ZHANG ZD; LIU WQ; Combination of specific single chain antibody variable fragment and siRNA has a synergistic inhibitory effect on the propagation of avian influenza virus H5N1 in chicken cells VIROLOGY JOURNAL 2014,11( ): -
2015-JAN MAO BB; GAO YH; BAI YJ; YUAN ZQ; Hippo signaling in stress response and homeostasis maintenance ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2015,47(1):2-9
2015-JAN LU P; LIN YH; YANG ZQ; XU YP; TAN F; JIA XD; WANG M; XU DR; WANG XZ; Effects of application of corn straw on soil microbial community structure during the maize growing season JOURNAL OF BASIC MICROBIOLOGY 2015,55(1):22-32
2015-JAN YAN XQ; ZHANG XL; WEI L; XUE R; Design and Test of Magnetic Wall Decoupling for Dipole Transmit/Receive Array for MR Imaging at the Ultrahigh Field of 7T APPLIED MAGNETIC RESONANCE 2015,46(1):59-66
2015-JAN SONG YJ; LIU JH; LI DF; LI HL; WANG SH; WANG DC; ZHOU J; BI LJ; Purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of Rv3899c from Mycobacterium tuberculosis ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS 2015,71( ):107-109
2014-APR 15 YU ZS; CHEN HQ; LIU JY; ZHANG HT; YAN Y; ZHU NN; GUO YW; YANG B; CHANG Y; DAI F; LIANG XH; CHEN YX; SHEN Y; DENG WM; CHEN JM; ZHANG B; LI CQ; JIAO RJ; Various applications of TALEN- and CRISPR/Cas9-mediated homologous recombination to modify the Drosophila genome BIOLOGY OPEN 2014,3(4):271-280
2015- XU CS; LI CF; WU HL; WU YY; HU S; ZHU YF; ZHANG W; WANG LY; ZHU SH; LIU JP; ZHANG QP; YANG J; ZHANG XC; Gender Differences in Cerebral Regional Homogeneity of Adult Healthy Volunteers: A Resting-State fMRI Study BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2015, ( ): -
2015-JAN ZOU YQ; PENG YS; DENG LZ; JIANG TJ; Monitoring infectious diseases in the big data era SCIENCE BULLETIN 2015,60(1):144-145
2014-MAY 21 XIANG J; LUO Q; KOTECHA R; KORMAN A; ZHANG FW; LUO H; FUJIWARA H; HEMASILPIN N; ROSE DF; Accumulated source imaging of brain activity with both low and high-frequency neuromagnetic signals FRONTIERS IN NEUROINFORMATICS 2014,8( ): -