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2014-SEP 10 LU QH; YAO Q; XU Y; LI L; LI S; LIU YH; GAO WQ; NIU M; SHARON M; BEN-NISSAN G; ZAMYATINA A; LIU XY; CHEN S; SHAO F; An Iron-Containing Dodecameric Heptosyltransferase Family Modifies Bacterial Autotransporters in Pathogenesis CELL HOST & MICROBE 2014,16(3):351-363
2014-SEP LIU GQ; SONG GT; ZHANG DY; ZHANG DJ; LI ZK; LYU ZX; DONG JS; ACHENBACH J; GONG WM; ZHAO XS; NIERHAUS KH; QIN Y; EF-G catalyzes tRNA translocation by disrupting interactions between decoding center and codon-anticodon duplex NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2014,21(9):817-824
2014-SEP 24 LIU XH; JIANG L; LI JS; WANG L; YU Y; ZHOU Q; LV XX; GONG WM; LU Y; WANG JY; Significant Expansion of Fluorescent Protein Sensing Ability through the Genetic Incorporation of Superior Photo-Induced Electron-Transfer Quenchers JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2014,136(38):13094-13097
2014- HAN Y; WANG SF; ZHANG ZP; MA XH; LI W; ZHANG XW; DENG JY; WEI HP; LI ZY; ZHANG XE; CUI ZQ; In vivo imaging of protein-protein and RNA-protein interactions using novel far-red fluorescence complementation systems NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2014,42(13): -
2014-SEP WU YW; CHENG SY; ZHAO HY; ZOU W; YOSHINA S; MITANI S; ZHANG H; WANG XC; PI3P phosphatase activity is required for autophagosome maturation and autolysosome formation EMBO REPORTS 2014,15(9):973-981
2014-AUG 6 CHEN J; HE YC; ZHU ZY; ZHOU TG; PENG YJ; ZHANG XL; FANG F; Attention-Dependent Early Cortical Suppression Contributes to Crowding JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2014,34(32):10465-10474
2014-SEP 3 YAO MH; WANG YD; ZHANG P; CHEN H; XU ZH; JIAO JW; YUAN ZQ; BMP2-SMAD Signaling Represses the Proliferation of Embryonic Neural Stem Cells through YAP JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2014,34(36):12039-12048
2014-SEP 3 LI GX; YAO ZM; WANG ZC; YUAN NN; TALEBI V; TAN JB; WANG YC; ZHOU YF; BAKER CL; Form-Cue Invariant Second-Order Neuronal Responses to Contrast Modulation in Primate Area V2 JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2014,34(36):12081-12092
2014-OCT DING HY; ZHANG Y; XU C; HOU DX; LI J; ZHANG YJ; PENG W; ZEN K; ZHANG CY; JIANG XH; Norathyriol reverses obesity- and high-fat-diet-induced insulin resistance in mice through inhibition of PTP1B DIABETOLOGIA 2014,57(10):2145-2154
2014-AUG 29 WANG P; MAO BB; LUO W; WEI B; JIANG WJ; LIU D; SONG L; JI GJ; YANG ZZ; LAI YQ; YUAN ZQ; The alteration of Hippo/YAP signaling in the development of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy BASIC RESEARCH IN CARDIOLOGY 2014,109(5): -
2014-SEP 1 XIE GQ; YU ZS; JIA DY; JIAO RJ; DENG WM; E(y)1/TAF9 mediates the transcriptional output of Notch signaling in Drosophila JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2014,127(17):3830-3839
2014-OCT ZHAO LL; PENG YS; ZHOU K; CAO MM; WANG JF; WANG X; JIANG TJ; DENG T; New Insights into the Nonconserved Noncoding Region of the Subtype-Determinant Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase Segments of Influenza A Viruses JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2014,88(19):11493-11503
2014-SEP 24 MEI L; LU ZT; ZHANG XG; LI CX; JIA YX; Polymer-Ag Nanocomposites with Enhanced Antimicrobial Activity against Bacterial Infection ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2014,6(18):15813-15821
2014-SEP 15 MA J; WU R; ZHANG Q; WU JB; LOU JZ; ZHENG Z; DING JQ; YUAN ZQ; DJ-1 interacts with RACK1 and protects neurons from oxidative-stress-induced apoptosis BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2014,462( ):489-497
2014-AUG 15 ZHENG SD; LAN PF; LIU XM; YE KQ; Interaction between Ribosome Assembly Factors Krr1 and Faf1 Is Essential for Formation of Small Ribosomal Subunit in Yeast JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2014,289(33):22692-22703
2014-OCT YANG F; GAO YY; LI ZK; CHEN LM; XIA ZP; XU T; QIN Y; Mitochondrial EF4 links respiratory dysfunction and cytoplasmic translation in Caenorhabditis elegans BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOENERGETICS 2014,1837(10):1674-1683
2014-SEP YAN XQ; ZHANG XL; FENG BT; MA CX; WEI L; XUE R; 7T Transmit/Receive Arrays Using ICE Decoupling for Human Head MR Imaging IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING 2014,33(9):1781-1787
2014- WANG H; ZHANG P; SHI XF; YU DF; WANG JB; YAN HK; JI G; Environmentally responsive polymeric materials: effect of the topological structure on self-assembly SOFT MATTER 2014,10(35):6749-6757
2014-AUG YUAN NN; LIANG Z; YANG Y; LI GX; ZHOU YF; Changes of spatial and temporal frequency tuning properties of neurons in the middle temporal area of aged rhesus monkeys EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2014,40(4):2652-2661
2014-SEP LIU H; ZHOU BY; YAN WJ; LEI ZC; ZHAO XL; ZHANG K; GUO AK; Astrocyte-like glial cells physiologically regulate olfactory processing through the modification of ORN-PN synaptic strength in Drosophila EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2014,40(5):2744-2754
2014-AUG 27 YE X; HE S; HU Y; YU YQ; WANG K; Interference between Conscious and Unconscious Facial Expression Information PLOS ONE 2014,9(8): -
2014-JUL 3 ZHANG T; LUO XJ; SAI WB; YU MF; LI WE; MA YF; CHEN WW; ZHAI K; QIN GJ; GUO DL; ZHENG YM; WANG YX; SHEN JH; JI GJ; LIU QH; Non-Selective Cation Channels Mediate Chloroquine-Induced Relaxation in Precontracted Mouse Airway Smooth Muscle PLOS ONE 2014,9(7): -
2014-AUG 15 LIU JY; CHEN YX; JIAO RJ; TALEN-mediated Drosophila genome editing: Protocols and applications METHODS 2014,69(1):22-31
2014-AUG 27 WANG GZ; MARINI S; MA XY; YANG Q; ZHANG XG; ZHU Y; Improvement of Dscam homophilic binding affinity throughout Drosophila evolution BMC EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY 2014,14( ): -
2014-SEP DANG MH; WANG XX; WANG Q; WANG YX; LIN JP; SUN Y; LI XM; ZHANG LG; LOU ZY; WANG JZ; RAO ZH; Molecular mechanism of SCARB2-mediated attachment and uncoating of EV71 PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(9):692-703
2014-SEP WEN PS; KONG RR; LIU JH; ZHU L; CHEN XP; LI XF; NIE YZ; WU KC; WU JY; USP33, a new player in lung cancer, mediates Slit-Robo signaling PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(9):704-713
2014-SEP 23 LI J; GUAN XT; SHAW N; CHEN WM; DONG Y; XU XL; LI XM; RAO ZH; Homotypic dimerization of a maltose kinase for molecular scaffolding SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2014,4( ): -
2014-SEP 19 ZHU XX; XU YJ; YU SS; LU L; DING MQ; CHENG J; SONG GX; GAO X; YAO LM; FAN DD; MENG S; ZHANG XW; HU SD; TIAN Y; An Efficient Genotyping Method for Genome-modified Animals and Human Cells Generated with CRISPR/Cas9 System SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2014,4( ): -
2014-SEP 11 LIU JY; LI YY; WEI LL; YANG XY; XIE ZS; JIANG TT; WANG C; ZHANG X; XU DD; CHEN ZL; YANG FQ; LI JC; Screening and identification of potential biomarkers and establishment of the diagnostic serum proteomic model for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndromes of tuberculosis JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY 2014,155(2):1322-1331
2014-NOV ZHAO Y; ZHAO BL; The neuroprotective effect of L-Theanine and its inhibition on nicotine dependence CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN 2014,59(31):4014-4019
2014-OCT LIU B; FENG WJ; XU T; JI W; A machine learning-based method to detect fluorescent spots and an accelerated, parallel implementation of this method CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN 2014,59(28):3573-3578
2014-OCT FENG ZT; SUN QJ; DENG YQ; SUN SF; ZHANG JG; WANG BS; Study on pathway and characteristics of ion secretion of salt glands of Limonium bicolor ACTA PHYSIOLOGIAE PLANTARUM 2014,36(10):2729-2741
2014-SEP CHENG CY; GU JH; SU J; DING W; YIN J; LIANG WG; YU XX; MA J; WANG PG; XIAO ZC; LIU ZJ; Crystallization, preliminary X-ray crystallographic and cryo-electron microscopy analysis of a bifunctional enzyme fucokinase/L-fucose-1-P-guanylyltransferase from Bacteroides fragilis ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS 2014,70( ):1206-1210
2014-SEP LIU B; YUE Y; YU Y; REN JQ; FENG W; HUO L; XU T; Potential Phosphorylation Site Modulates The Dimerization and Activity of KIF1A PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(9):870-876