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2014-MAR 13 SWARTS DC; JORE MM; WESTRA ER; ZHU YF; JANSSEN JH; SNIJDERS AP; WANG YL; PATEL DJ; BERENGUER J; BROUNS SJJ; VAN DER OOST J; DNA-guided DNA interference by a prokaryotic Argonaute NATURE 2014,507(7491):258-+
2014-MAR 20 ZHANG L; MO JY; SWANSON KV; WEN HT; PETRUCELLI A; GREGORY SM; ZHANG ZG; SCHNEIDER M; JIANG Y; FITZGERALD KA; OUYANG SY; LIU ZJ; DAMANIA B; SHU HB; DUNCAN JA; TING JPY; NLRC3, a Member of the NLR Family of Proteins, Is a Negative Regulator of Innate Immune Signaling Induced by the DNA Sensor STING IMMUNITY 2014,40(3):329-341
2014-FEB LIU S; TIAN LF; LIU YP; AN XM; TANG Q; YAN XX; LIANG DC; Structural basis for DNA recognition and nuclease processing by the Mre11 homologue SbcD in double-strand breaks repair ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 2014,70( ):299-309
2014-MAR NATASHIN PV; DING W; EREMEEVA EV; MARKOVA SV; LEE J; VYSOTSKI ES; LIU ZJ; Structures of the Ca2+-regulated photoprotein obelin Y138F mutant before and after bioluminescence support the catalytic function of a water molecule in the reaction ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 2014,70( ):720-732
2014-APR YANG X; XU M; WANG YY; XIA PY; WANG S; YE BQ; TONG L; JIANG T; FAN ZS; Molecular mechanism for self-protection against the type VI secretion system in Vibrio cholerae ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 2014,70( ):1094-1103
2014-MAR DE COLIBUS LG; WANG XX; SPYROU JAB; KELLY J; REN JS; GRIMES J; PUERSTINGER G; STONEHOUSE N; WALTER TS; HU ZY; WANG JZ; LI XM; PENG W; ROWLANDS DJ; FRY EE; RAO ZH; STUART DI; More-powerful virus inhibitors from structure-based analysis of HEV71 capsid-binding molecules NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2014,21(3):282-288
2014-MAR ZHANG Y; YANG PY; WANG XF; Microenvironmental regulation of cancer metastasis by miRNAs TRENDS IN CELL BIOLOGY 2014,24(3):153-160
2014-FEB FU LN; ZHU XP; YI F; LIU GH; BELMONTE JCI; Regenerative medicine: Transdifferentiation in vivo CELL RESEARCH 2014,24(2):141-142
2014-FEB OU GS; GENTILI C; GONCZY P; Stereotyped distribution of midbody remnants in early C. elegans embryos requires cell death genes and is dispensable for development CELL RESEARCH 2014,24(2):251-253
2014-MAR LI X; YU K; ZHANG ZC; SUN WJ; YANG Z; FENG JY; CHEN X; LIU CH; WANG HT; GUO YP; HE JF; Cholecystokinin from the entorhinal cortex enables neural plasticity in the auditory cortex CELL RESEARCH 2014,24(3):307-330
2014-MAR ZHAO LX; HUA T; CROWLEY C; RU H; NI XM; SHAW N; JIAO LY; DING W; QU L; HUNG LW; HUANG W; LIU L; YE KQ; OUYANG SY; CHENG GH; LIU ZJ; Structural analysis of asparaginyl endopeptidase reveals the activation mechanism and a reversible intermediate maturation stage CELL RESEARCH 2014,24(3):344-358
2014-FEB LOU ZY; SUN YN; RAO ZH; Current progress in antiviral strategies TRENDS IN PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2014,35(2):86-102
2014-MAR WANG W; DING JJ; ZHANG Y; HU YL; WANG DC; Structural insights into the unique single-stranded DNA-binding mode of Helicobacter pylori DprA NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2014,42(5):3478-3491
2014-MAR 13 MAO B; HU F; CHENG J; WANG P; XU M; YUAN F; MENG S; WANG Y; YUAN Z; BI W; SIRT1 regulates YAP2-mediated cell proliferation and chemoresistance in hepatocellular carcinoma ONCOGENE 2014,33(11):1468-1474
2014-FEB TIAN M; CHEN XL; XIONG Q; XIONG J; XIAO CL; GE F; YANG FQ; MIAO W; Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Protein Phosphorylation Networks in Tetrahymena thermophila, a Model Single-celled Organism MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS 2014,13(2):503-519
2014- WU FC; ZHANG H; ZHOU Q; WU M; BALLARD Z; TIAN Y; WANG JY; NIU ZW; HUANG Y; Expanding the genetic code for site-specific labelling of tobacco mosaic virus coat protein and building biotin-functionalized virus-like particles CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2014,50(30):4007-4009
2014-MAR HAN C; LU Y; WEI Y; WU B; LIU Y; HE R; D-ribosylation induces cognitive impairment through RAGE-dependent astrocytic inflammation CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2014,5( ): -
2014-APR 1 MA FF; FENG J; ZHANG C; LI YL; QI GM; LI HH; WU YZ; FU YX; ZHAO Y; CHEN HR; DU J; TANG H; The Requirement of CD8(+) T Cells To Initiate and Augment Acute Cardiac Inflammatory Response to High Blood Pressure JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2014,192(7):3365-3373
2014-APR SHA LZ; WU XF; YAO Y; WEN B; FENG J; SHA ZQ; WANG XQ; XING XL; DOU WC; JIN LR; LI WT; WANG NL; SHEN Y; WANG JH; WU LW; XU Q; Notch Signaling Activation Promotes Seizure Activity in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY 2014,49(2):633-644
2014-MAR WONG-HO E; WU TT; DAVIS ZH; ZHANG BQ; HUANG J; GONG H; DENG HY; LIU FY; GLAUNSINGER B; SUN R; Unconventional Sequence Requirement for Viral Late Gene Core Promoters of Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2014,88(6):3411-3422
2014-JAN 17 GUO L; DING JJ; GUO R; HOU YJ; WANG DC; HUANG L; Biochemical and Structural Insights into RNA Binding by Ssh10b, a Member of the Highly Conserved Sac10b Protein Family in Archaea JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2014,289(3):1478-1490
2014-MAR ZHAO F; WANG XD; ERBER LN; LUO M; GUO AZ; YANG SS; GU J; TURMAN BJ; GAO YR; LI DF; CUI ZQ; ZHANG ZP; BI LJ; BAUGHN AD; ZHANG XE; DENG JY; Binding Pocket Alterations in Dihydrofolate Synthase Confer Resistance to para-Aminosalicylic Acid in Clinical Isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY 2014,58(3):1479-1487
2014-FEB 28 MA X; ZHU YJ; LI CF; XUE P; ZHAO YM; CHEN SL; YANG FQ; MIAO L; Characterisation of Caenorhabditis elegans sperm transcriptome and proteome BMC GENOMICS 2014,15( ): -
2014-MAR WANG YX; QING J; SUN YN; RAO ZH; Suramin inhibits EV71 infection ANTIVIRAL RESEARCH 2014,103( ):1-6
2014-FEB 26 DAI WT; SONG TR; WANG X; JIN XY; DENG LZ; WU AP; JIANG TJ; Improvement in Low-Homology Template-Based Modeling by Employing a Model Evaluation Method with Focus on Topology PLOS ONE 2014,9(2): -
2014-FEB 26 QU JG; RIZAK JD; ZHAO L; LI MH; MA YY; Effects of Visual Working Memory on Brain Information Processing of Irrelevant Auditory Stimuli PLOS ONE 2014,9(2): -
2014-FEB 20 ZHANG HT; SUN ZG; WEI WJ; LIU ZH; FLEMING J; ZHANG S; LIN N; WANG M; CHEN MS; XU YH; ZHOU J; LI CY; BI LJ; ZHOU GM; Identification of Serum microRNA Biomarkers for Tuberculosis Using RNA-seq PLOS ONE 2014,9(2): -
2014-APR 2 ZHU ZW; LIU JH; YI PS; TIAN D; CHAI YP; LI W; OU GS; A proneural gene controls C. elegans neuroblast asymmetric division and migration FEBS LETTERS 2014,588(7):1136-1143
2014-FEB 3 PENG YS; ZOU YQ; LI HL; LI KL; JIANG TJ; Inferring the antigenic epitopes for highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 viruses VACCINE 2014,32(6):671-676
2014- ZHANG Y; HONG Q; HUANG ZY; XUE P; LV Y; FU B; CHEN XM; WU D; ALDR Enhanced Endothelial Injury in Hyperuricemia Screened using SILAC CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2014,33(2):479-490
2014-JAN XU XL; YANG JP; FU LN; REN RT; YI F; SUZUKI K; LIU K; DING ZC; QU J; ZHANG WQ; LI Y; YUAN TT; YUAN GH; SUI LN; GUAN D; DUAN SL; PAN HZ; WANG P; ZHU XP; MONTSERRAT N; LI M; BAI RJ; LIU L; BELMONTE JCI; LIU GH; Direct reprogramming of porcine fibroblasts to neural progenitor cells PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(1):4-7
2014-JAN KOLB R; LIU GH; JANOWSKI AM; SUTTERWALA FS; ZHANG WZ; Inflammasomes in cancer: a double-edged sword PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(1):12-20
2014-JAN ZHANG KJ; LIU GH; YI F; MONTSERRAT N; HISHIDA T; ESTEBAN CR; BELMONTE JCI; Direct conversion of human fibroblasts into retinal pigment epithelium-like cells by defined factors PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(1):48-58
2014-JAN GU Y; LIU GH; PLONGTHONGKUM N; BENNER C; YI F; QU J; SUZUKI K; YANG JP; ZHANG WQ; LI M; MONTSERRAT N; CRESPO I; DEL SOL A; ESTEBAN CR; ZHANG K; BELMONTE JCI; Global DNA methylation and transcriptional analyses of human ESC-derived cardiomyocytes PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(1):59-68
2014-FEB ZHANG YH; CHANG FM; HUANG JJ; JUNCO JJ; MAFFI SK; PRIDGEN HI; CATANO G; DANG H; DING X; YANG FQ; KIM DJ; SLAGA TJ; HE RQ; WEI SJ; DSSylation, a novel protein modification targets proteins induced by oxidative stress, and facilitates their degradation in cells PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(2):124-140
2014-FEB SHEN S; GUO HT; DENG HY; Murine gammaherpesvirus-68 ORF38 encodes a tegument protein and is packaged into virions during secondary envelopment PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(2):141-150
2014-FEB BI KL; ZHENG YT; GAO F; DONG JS; WANG JY; WANG Y; GONG WM; Crystal structure of E-coli arginyl-tRNA synthetase and ligand binding studies revealed key residues in arginine recognition PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(2):151-159
2014-JAN FAN Z; CHEN XW; CHEN RS; Transcriptome-wide analysis of TDP-43 binding small RNAs identifies miR-NID1 (miR-8485), a novel miRNA that represses NRXN1 expression GENOMICS 2014,103(1):76-82
2014-MAR 6 WANG MH; CHEN N; WANG JH; The coupling features of electrical synapses modulate neuronal synchrony in hypothalamic superachiasmatic nucleus BRAIN RESEARCH 2014,1550( ):9-17
2014-JAN 30 ZHONG C; ZHANG YY; HE W; WEI PF; LU Y; ZHU Y; LIU L; WANG LP; Multi-unit recording with iridium oxide modified stereotrodes in Drosophila melanogaster JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS 2014,222( ):218-229
2014-FEB 20 LI MX; XU MB; WEN SY; BAI BY; CHEN RS; LIU L; One Novel Long Noncoding RNA lnc10 in Drosophila JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2014,41(2):79-82
2014-MAY SHI Y; YU L; KIHARA H; ZHOU JM; C-terminal 13-residue Truncation Induces Compact Trigger Factor Conformation and Severely Impairs its Dimerization Ability PROTEIN AND PEPTIDE LETTERS 2014,21(5):476-482
2014-APR LIU WR; SHEN JX; ZHANG YJ; XU ZM; QI Z; XUE MQ; Auditory sexual difference in the large odorous frog Odorrana graminea JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY A-NEUROETHOLOGY SENSORY NEURAL AND BEHAVIORAL PHYSIOLOGY 2014,200(4):311-316
2014-MAR LIN YW; WANG JY; LU Y; Functional tuning and expanding of myoglobin by rational protein design SCIENCE CHINA-CHEMISTRY 2014,57(3):346-355
2014-MAY TAN Y; HAN X; WU XR; XING Q; CHEN LP; WANG SD; Anti-TOSO antibody treatment promotes T cell activation-induced cell death (AICD) in vitro and in vivo CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN 2014,59(13):1374-1385
2014-MAR NI DC; YANG K; HUANG YH; Refolding, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of the beta-barrel domain of BamA, a membrane protein essential for outer membrane protein biogenesis ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS 2014,70( ):362-365
2014-APR SAI WB; YU MF; WEI MY; LU ZJ; ZHENG YM; WANG YX; QIN GJ; GUO DL; JI GJ; SHEN JH; LIU QH; Bitter tastants induce relaxation of rat thoracic aorta precontracted with high K CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PHARMACOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY 2014,41(4):301-308
2014-MAR DING JJ; LUO AF; HU LY; WANG DC; SHAO F; Structural basis of the ultrasensitive calcium indicator GCaMP6 SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2014,57(3):269-274
2014-MAR SU T; HE RQ; D-ribose, an overlooked player in type 2 diabetes mellitus? SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2014,57(3):361-361
2014-MAR YUAN TT; YANG JP; GUAN D; DING ZC; LIU GH; Epigenetic Regulation in Stem Cell Aging PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(3):231-237
2014-MAR HU MX; ZHANG X; CHEN C; Cellular Redox Regulation and Aging PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(3):288-294
2014-FEB WU RJ; WANG B; ZHUO Y; Reduction of The Crowding Effect by Topological Difference Between Target and Flankers PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(2):146-152
2014-FEB DENG CS; WANG Y; Orientation Selectivity of Onset and Offset Responses of Neurons in Primary Visual Cortex PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(2):172-178