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2013-JUN 19  WU YE; HUO L; MAEDER CI; FENG W; SHEN K;   The Balance between Capture and Dissociation of Presynaptic Proteins Controls the Spatial Distribution of Synapses  NEURON 2013,78(6):994-1011 
2013-JUL 29  WANG XX; YING P; DIAO F; WANG Q; YE D; JIANG C; SHEN N; XU N; CHEN WB; LAI SS; JIANG S; MIAO XL; FENG J; TAO WW; ZHAO NW; YAO B; XU ZP; SUN HX; LI JM; SHA JH; HUANG XX; SHI QH; TANG H; GAO X; LI CJ;   Altered protein prenylation in Sertoli cells is associated with adult infertility resulting from childhood mumps infection  JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2013,210(8):1559-1574 
2013-JUL  WANG P; QU J; WU MZ; ZHANG WZ; LIU GH; BELMONTE JCI;   'TET-on' pluripotency  CELL RESEARCH 2013,23(7):863-865 
2013-AUG  FENG F; YUAN LM; WANG YE; CROWLEY C; LV ZY; LI JJ; LIU YF; CHENG GH; ZENG S; LIANG HH;   Crystal structure and nucleotide selectivity of human IFIT5/ISG58  CELL RESEARCH 2013,23(8):1055-1058 
2013-MAY 28  LI BB; WANG Q; PAN XJ; DE CASTRO IF; SUN YN; GUO Y; TAO XW; RISCO C; SUI SF; LOU ZY;   Bunyamwera virus possesses a distinct nucleocapsid protein to facilitate genome encapsidation  PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2013,110(22):9048-9053 
2013-MAY 28  NIU FF; SHAW N; WANG YE; JIAO LY; DING W; LI XM; ZHU P; UPUR H; OUYANG SY; CHENG GH; LIU ZJ;   Structure of the Leanyer orthobunyavirus nucleoprotein-RNA complex reveals unique architecture for RNA encapsidation  PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2013,110(22):9054-9059 
2013-JUL 16  LI H; LI YM; LEI ZC; WANG KY; GUO AK;   Transformation of odor selectivity from projection neurons to single mushroom body neurons mapped with dual-color calcium imaging  PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2013,110(29):12084-12089 
2013-MAY  LI SP; CHEN M; YU DL; REN SC; SUN SF; LIU LD; KETELAAR T; EMONS AMC; LIU CM;   EXO70A1-Mediated Vesicle Trafficking Is Critical for Tracheary Element Development in Arabidopsis  PLANT CELL 2013,25(5):1774-1786 
2013-JUL 15  JIANG B; WANG W; WANG F; HU ZL; XIAO JL; YANG S; ZHANG J; PENG XZ; WANG JH; CHEN JG;   The Stability of NR2B in the Nucleus Accumbens Controls Behavioral and Synaptic Adaptations to Chronic Stress  BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY 2013,74(2):145-155 
2013-MAY  CHEN DD; JIAN YL; LIU XZ; ZHANG YY; LIANG JJ; QI XY; DU HW; ZOU W; CHEN LW; CHAI YP; OU GS; MIAO L; WANG YC; YANG CL;   Clathrin and AP2 Are Required for Phagocytic Receptor-Mediated Apoptotic Cell Clearance in Caenorhabditis elegans  PLOS GENETICS 2013,9(5): -  
2013-AUG  WU WS; ZHAO YS; SHI ZH; CHANG SY; NIE GJ; DUAN XL; ZHAO SM; WU Q; YANG ZL; ZHAO BL; CHANG YZ;   Mitochondrial Ferritin Attenuates beta-Amyloid-Induced Neurotoxicity: Reduction in Oxidative Damage Through the Erk/P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Pathways (vol 18, pg 158, 2013)  ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALING 2013,19(5):519-521 
2013-JUL  WANG K; LIU F; ZHOU LY; DING SL; LONG B; LIU CY; SUN T; FAN YY; SUN L; LI PF;   miR-874 regulates myocardial necrosis by targeting caspase-8  CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2013,4( ): -  
2013-JUN 4  ZHANG Y; WANG WJ; CHEN J; ZHANG K; GAO F; GAO BQ; ZHANG S; DONG MD; BESENBACHER F; GONG WM; ZHANG MJ; SUN F; FENG W;   Structural Insights into the Intrinsic Self-Assembly of Par-3 N-Terminal Domain  STRUCTURE 2013,21(6):997-1006 
2013-JUN 4  XU XY; WANG XY; ZHANG Y; WANG DC; DING JJ;   Structural Basis for the Unique Heterodimeric Assembly between Cerebral Cavernous Malformation 3 and Germinal Center Kinase III  STRUCTURE 2013,21(6):1059-1066 
2013-JUN 1  DUI W; WEI B; HE F; LU W; LI CQ; LIANG XH; MA J; JIAO RJ;   The Drosophila F-box protein dSkp2 regulates cell proliferation by targeting Dacapo for degradation  MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 2013,24(11):1676-1687 
2013-AUG  TAN T; XIE JC; LIU TT; CHEN XJ; ZHENG XB; TONG ZQ; TIAN X;   Low-frequency (1Hz) repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) reverses A beta(1-42)-mediated memory deficits in rats  EXPERIMENTAL GERONTOLOGY 2013,48(8):786-794 
2013-AUG  LU J; MIAO JY; SU T; LIU Y; HE RQ;   Formaldehyde induces hyperphosphorylation and polymerization of Tau protein both in vitro and in vivo  BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-GENERAL SUBJECTS 2013,1830(8):4102-4116 
2013-JUN 25  CHEN Y; YANG L; DING YF; ZHANG SY; HE T; MAO FL; ZHANG CY; ZHANG HN; HUO CX; LIU PS;   Tracing Evolutionary Footprints to Identify Novel Gene Functional Linkages  PLOS ONE 2013,8(6): -  
2013-JUN 25  ZHANG Y; WHITFIELD-GABRIELI S; CHRISTODOULOU JA; GABRIELI JDE;   Atypical Balance between Occipital and Fronto-Parietal Activation for Visual Shape Extraction in Dyslexia  PLOS ONE 2013,8(6): -  
2012-JAN 31  CHEN W; LOU JZ; EVANS EA; ZHU C;   Observing Real-Time Force-Dependent Conformational Changes of Single Integrin on Living Cells and Their Regulation of Ligand Dissociation  BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012,102(3):26A-26A 
2012-JAN 31  ZHAO YT; LI JC; CHEN Z; ZHOU P; YUAN Q; JIANG YF; JI GJ; WANG SQ;   Optical Analysis of Ryanodine Receptor Behavior In Situ: The Role of FKBP12.6 in Cardiomyocytes  BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012,102(3):213A-214A 
2012-JAN 31  XU T;   A Novel Sorting Prevention Mechanism Mediated by HID-1 during Early Biogenesis of Dense Core Vesicles  BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012,102(3):322A-322A 
2012-JAN 31  CHEN YX; YIN WX; WU YY; PAN CY; MIAO L; JI GJ;   Endoplasmic Reticulum Protein 44 Mediates Cell Migration  BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012,102(3):507A-507A 
2012-JAN 31  WANG JH; GE RJ; QIAN H;   Input Signal Patterns Dominate a Plasticity of Spike-Onset Location at Cortical Pyramid Neurons through Local VGSCs  BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2012,102(3):528A-528A 
2013-JUN 6  FENG XM; PAN XW; LI M; PIEPER J; CHANG WR; JANKOWIAK R;   Spectroscopic Study of the Light-Harvesting CP29 Antenna Complex of Photosystem II-Part I  JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2013,117(22):6585-6592 
2013-JUL  ARUNKUMAR N; LIU CH; HANG HY; SONG WX;   Toll-like receptor agonists induce apoptosis in mouse B-cell lymphoma cells by altering NF-kappa B activation  CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2013,10(4):360-372 
2013-JUL  WANG D; XUE P; CHEN XL; XIE ZS; YANG FQ; ZHENG L; XU T;   Angiotensin IV upregulates the activity of protein phosphatase 1 alpha in Neura-2A cells  PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(7):520-528 
2013-JUL  ZENG WF; YAN Y; ZHANG FY; ZHANG CL; LIANG W;   Chrysin promotes osteogenic differentiation via ERK/MAPK activation  PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(7):539-547 
2013-JUL  LI J; DONG Y; LU XR; WANG L; PENG W; ZHANG XJC; RAO Z;   Crystal structures and biochemical studies of human lysophosphatidic acid phosphatase type 6  PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(7):548-561 
2013-AUG  MU X; LI W; WANG XL; GAO GX;   YB-1 stabilizes HIV-1 genomic RNA and enhances viral production  PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(8):591-597 
2013-AUG  ZHANG YD; GU LS; CHANG H; JI W; CHEN Y; ZHANG MS; YANG L; LIU B; CHEN LY; XU T;   Ultrafast, accurate, and robust localization of anisotropic dipoles  PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(8):598-606 
2013-AUG  GUO JT; WEI XP; LI M; PAN XW; CHANG WR; LIU ZF;   Structure of the catalytic domain of a state transition kinase homolog from Micromonas algae  PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(8):607-619 
2013-AUG  YAN Y; ZENG WF; SONG SJ; ZHANG FY; HE WX; LIANG W; NIU ZY;   Vitamin C induces periodontal ligament progenitor cell differentiation via activation of ERK pathway mediated by PELP1  PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(8):620-627 
2013-AUG  WANG L; LI J; WANG XX; LIU W; ZHANG XJC; LI XM; RAO ZH;   Structure analysis of the extracellular domain reveals disulfide bond forming-protein properties of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv2969c  PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(8):628-640 
2013-AUG 1  PAN C; LIU HD; GONG Z; YU X; HOU XB; XIE DD; ZHU XB; LI HW; TANG JY; XU YF; YU JQ; ZHANG LY; FANG H; XIAO KH; CHEN YG; WANG JY; PANG Q; CHEN W; SUN JP;   Cadmium is a potent inhibitor of PPM phosphatases and targets the M1 binding site  SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2013,3( ): -  
2013-JUL 3  TAN T; XIE JC; TONG ZQ; LIU TT; CHEN XJ; TIAN X;   Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation increases excitability of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons  BRAIN RESEARCH 2013,1520( ):23-35 
2013-OCT  WANG AX; PU KF; DONG B; LIU Y; ZHANG LM; ZHANG ZJ; DUAN W; ZHU YM;   Role of surface charge and oxidative stress in cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of graphene oxide towards human lung fibroblast cells  JOURNAL OF APPLIED TOXICOLOGY 2013,33(10):1156-1164 
2013-JUN 21  LEI ZC; CHEN K; LI H; LIU H; GE AK;   The GABA system regulates the sparse coding of odors in the mushroom bodies of Drosophila  BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2013,436(1):35-40 
2013-JUN 7  YUE Y; SHENG Y; ZHANG HN; YU Y; HUO L; FENG W; XU T;   The CC1-FHA dimer is essential for KIF1A-mediated axonal transport of synaptic vesicles in C. elegans  BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2013,435(3):441-446 
2013-JUN  XU XL; YI F; PAN HZ; DUAN SL; DING ZC; YUAN GH; QU J; ZHANG HC; LIU GH;   Progress and prospects in stem cell therapy  ACTA PHARMACOLOGICA SINICA 2013,34(6):741-746 
2013-JUL 1  SUN P; CHEN JY; LI J; SUN MR; MO WC; LIU KL; MENG YY; LIU Y; WANG F; HE RQ; HUA Q;   The protective effect of geniposide on human neuroblastoma cells in the presence of formaldehyde  BMC COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2013,13( ): -  
2013-JUL  CHEN P; ZHAO JC; LI GH;   Histone Variants in Development and Diseases  JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2013,40(7):355-365 
2013-JUN  WEI CX; LIU JY; YU ZS; ZHANG B; GAO GJ; JIAO RJ;   TALEN or Cas9-Rapid, Efficient and Specific Choices for Genome Modifications  JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2013,40(6):281-289 
2013-SEP  WANG F; YAN XC; SONG LN; WANG P; LU D; FENG J; YANG DL; YAN XY;   A novel 'pipeline' system for downstream preparation of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies  BIOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS 2013,35(9):1411-1418 
2013-JUL  YANG P; SUN RL; YAO MH; CHEN WD; WANG ZG; FEI J;   A C-terminal truncated mutation of spr-3 gene extends lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans  ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2013,45(7):540-548 
2013-AUG  LU HS; YANG MF; LIU CM; LU P; CANG HX; MA LQ;   Protein preparation, crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of Polygonum cuspidatum bifunctional chalcone synthase/benzalacetone synthase  ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY AND CRYSTALLIZATION COMMUNICATIONS 2013,69( ):871-875 
2013-AUG  QU JG; RIZAK JD; LI XM; LI JJ; MA YY;   Melatonin treatment increases the transcription of cell proliferation-related genes prior to inducing cell death in C6 glioma cells in vitro  ONCOLOGY LETTERS 2013,6(2):347-352 
2013-AUG  LIU Y; DONG Y; ZHANG B; CHENG YX;   Small compound 6-O-angeloylplenolin induces caspase-dependent apoptosis in human multiple myeloma cells  ONCOLOGY LETTERS 2013,6(2):556-558 
2013-MAR  SUN XM; SHI Y; LU XS; HE JH; GAO F; YAN JH; QI JX; GAO GF;   Bat-Derived Influenza Hemagglutinin H17 Does Not Bind Canonical Avian or Human Receptors and Most Likely Uses a Unique Entry Mechanism  CELL REPORTS 2013,3(3):769-778 
2013-JUL  MIAO JY; LU J; ZHANG ZJ; TONG ZQ; HE RQ;   The Effect of Formaldehyde on Cell Cycle Is in a Concentration-dependent Manner  PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2013,40(7):641-651 
2013-JUL  LIU B; WANG Y;   Contrast and Orientation Discrimination in Simultaneous Orientation and Contrast Changes  PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2013,40(7):662-667