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2013-FEB RAETZ M; HWANG SH; WILHELM CL; KIRKLAND D; BENSON A; STURGE CR; MIRPURI J; VAISHNAVA S; HOU BD; DEFRANCO AL; GILPIN CJ; HOOPER LV; YAROVINSKY F; Parasite-induced T(H)1 cells and intestinal dysbiosis cooperate in IFN-gamma-dependent elimination of Paneth cells NATURE IMMUNOLOGY 2013,14(2):136-142
2013- ZHOU Q; HU MR; ZHANG W; JIANG L; PERRETT S; ZHOU JZ; WANG JY; Probing the Function of the Tyr-Cys Cross-Link in Metalloenzymes by the Genetic Incorporation of 3-Methylthiotyrosine ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2013,52(4):1203-1207
2013-JAN LI DF; ZHANG JY; HOU YJ; LIU L; HU YL; LIU SJ; WANG DC; LIU W; Structures of aminophenol dioxygenase in complex with intermediate, product and inhibitor ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 2013,69( ):32-43
2013-JAN GAO A; MEI GY; LIU S; WANG P; TANG Q; LIU YP; WEN H; AN XM; ZHANG LQ; YAN XX; LIANG DC; High-resolution structures of AidH complexes provide insights into a novel catalytic mechanism for N-acyl homoserine lactonase ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION D-BIOLOGICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 2013,69( ):82-91
2013-JAN 1 HSU HC; WANG CL; WANG MZ; YANG N; CHEN Z; STERNGLANZ R; XU RM; Structural basis for allosteric stimulation of Sir2 activity by Sir4 binding GENES & DEVELOPMENT 2013,27(1):64-73
2012-DEC 24 CHAI YP; TIAN D; YANG YH; FENG GX; CHENG Z; LI W; OU GS; Apoptotic regulators promote cytokinetic midbody degradation in C. elegans JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2012,199(7):1047-1055
2013-JAN DING YF; ZHANG SY; YANG L; NA HM; ZHANG P; ZHANG HN; WANG Y; CHEN Y; YU JH; HUO CX; XU SM; GARAIOVA M; CONG YS; LIU PS; Isolating lipid droplets from multiple species NATURE PROTOCOLS 2013,8(1):43-51
2013-JAN YI F; QU J; LIU GH; BELMONTE JCI; The dawn of angiogenesis modeling: regenerating vasculature from human pluripotent stem cells CELL RESEARCH 2013,23(1):3-5
2012-DEC LI MX; WEN SY; GUO XQ; BAI BY; GONG ZF; LIU XJ; WANG YJ; ZHOU YQ; CHEN XW; LIU L; CHEN RS; The novel long non-coding RNA CRG regulates Drosophila locomotor behavior NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2012,40(22):11714-11727
2012-NOV ZHANG DD; LIU GQ; XUE JY; LOU JZ; NIERHAUS KH; GONG WM; QIN Y; Common chaperone activity in the G-domain of trGTPase protects L11-L12 interaction on the ribosome NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2012,40(21):10851-10865
2012-NOV TANG Q; GAO P; LIU YP; GAO A; AN XM; LIU S; YAN XX; LIANG DC; RecOR complex including RecR N-N dimer and RecO monomer displays a high affinity for ssDNA NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2012,40(21):11115-11125
2013-JAN GUO XL; GAO L; LIAO Q; XIAO H; MA XK; YANG XF; LUO HT; ZHAO GG; BU DC; JIAO F; SHAO QX; CHEN RS; ZHAO Y; Long non-coding RNAs function annotation: a global prediction method based on bi-colored networks NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2013,41(2): -
2012-DEC XU CH; LU XW; CHEN EZ; HE ZY; UYUNBILIG B; LI GP; MA Y; HUI LJ; XIE B; GAO Y; DING XY; HU YP; HU P; HAN JDJ; WANG X; Genome-wide roles of Foxa2 in directing liver specification JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2012,4(6):420-422
2013-JAN ZHANG M; MAO XB; WANG CX; ZENG WF; ZHANG CL; LI ZJ; FANG Y; YANG YL; LIANG W; WANG C; The effect of graphene oxide on conformation change, aggregation and cytotoxicity of HIV-1 regulatory protein (Vpr) BIOMATERIALS 2013,34(4):1383-1390
2013-JAN YANG XM; ZHANG XM; MORTENSON ED; RADKEVICH-BROWN O; WANG Y; FU YX; Cetuximab-mediated Tumor Regression Depends on Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses MOLECULAR THERAPY 2013,21(1):91-100
2013-JAN DU LB; SUO SQGW; WANG GQ; JIA HY; LIU KJ; ZHAO BL; LIU Y; Mechanism and Cellular Kinetic Studies of the Enhancement of Antioxidant Activity by Using Surface-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 2013,19(4):1281-1287
2013- SHEN FP; WANG D; LIU R; PEI XF; ZHANG T; JIN J; Edge-tailored graphene oxide nanosheet-based field effect transistors for fast and reversible electronic detection of sulfur dioxide NANOSCALE 2013,5(2):537-540
2013-JAN 1 LIANG MM; FAN KL; PAN Y; JIANG H; WANG F; YANG DL; LU D; FENG J; ZHAO JJ; YANG L; YAN XY; Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticle Peroxidase Mimetic-Based Colorimetric Assay for the Rapid Detection of Organophosphorus Pesticide and Nerve Agent ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2013,85(1):308-312
2013-FEB 1 WANG L; LI Q; WU LF; LIU SW; ZHANG Y; YANG X; ZHU PP; ZHANG HL; ZHANG K; LOU JZ; LIU PS; TONG L; SUN F; FAN ZS; Identification of SERPINB1 As a Physiological Inhibitor of Human Granzyme H JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2013,190(3):1319-1330
2013-FEB LIU XH; NIU CY; REN JT; ZHANG JY; XIE XD; ZHU HN; FENG W; GONG WM; The RRM domain of human fused in sarcoma protein reveals a non-canonical nucleic acid binding site BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR BASIS OF DISEASE 2013,1832(2):375-385
2013-JAN GE YZ; PAN SJ; GUAN D; YIN H; FAN Y; LIU JJ; ZHANG SH; ZHANG HJ; FENG L; WANG YX; XU RX; YIN JQ; MicroRNA-350 induces pathological heart hypertrophy by repressing both p38 and JNK pathways BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR BASIS OF DISEASE 2013,1832(1):1-10
2012-DEC 1 SHANG GJ; LIU XH; LU DF; ZHANG JB; LI N; ZHU CY; LIU SH; YU Q; ZHAO YY; ZHANG HQ; HU JQ; CANG HX; XU SJ; GU LC; Structural insight into how Pseudomonas aeruginosa peptidoglycan-hydrolase Tse1 and its immunity protein Tsi1 function BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2012,448( ):201-211
2013-JAN 4 YU JJ; HE XM; CHEN YG; HAO Y; YANG S; WANG L; PAN L; TANG H; Myotubularin- related Protein 4 (MTMR4) Attenuates BMP/Dpp Signaling by Dephosphorylation of Smad Proteins JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2013,288(1):79-88
2013-JAN 2 WANG X; CHEN N; ZUO ZT; XUE R; JING L; YAN Z; SHEN DG; LI KC; Probabilistic MRI Brain Anatomical Atlases Based on 1,000 Chinese Subjects PLOS ONE 2013,8(1): -
2013-JAN 9 DUARTE M; WANG LL; CALDERWOOD MA; ADELMANT G; OHASHI M; ROECKLEIN-CANFIELD J; MARTO JA; HILL DE; DENG HY; JOHANNSEN E; An RS Motif within the Epstein-Barr Virus BLRF2 Tegument Protein Is Phosphorylated by SRPK2 and Is Important for Viral Replication PLOS ONE 2013,8(1): -
2012-NOV 7 LI AQ; WEI GF; WANG YF; ZHOU Y; ZHANG XE; BI LJ; CHEN RS; Identification of Intermediate-Size Non-Coding RNAs Involved in the UV-Induced DNA Damage Response in C. elegans PLOS ONE 2012,7(11): -
2012-NOV 7 ZHANG Y; LOU JZ; The Ca2+ Influence on Calmodulin Unfolding Pathway: A Steered Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study PLOS ONE 2012,7(11): -
2013-JAN 23 MO WC; ZHANG ZJ; LIU Y; BARTLETT PF; HE RQ; Magnetic Shielding Accelerates the Proliferation of Human Neuroblastoma Cell by Promoting G1-Phase Progression PLOS ONE 2013,8(1): -
2013-JAN 18 DONG B; WANG AX; YUAN LH; CHEN LS; PU KF; DUAN W; YAN XY; ZHU YM; Peptide-Fluorescent Bacteria Complex as Luminescent Reagents for Cancer Diagnosis PLOS ONE 2013,8(1): -
2012-DEC 26 LOU CJ; ZHANG FY; YANG M; ZHAO J; ZENG WF; FANG XC; ZHANG YQ; ZHANG CL; LIANG W; Naringenin Decreases Invasiveness and Metastasis by Inhibiting TGF-beta-Induced Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Pancreatic Cancer Cells PLOS ONE 2012,7(12): -
2012-DEC 26 REN J; SUN JH; ZHANG YP; LIU T; REN QZ; LI Y; GUO AK; Down-Regulation of Decapping Protein 2 Mediates Chronic Nicotine Exposure-Induced Locomotor Hyperactivity in Drosophila PLOS ONE 2012,7(12): -
2012-DEC 18 WU H; TAO N; LIU XM; LI X; TANG J; MA CW; XU XF; SHAO HT; HOU BD; WANG H; QIN ZH; Polysaccharide from Lentinus edodes Inhibits the Immunosuppressive Function of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells PLOS ONE 2012,7(12): -
2012-DEC ZHANG LZ; ZHANG JJ; ZHAO BL; XI ZW; Quinic Acid Could Be a Potential Rejuvenating Natural Compound by Improving Survival of Caenorhabditis elegans under Deleterious Conditions REJUVENATION RESEARCH 2012,15(6):573-583
2013-JAN 10 TIAN MZ; ZHU LY; YU DF; WANG YX; SUN SF; WANG YL; Aggregate Transitions in Mixtures of Anionic Sulfonate Gemini Surfactant with Cationic Ammonium Single-Chain Surfactant JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2013,117(1):433-440
2013-FEB ZHANG XN; LIU H; LEI ZC; WU ZH; GUO AK; Lobula-specific visual projection neurons are involved in perception of motion-defined second-order motion in Drosophila JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY 2013,216(3):524-534
2012-DEC LI XJ; JIANG Z; WANG Y; The Temporal Responses of Neurons in The Primary Visual Cortex to Transient Stimuli PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2012,39(12):1190-1196
2012-DEC GAO MM; ZHANG Y; WANG DC; Crystallization and Preliminary Crystallographic Studies of Active TNF-alpha-Inducing Protein From Helicobacter Pylori PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2012,39(12):1215-1219
2013-JAN SHAN XY; SUN W; FAN HT; JIA MZ; GAO F; GONG WM; Expression, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana Deg8 ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY AND CRYSTALLIZATION COMMUNICATIONS 2013,69( ):69-72
2013-FEB LI DF; FENG L; HOU YJ; LIU W; The expression, purification and crystallization of a ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 from Agrocybe aegerita underscore the impact of His-tag location on recombinant protein properties ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY AND CRYSTALLIZATION COMMUNICATIONS 2013,69( ):153-157
2013-JAN WANG X; XU FT; LIU JS; GAO BQ; LIU YX; ZHAI YJ; MA J; ZHANG K; BAKER TS; SCHULTEN K; ZHENG D; PANG H; SUN F; Atomic Model of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus by Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Crystallography PLOS PATHOGENS 2013,9(1): -