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2012-NOV 22 LIU GH; QU J; SUZUKI K; NIVET E; LI M; MONTSERRAT N; YI F; XU XL; RUIZ S; ZHANG WQ; WAGNER U; KIM A; REN B; LI Y; GOEBL A; KIM J; SOLIGALLA RD; DUBOVA I; THOMPSON J; YATES J; ESTEBAN CR; SANCHO-MARTINEZ I; BELMONTE JCI; Progressive degeneration of human neural stem cells caused by pathogenic LRRK2 NATURE 2012,491(7425):603-607
2012-DEC PARVATIYAR K; ZHANG ZQ; TELES RM; OUYANG SY; JIANG Y; IYER SS; ZAVER SA; SCHENK M; ZENG S; ZHONG WW; LIU ZJ; MODLIN RL; LIU YJ; CHENG GH; The helicase DDX41 recognizes the bacterial secondary messengers cyclic di-GMP and cyclic di-AMP to activate a type I interferon immune response NATURE IMMUNOLOGY 2012,13(12):1155-+
2012- YU ZP; PAN YC; WANG ZY; WANG JY; LIN Q; Genetically Encoded Cyclopropene Directs Rapid, Photoclick-Chemistry-Mediated Protein Labeling in Mammalian Cells ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2012,51(42):10600-10604
2012-NOV ZHAO XQ; RONG LJ; ZHAO XP; LI X; LIU XM; DENG JJ; WU H; XU X; ERBEN U; WU PH; SYRBE U; SIEPER J; QIN ZH; TNF signaling drives myeloid-derived suppressor cell accumulation JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 2012,122(11):4094-4104
2012-OCT 29 CHEN W; LOU JZ; EVANS EA; ZHU C; Observing force-regulated conformational changes and ligand dissociation from a single integrin on cells JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2012,199(3):497-512
2012-DEC CHAI YP; LI W; FENG GX; YANG YH; WANG XM; OU GS; Live imaging of cellular dynamics during Caenorhabditis elegans postembryonic development NATURE PROTOCOLS 2012,7(12):2090-2102
2012-OCT 30 YANG N; WANG WX; WANG Y; WANG MZ; ZHAO Q; RAO ZH; ZHU B; XU RM; Distinct mode of methylated lysine-4 of histone H3 recognition by tandem tudor-like domains of Spindlin1 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2012,109(44):17954-17959
2012-NOV 5 ZHU YP; WANG XL; GOFF SP; GAO GX; Translational repression precedes and is required for ZAP-mediated mRNA decay EMBO JOURNAL 2012,31(21):4236-4246
2013-JAN Wen-Shuang Wu; Ya-Shuo Zhao; Zhen-Hua Shi; Shi-Yang Chang; Guang-Jun Nie; Xiang-Lin Duan; Song-Min Zhao; Qiong Wu; Zhen-Ling Yang; Bao-Lu Zhao; Yan-Zhong Chang Mitochondrial Ferritin Attenuates beta-Amyloid-Induced Neurotoxicity: Reduction in Oxidative Damage Through the Erk/P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Pathways ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALING 2013,18(2):158-169
2012-NOV SONG XQ; YANG J; HIRBAWI J; YE S; PERERA HD; GOKSOY E; DWIVEDI P; PLOW EF; ZHANG RG; QIN J; A novel membrane-dependent on/off switch mechanism of talin FERM domain at sites of cell adhesion CELL RESEARCH 2012,22(11):1533-1545
2012-NOV JING J; CHEN JJ; HAI Y; ZHAN JH; XU PY; ZHANG JL; Rational design of ZnSalen as a single and two photon activatable fluorophore in living cells CHEMICAL SCIENCE 2012,3(11):3315-3320
2012-NOV 13 ZHANG P; REICHARDT A; LIANG HH; ALIYARI R; CHENG D; WANG YY; XU F; CHENG GH; LIU YF; Single Amino Acid Substitutions Confer the Antiviral Activity of the TRAF3 Adaptor Protein onto TRAF5 SCIENCE SIGNALING 2012,5(250): -
2012-DEC 15 HUANG J; WANG HB; CHEN YY; WANG XC; ZHANG H; Residual body removal during spermatogenesis in C. elegans requires genes that mediate cell corpse clearance DEVELOPMENT 2012,139(24):4613-4622
2012-NOV ZHANG Q; HE XY; CHEN L; ZHANG CX; GAO X; YANG ZZ; LIU G; Synergistic regulation of p53 by Mdm2 and Mdm4 is critical in cardiac endocardial cushion morphogenesis during heart development JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY 2012,228(3):416-428
2012-NOV 1 HOU QL; CHEN C; Nitric Oxide Metabolism Plays a Crucial Role in Visual Pattern Memory in Drosophila FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2012,53( ):S179-S179
2012-DEC LU XS; SHI Y; GAO F; XIAO HX; WANG M; QI JX; GAO GF; Insights into Avian Influenza Virus Pathogenicity: the Hemagglutinin Precursor HA0 of Subtype H16 Has an Alpha-Helix Structure in Its Cleavage Site with Inefficient HA1/HA2 Cleavage JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2012,86(23):12861-12870
2012-DEC SUN YN; WANG YX; SHAN C; CHEN C; XU P; SONG MH; ZHOU HG; YANG C; XU WB; SHI PY; ZHANG B; LOU ZY; Enterovirus 71 VPg Uridylation Uses a Two-Molecular Mechanism of 3D Polymerase JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2012,86(24):13662-13671
2012-NOV 1 ZHAO JJ; LI YG; JIN L; ZHANG SY; FAN R; SUN YL; ZHOU CB; SHANG QH; LI WG; ZHANG Z; WANG FS; Natural Killer Cells Are Characterized by the Concomitantly Increased Interferon-gamma and Cytotoxicity in Acute Resolved Hepatitis B Patients PLOS ONE 2012,7(11): -
2012-OCT 29 KIM CC; NELSON CS; WILSON EB; HOU BD; DEFRANCO AL; DERISI JL; Splenic Red Pulp Macrophages Produce Type I Interferons as Early Sentinels of Malaria Infection but Are Dispensable for Control PLOS ONE 2012,7(10): -
2013-   De novo prediction of RNA-protein interactions from sequence information MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS 2013,9(1):133-142
2012-DEC JIANG DH; FAN JP; WANG XP; ZHAO Y; HUANG B; LIU JF; ZHANG XJC; Crystal structure of 1,3Gal43A, an exo-beta-1,3-galactanase from Clostridium thermocellum JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 2012,180(3):447-457
2012-NOV LIU L; CHEN XW; SKOGERBO G; ZHANG P; CHEN RS; HE SM; HUANG DW; The human microbiome: A hot spot of microbial horizontal gene transfer GENOMICS 2012,100(5):265-270
2012-DEC ISHIKAWA H; MENG FX; KONDO N; IWAMOTO A; MATSUDA Z; Generation of a dual-functional split-reporter protein for monitoring membrane fusion using self-associating split GFP PROTEIN ENGINEERING DESIGN & SELECTION 2012,25(12):813-820
2012-OCT ZHAO LL; XIA Q; LIN N; LIU BB; ZHAO XQ; LIU ZG; WAN KL; Evaluation of BACTEC MGIT 960 system for the second-line drugs susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in China JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGICAL METHODS 2012,91(1):212-214
2012-NOV 15 JIANG PF; LI DY; BI LJ; ZHANG DL; BCL-G as a new candidate gene for immune responses in pigs: Bioinformatic analysis and functional characterization VETERINARY IMMUNOLOGY AND IMMUNOPATHOLOGY 2012,150(1-2):112-117
2012-NOV WANG YJ; LIU L; Recent progress of sensory system research in China SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2012,55(11):1026-1028
2012-NOV WU QH; LIU JY; CHEN YX; JIAO RJ; dCAF-1-p55 is Essential for Drosophila Development and Involved in The Maintenance of Chromosomal Stability PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2012,39(11):1073-1081
2012-DEC LI H; GAO F; YU SS; JIA MZ; GONG WM; Molecular cloning, expression, purification and crystallographic analysis of zebrafish THEM2 ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY AND CRYSTALLIZATION COMMUNICATIONS 2012,68( ):1525-1528
2012-NOV LI DF; ZHANG JY; HOU YJ; LIU L; LIU SJ; LIU W; Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of 2-aminophenol 1,6-dioxygenase complexed with substrate and with an inhibitor ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY AND CRYSTALLIZATION COMMUNICATIONS 2012,68( ):1337-1340
2012-NOV YI F; QU J; LI M; SUZUKI K; KIM NY; LIU GH; BELMONTE JCI; Establishment of hepatic and neural differentiation platforms of Wilson's disease specific induced pluripotent stem cells PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(11):855-863
2012-NOV XIE W; YANG X; XU M; JIANG T; Structural insights into the assembly of human translesion polymerase complexes PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(11):864-874
2012-AUG 1 YU JD; QIAN H; WANG JH; Upregulation of transmitter release probability improves a conversion of synaptic analogue signals into neuronal digital spikes MOLECULAR BRAIN 2012,5( ): -
2012-MAR ZHANG WZ; FU S; LIU XF; ZHAO XL; ZHANG WC; PENG W; WU CY; LI YY; LI XM; BARTLAM M; ZENG ZH; ZHAN QM; RAO ZH; Crystal structure of human Gadd45 gamma reveals an active dimer (vol 2, pg 814, 2011) PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(3):239-239