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2011-DEC 9 KATOH H; QIN ZHS; LIU RH; WANG LZ; LI WQ; LI XZ; WU LP; DU ZW; LYONS R; LIU CG; LIU XP; DOU YL; ZHENG P; LIU Y; FOXP3 Orchestrates H4K16 Acetylation and H3K4 Trimethylation for Activation of Multiple Genes by Recruiting MOF and Causing Displacement of PLU-1 MOLECULAR CELL 2011,44(5):770-784
2011-NOV ZHU MZ; FU YX; The role of core TNF/LIGHT family members in lymph node homeostasis and remodeling IMMUNOLOGICAL REVIEWS 2011,244( ):75-84
2011-DEC YAN LM; MA YY; SUN YN; GAO J; CHEN XY; LIU JW; WANG CW; RAO ZH; LOU ZY; Structural basis for mechanochemical role of Arabidopsis thaliana dynamin-related protein in membrane fission JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2011,3(6):378-381
2011-DEC LIU Y; WANG SD; WANG FS; LI DL; ZHENG LH; ZHENG P; Clusters of Differentiation 24 Polymorphism and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Reply HEPATOLOGY 2011,54(6):2273-2274
2011-DEC 20 SUN LT; WANG MZ; LV ZY; YANG N; LIU YF; BAO SL; GONG WM; XU RM; Structural insights into protein arginine symmetric dimethylation by PRMT5 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2011,108(51):20538-20543
2011-DEC WANG XX; PAN L; WANG S; ZHOU J; MCDOWELL W; PARK J; HAUG J; STAEHLING K; TANG H; XIE T; Histone H3K9 Trimethylase Eggless Controls Germline Stem Cell Maintenance and Differentiation PLOS GENETICS 2011,7(12): -
2012-JAN LI Y; LIU Y; FU YJ; WEI TT; LE GUYADER L; GAO G; LIU RS; CHANG YZ; CHEN CY; The triggering of apoptosis in macrophages by pristine graphene through the MAPK and TGF-beta signaling pathways BIOMATERIALS 2012,33(2):402-411
2012-JAN BU DC; YU KT; SUN SL; XIE CY; SKOGERBO G; MIAO RY; XIAO H; LIAO Q; LUO HT; ZHAO GG; ZHAO HT; LIU ZY; LIU CN; CHEN RS; ZHAO Y; NONCODE v3.0: integrative annotation of long noncoding RNAs NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2012,40(D1):D210-D215
2011-DEC DUAN DM; ZHENG KX; SHEN Y; CAO R; JIANG L; LU ZX; YAN XY; LI J; Label-free high-throughput microRNA expression profiling from total RNA NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2011,39(22): -
2011-DEC YANG HX; ZHANG T; MASUDA T; LV CY; SUN L; QU GQ; ZHAO GH; Chitinase III in pomegranate seeds (Punica granatum Linn.): a high-capacity calcium-binding protein in amyloplasts PLANT JOURNAL 2011,68(5):765-776
2012-JAN LIN AH; WANG YQ; TANG JY; XUE P; LI CL; LIU LC; HU B; YANG FQ; LOAKE GJ; CHU CC; Nitric Oxide and Protein S-Nitrosylation Are Integral to Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Leaf Cell Death in Rice PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 2012,158(1):451-464
2011-DEC 7 WANG J; WU JW; WANG ZX; Structural Insights into the Autoactivation Mechanism of p21-Activated Protein Kinase STRUCTURE 2011,19(12):1752-1761
2011-DEC 20 ZHANG YY; WU JW; WANG ZX; A Distinct Interaction Mode Revealed by the Crystal Structure of the Kinase p38 alpha with the MAPK Binding Domain of the Phosphatase MKP5 SCIENCE SIGNALING 2011,4(204): -
2011-DEC 15 WU Y; GAO F; LIU J; QI JX; GOSTICK E; PRICE DA; GAO GF; Structural Basis of Diverse Peptide Accommodation by the Rhesus Macaque MHC Class I Molecule Mamu-B*17: Insights into Immune Protection from Simian Immunodeficiency Virus JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2011,187(12):6382-6392
2012-JAN 6 WANG C; YU J; HUO L; WANG L; FENG W; WANG CC; Human Protein-disulfide Isomerase Is a Redox-regulated Chaperone Activated by Oxidation of Domain a ' JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2012,287(2):1139-1149
2012-JAN YU XW; LU L; CAI LF; TONG P; TAN SY; ZOU P; MENG FX; CHEN YH; JIANG SB; Mutations of Gln64 in the HIV-1 gp41 N-Terminal Heptad Repeat Render Viruses Resistant to Peptide HIV Fusion Inhibitors Targeting the gp41 Pocket JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2012,86(1):589-593
2011-DEC QIU DQ; TAN LH; SIOK WT; ZHOU K; KHONG PL; Lateralization of the Arcuate Fasciculus and Its Differential Correlation With Reading Ability Between Young Learners and Experienced Readers: A Diffusion Tensor Tractography Study in a Chinese Cohort HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING 2011,32(12):2054-2063
2012-JAN 1 WANG X; WANG LK; WANG X; SUN F; WANG CC; Structural insights into the peroxidase activity and inactivation of human peroxiredoxin 4 BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2012,441( ):113-118
2011-DEC WANG XD; GU J; WANG T; BI LJ; ZHANG ZP; CUI ZQ; WEI HP; DENG JY; ZHANG XE; Comparative analysis of mycobacterial NADH pyrophosphatase isoforms reveals a novel mechanism for isoniazid and ethionamide inactivation MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 2011,82(6):1375-1391
2011-NOV 28 XIANG X; LEE CY; LI T; CHEN W; LOU JZ; ZHU C; Structural Basis and Kinetics of Force-Induced Conformational Changes of an alpha A Domain-Containing Integrin PLOS ONE 2011,6(11): -
2012-JAN 10 GE L; JIN G; FANG XH; Investigation of the Interaction between a Bivalent Aptamer and Thrombin by AFM LANGMUIR 2012,28(1):707-713
2012-JAN LUAN Y; JU J; LUO L; ZHANG Z; WANG J; ZHU DM; CHENG L; ZHANG SY; CHEN L; WANG FS; WANG S; Potential role of soluble B7-H3 in liver immunopathogenesis during chronic HBV infection JOURNAL OF VIRAL HEPATITIS 2012,19(1):23-31
2011-DEC 23 ZHI ZY; LIU PC; WANG P; HUANG YY; ZHAO XS; Domain-Specific Folding Kinetics of Staphylococcal Nuclease Observed through Single-Molecule FRET in a Microfluidic Mixer CHEMPHYSCHEM 2011,12(18):3515-3518
2011-DEC DEFRANCO A; HOU B; SAUDAN P; OTT G; COFFMAN RL; BACHMANN M; B cell TLRs and the antibody response to virus particles IMMUNOLOGY 2011,135( ):11-11
2012-JAN 15 ZHANG M; ZHOU Y; LI T; WANG HL; CHENG F; ZHOU YF; BI LJ; ZHANG XE; MutL associates with Escherichia coli RecA and inhibits its ATPase activity ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2012,517(2):98-103
2011-DEC LIU Y; CHEN HY; JI GJ; LI BY; MOHLER PJ; ZHU ZM; YONG WD; CHEN ZA; XU XH; XIN HB; SHOU WN; Transgenic Analysis of the Role of FKBP12.6 in Cardiac Function and Intracellular Calcium Release ASSAY AND DRUG DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGIES 2011,9(6):620-627
2011-NOV 11 ZHANG R; ZHANG JY; GUO G; MAO XH; TONG WD; ZHANG Y; WANG DC; HU YL; ZOU QM; Crystal structure of Campylobacter jejuni ChuZ: A split-barrel family heme oxygenase with a novel heme-binding mode BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2011,415(1):82-87
2011-OCT SHEN JX; XU ZM; FENG AS; NARINS PM; Large odorous frogs (Odorrana graminea) produce ultrasonic calls JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY A-NEUROETHOLOGY SENSORY NEURAL AND BEHAVIORAL PHYSIOLOGY 2011,197(10):1027-1030
2011-NOV LIU P; GUO JL; QI Z; Formaldehyde suppresses neuronal apoptosis via inhibition of outward K(+) currents in rat hippocampus CANADIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY 2011,89(11):837-844
2011-SEP HUANG QS; LOU JZ; WU JH; ZHU C; Conformational Transition of Glycoprotein Ib alpha Mutants in Flow Molecular Dynamics Simulation CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOENGINEERING 2011,4(3):495-504
2011-NOV ZHANG L; KUANG X; ZHANG J; Nogo receptor 3, a paralog of Nogo-66 receptor 1 (NgR1), may function as a NgR1 co-receptor for Nogo-66 JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2011,38(11):515-523
2011- LI WD; YANG DL; WANG SL; GUO XJ; LANG RG; FAN Y; GU F; ZHANG XM; NIU Y; YAN XY; FU L; Increased expression of CD146 and microvessel density (MVD) in invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the breast: Comparative study with invasive ductal carcinoma-not otherwise specified PATHOLOGY RESEARCH AND PRACTICE 2011,207(12):739-746
2012-JAN YANG YJ; LI XZ; WANG YH; WANG SD; CD8(+) T cell response mediates the therapeutic effects of oncolytic adenovirus in an immunocompetent mouse model CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN 2012,57(1):48-53
2011-DEC 21 BI YZ; ZHANG JN; MA J; OU-YANG HW; ZHENG XM; QIAO XF; One-stop polymerase chain reaction (PCR): An improved PCR method with speedy operation and comparable efficiency AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2011,10(83):19494-19498
2011-DEC CHEN R; QI JX; YAO SG; PAN XC; GAO F; XIA C; Expression, crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of C-reactive protein from zebrafish ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY AND CRYSTALLIZATION COMMUNICATIONS 2011,67( ):1633-1636
2012- SHI QM; GAO GS; ZHANG YY; XIANG H; YUAN ZQ; HE HX; Cloning of Structural Protein VPI Gene of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus and its Expression in Escherichia coli JOURNAL OF ANIMAL AND VETERINARY ADVANCES 2012,11(3):426-430
2011-DEC LU J; MIAO JY; PAN R; HE RQ; Formaldehyde-mediated Hyperphosphorylation Disturbs The Interaction Between Tau Protein and DNA PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2011,38(12):1113-1120
2011-DEC SU T; WEI Y; HE RQ; Assay of Brain Endogenous Formaldehyde With 2, 4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine Through UV-HPLC PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2011,38(12):1171-1177
2011-NOV LENG FW; The Recent Progress of Carbon Cycle Research in East Asian PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2011,38(11):1015-1019
2011-NOV NI B; QIAN CC; WU RJ; ZHU HW; LIU ZX; LE YJ; Timing of Goal Match Enhancement in The Hippocampus Revealed by Human Intracranial Recording PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2011,38(11):1027-1035
2011-NOV ZHANG WQ; LIU GH; Pluripotent Stem Cells and Human Diseases PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2011,38(11):982-987
2011-NOV MENG S; Progress in The Genetic Manipulation Technology of Embryonic Stem Cells in Rats PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2011,38(11):995-1000
2011-NOV 21 XU Y; XIAO YM; DIAO YC; SO KF; Postnatal development of NADPH-diaphorase expression in the visual cortex of the golden hamster NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH 2011,6(28):2165-2170
2011-DEC YANG W; Some research advances of immune mechanism during infection in China SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2011,54(12):1153-1155
2011-DEC QIANG M; WU BB; LIU Y; A brief review on current progress in neuroscience in China SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2011,54(12):1156-1159
2011-NOV LENG FW; Recent progress of immunology research in China SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2011,54(11):1068-1070